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Our fans r a disgrace to our country!

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If u havent heard our fans are being critisiced and labeled as rasicts by the world because they were chanting racial slurs at Heskey..I mean this is soccer and those fans better improve or knowone is going to want to play us.
I wish i didnt have to say this but its a worring situation.
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i have to admit that i am a little bit upset too. this shouldn't have happened for sure. i read on british sites and newspapers that players and fans were accused of being rasistic. i don't know about the fans but players were o.k. it was a very tough game and both sides were making some dreadful tackles. concerning accusation against players, english press as always exagerate.
if this true(our fans) we should do something about it but i think that this was a case of few individuals not a group opinion.
I dont give a **** about this, the rest of the world hates us anyway...

and also, lets not forget what English fans are like...
I heard they sput on the players!

What actuall happend was...

One of our Defenders spent on an English player(I think Heskey). But Really, this has happend lots of times, now it just happens to be Yugoslavia...
The English always exaggerate, but they have nothing else better to do now that Princess Diana is dead.
An apology doesn't even cross your mind does it, you have to look for a way out of the criticism instead of accepting it and doing something about it. Sure English fans aren't great, but we have accepted this and we are cleaning it up, but you (granted it is a minority as usual) seem quite happy to delude yourselves with your ignorance. Wise up, quickly.
God damn english panseys, your making a big deal out of nothing. I bet E.Heskey never even said any of those things, rather one of Britans many bull**** magazines/newspapers made it up :(

This time there were 500 Yugo fans at the match, what are the English ******* gonna think after we have 15 000 fans at EURO2000 :)
Well following your example I don't give much for your chances of coming away with a good reputation. Unfortunately the minority of your fans will make the World think that you are an ignorant, brain dead, violent, racist, paranoid, ill-educated, xenophobic, homophobic bunch of Nazi sympathisers. Which is a shame casue that only applies to tossers like you.
M, man, what is your problem, relax...
OK, let's look at that incident this way, fans like fans, if their team is losing they don't take it very well and usually take it out on the streets or their opponents, this time they chose their opponents and Heskey (not sure if I spelled it right), being black, simply stood out, they could have done it to some other player and nobody would have made a fuss out of it, but since they done it to Heskey, it looked very bad...
Anyway , it wasn't nice, but some people are making it sound like we declared war against all the black people in the world...
talk about the pot calling the kettle black...I can't beleive that an englishman comes in here and criticises out fans. You come from the land of hooliganism. What happened happened, it's water under the bridge, you are over-exagerrating this incident, this happens every day in stadiums all over Europe, especially England and Scotland, so take care of what's going on in your own backyard before you go into others. Then again, that is a very typical English attitude, hide your own flaws, but highlight those of others...just a reminder, you are not an Empire anymore...!
Yup, I agree.

There may have been some discrimination, but atleast we didn't kill about 20 people (I think you know what I'm talking about :()
Ok I accept your point. I think if you look at my comments I was angered by the fact that someone would not acknowledge the fact that some fans (of whatever nationality)use football as a ground for inhumane behaviour. I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to defend this just because they happen to feel it is an attack on their national pride.

I don't think at any point I have defended English acts of violence, please fell free to quote me if you think I have. On the contrary it makes me angry that it still occurs and indeed will still occur for some time. Indeed two English fans were killed last night in Turkey, this will continue. I am not denying there is something wrong with English football and something needs to be done, and I accept the criticism.
Right now that I have made my apology can we please return to the incident in question.

Now we'll put the issue of nationality aside as at the end of the day it bears little importance.

The incident in question refers to a Black football player who is reported to have been abused by fans from a section of the crowd about his colour. It is also reported that players spat at him on the pitch again he feels becuase of his colour. Granted this may not have been the case so we will leave this issue alone.

The incident of verbal racial abuse on a national stage was reported by the British Football Association and amoung others three british broadsheets (The Times, Guardian and the Independent - it also made it into the financial times) and the BBC. All of these corporations are respected worldwide.

So I suppose we have to ask ourselves

Did the incident happen?

If we think it didn't then we disagree with the reputation of some of the most reputable news services. Lets then assume it did.

Do we agree with it?

By answering yes we would of course be saying we are racist. People who believe another race is inferior becuase of the colour of their skin.

Should we as football fans join together in our condemnation of this incident, irrespective of our nationality, to ensure that football remains an entertaining sport?

Thats for you to answer. I do and I apologise to any player (or indeed person)who is abused becuase of their skin colour (or for any other reason for that matter).
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M, nobody supports such behaviour unless they are di*kheads, but the thing is that the reaction of the English football association and the press was such as this was the first time such abusing was seen on a soccer stadium which simply isn't true..
Look M, we are terribly sorry that Heskey was racially abused, that is assuming he was. As you said this incident was reported in the Times, the Guardian, the Independant and not forgetting, the BBC. "All these corporations respected world wide".

It is these BULL**** corporations that contributed to the disgusting slur campaign against the innocent people of Yugoslavia, and not to mention their support of the NATO(warmongers) bombing, and Albanian terrorrists. So don't you dare come on this forum talking about such "respected corporations" because they will never get my respect, or that of the people who believe in real democracy.

The only reason they get called "respected" is because they're supported(funded) by capitalist warmongering pigs. And its unfortunate that people like you take this "news" as the truth.

Sorry to have been so blunt, but I think you needed to be told.
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I think it is dangerous to mix politics and football.

Ok lets assume then that the Media did as you suggest make it up. If then a situation did arise where a black player was verbally abused for his race, would you condone it?

I am not interested in the nationality etc of people shouting abuse and I'm sorry you feel this is an attack on your nationality, it isn't, infact I quite like Yugoslavia. There are many people in England and the rest of the world who do exactly the same thing. What I'm saying is this has manifested itself on a NATIONAL sporting stage and it must be dealt with immediately. It concerns a minority and it is up to the majority (ie Us) to tell them to grow up. I'm surprised I still have to continue posting my messages here, but it seems a number of people still wish to continue defending the actions of uncivilised people. Don't you see that it is not a defence to say that it has happened before - what you are infact doing with such a defence is to agree with the actions.

I cannot over emphasise that this is not an attack on you or your country. It is an attack against prejudiced people in general who believe they have the right to abuse other human beings because they are different.

The topics of war and its associated propoganda and manipulation of popular feeling is not, I feel, a suitable topic for this forum because as I have mentioned this forum is for sport. I think we should keep it that way.

Now can we get back to the most important topic of all - football.

Thanks for sharing your views with me anyway.
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M u must realise serbian people are not to hot on BBC or CNN. They have always voiced against us and u should not of mentioned it.

Anyway the point still remains whether Heskey was payed out or not and most likely he was. Yugo were loosing, fans got angry, fans picked on him thats it. Heskey will be hearing it from many people for a while to come, and the english media make a big fiasco out of it!

Lets just leave it at that shall we?
Firstly M, I never for once defened these "uncivilised" people. In fact I think that sort of behaviour is unacceptable, but what I was merely stating is that the English press seem to condemn and concentrate on the behaviour of the non-English fans, yet your nation holds the worst behaviour of football fans in the world.
Maybe if the press focused on more local issues than interferring in other nations political affairs then this problem could be resolved. Remember charity begins at home, by doing this other countries may follow.
Yes - I can understand that you would dislike British media.

I don't understand your point Nick54. You seem to say that a player who is abused for the colour of his skin should get used to it, because ignorant people will continue to abuse him? Is this seriously your point? Do you not think the abusers should get used to being civilised instead?

And Lela, I've never been in the situation your country has found itself in so I won't begin to say that I empathise with your anger towards the British media. I can however appreciate your argument and I hope I've not offended you in any way - that was not my intention. Yet I must say I think you've taken this discussion too personally. I have never tried to defend English hooliganism and from an educated view I think the media in Britain does cover all football violence, this was just another instance.

Anyway I think I've finished my argument. I know Lela you may not agree, but I think we should leave politics out of football.

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