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I think our club's name has been tainted rather badly from the way we carry out dealings with Anelka, Figo.. Now with the probable sale of Redondo, the Club seems on the brink on breaking down.
I do recall the Club's objective is to complement world best players with Spain's best in our team. As such I see no problems in bringing in players like Figo.
However I think our way of dealings have room for improvement. Otherwise its only a matter of time someone hit us out at RFEF, UEFA or FIFA.
Another issue is the style of management. Perhaps Perez is more of ManU's Martin Edwards type. But I think that RM is a FOOTBALL CLUB, not some INC like ManU!! What a football club encompass is club spirit. Hence selling loyal players like Redondo (who has made so many sacrifices for our club) is an ABSOLUTE mistake. It might also rocked the morale/ loyalty of the rest of the teams. In the end, our club could only consist of players who do not play for the club in mind!
I sincerely hope Perez will see these points much as though the debt problem needs to be solved.
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