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Im bored as hell. Theres no punani on speed dial tonight, and i cant be ****ed starting my Law assignment. Therefore i have thought of the best thread to kill time!

What is the best way to rate your national team? By comparing it to all the others! The question at hand is as easy as it sounds.........rate our European Opponents into three categories ; World Class, Almost There, Average and Pretenders. Try and be objective please!

PS. This is open to all people on the forum who read the Serbian section.....except of cors if youre AntiVari. (Youre not allowed)

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World Class: Italy, Spain
Almost There: France, Holland, Portugal, England, Germany, Croatia
Average: Serbia, Russia, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, Belgium
Pretenders: everyone else

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World Class :

Portugal : Super Strong Defence (Pepe, Carvalho, Meira) and Midfield, although they still have a problem producing good Centre Forwards. Also have some great up and cummers (Moutinho, Nani,Veloso).
Spain : Nothing really to say......Three top Goalkeepers (Casillas, Reina, Valdez) and an equally strong Defence. Midfield in endless supply of talent, and their front two of Torres and Villa is unmatched.
Netherlands : Possess a significantly weaker aray of defencive stars then all the other top teams......But they do have an amazing Midfield and Attack. The young players coming through are also extremely good.
Italy : Italians will always be among the best, but atm i feel their squad is aging. Buffon will still be around, but the Defence is getting Old, as is the midfield. I think they need a reshuffle as Spain had prior to the World Cup in 06.
Germany : Same as Italy. Theyll always be among the best, but their stars are all reaching the end of their carreers. They also need improvement in defence.
France : Still have world class players in every position. All they lack is a world class coach :(

Almost There:

Sweden : They have enough quality players to trouble the top teams. Players like Ibrahimovic, Rosenberg, Elmander and Kalstrom are all great.
Serbia :Strong talent coming through establishing themselves alongside already world class players like Dejan Stankovic and Nemanja Vidic. Only thing really lacking is a second striker.
Russia : Stonr League, Strong Coach....and a great style of play. Theyll stay in this group.
Croatia : Strong young squad (like Serbia, but shittier) with future stars like Modric and Rakitic. Up front theyre good, but in defence theyre aging.
Denmark : Ive got a soft spot for them. Theyve always been a great team with stars (Who havnt been great in recent years) but I think they now have the quality to get back to their best. Theyre currently leading their group.....and even if everyone hates him, I know Bendtner will be a star!
Turkey : Great League that continuously produces strong youth and stars. Like Denmark ive got a soft spot for the Turks. I enjoy watching them win....theyre never boring.
Czech Reublic : Great Goalkeeper, Great Defence (Although agiing)......but theyre poor elsewhere. Unless they prouduce some more talent I cant see them staying this high.


Greece : Strong League, and some good players. Nothing Special though.
Belgium : Strong Youth......in 4 years I think they could be awesome.
Bosna-Herzegovina Some great young players coming up (Ibisevic and Dzeko), but they still dont have great midfielders and defenders. If they can sort out the politics in the boardroom.....they could def produce awesome quality!.
Switzerland : Theyre not that good. I still dunno how they made the last few finals. But you have to give them credit:)
Israel : They keep getting better and better.....Hopefull see them in the world cup where they can take on Iran or Saudi Arabia!
Ireland : Some good players....but their best ones are all aging. Would love to see them make a finals, their fans are amazing, and i love their green shirts!
Scotland : Meh.....duno wat to say. Theyre pretty much only rated this high outa respect cos they were one of the establishers of football.
Poland : They never have any talent, but they always seem to make tournaments. Duno how..
Slovakia : Not very talented, but theyre leading their group atm.....If Hamsik continues his form, they mite make it!
Romania : Only two real world class players anymore.

CBF doing the last two groups.

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World Class
Spain, its obvious, Such a great midfield with players like Xavi, Silva, Iniesta, Carzola, Senna. Two superstrikers in Villa and Torres. It think its the best team in the world atm

Portugal, When you look at the individual players, Sick defense with pepe, carvalho.
Awesome midfield and upcomming talent, basicly what njegos said.
Allthough their potential is never unleashed.

Almost there
Italy, former world class team but they are now ageing and cant keep up with the big teams as you saw on the EP when they got kicked by Holland.
Allthough the have some good youngster who can reclaim Italys former glory

Netherlands, Crappy defense, awesome midfield, attack allright.
unlike njegos I dont think their upcomming palyers are so gifted.

France same story as in Italy allthough I think italy has a better chance of performing

Germany, always solid team but hasnt really got any worldclass players.

England, good topclass midfielders but never seem to function as a team

furthermore I agree with Njegos on Serbia Croatia and Turkey

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England will never be outstanding IMO because kids aren't taught to be comfortable on the ball but to get rid of it as soon as they ge it. Until that changes, they'll be a force. They come unstuck against EE sides a lot of the time.
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