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*Parental advisory- smack ahead*


Gearing up for the impossible

I was wondering if the tension had gotten to my fave island freak :tongue: ? I know that the emotions of many interista do not resemble the usual San Siro banner showing -14 degrees or something; that you're all crapping yourself in anticipation of yet another stumble just before the finish line, and that the worst thing conceivable could in fact happen:

The Evil Empire of Turin having the last laugh- on the last day... as so many times before :D .

TAZZ knows his football history; especially INTER's, and I suspect he's in hiding now; not daring to jinx anything by once again stating "This is our year" ;).

Unless of course the pro/contra bickering of star-supporter fractions in this cestpool of a forum has finally broken him down :howler: . Plague infected lepricons is what you all are... in Armani outfits :tongue: . Come back and show some heart shorty!!! :)

With Juve being in the coppa final- an eventual scudetto decider would just be ONE all or nothing game because of the tight WC schedule. I'm gearing up for the "Derby d'Italia" where you will have another crack at us... trying to find the first win against the bianconeri for SUCH A LONG TIME!!!!!


Unless you're wondering why Roma has been left out of this completely, the reason is of course, that it's only really funny disrespecting those you somewhat respect ;). If the "Master of bloated hipocracy" -Sensi- should once again take credit for a scudetto... that will be simply tragical. Anyway- the giallorossi are just dedicated pretenders. We all know that, and the attractions of that marvellous city is to be found everywhere but the Olympico. So much history in that city- yet the teams of the Capital have none :eek: .


Forza Juve
Avanti Chievo e Milan :cool:

NB: For all of you who will want to take shots back at me (I supose you somewhat deserve that ;)) if a: Juventus win and you feel a neeed to vent frustration, or b: Inter wins and you need to gloat...;) that will be fine.
If it's to be at the Juve forum, just make sure it's clear that it's against me, and not all the other wellbehaved juventini ;).


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Hi Glen.

First of all, I deny the allegation that I am a plague-infected leprechaun.

Anyway, I will not be around to gloat immediately after the season is won. However, I will be back in the summer. With a vengeance, if I might add. And although I have thus far refrained from posting (too much) in other Italian club forums (a sign of respect, whether or not it may be deserved), I will not be as reluctant to do so in the future.

As for my friend, Tazz, to whom this thread was designed for, I do hope that he will continue to air his views on a regular basis. Hope to see him back in the summer when I return. He always brings nothing but true character to this forum. He's been here from the time I started posting in 1999, and although this forum has always been great, it can never be the same without him. Come back, bro.
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