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OT: Roland Garros

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The Roland Garros has started. Today Amir Hadad will start action (if it will stop raining) against Christophe Rochus. Let's wish him luck.

Tomorrow Harel Levy and Ana Smashnova will also be in action.
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where is this tournament you call Roland Garros going to be held in??? Spain or Portugal? :)

I didn't hear much from Harel Levy for quite some time, he hasn't been in action and in a sort of losing streak, no?
France you $%#, it's the French open, one of the 4 grand slams!

Harel Levy was injured and out for almost a year.
FRANCE!?!?!?! :mad: :mad: :mad:

we should boycott it in solidarity with the Jewish people! :)

Maybe as a show of respect i should give Anna Shamshova my hand made avatar to put on her hat! :)
One of the French female players there are Jewish.
Due to several rain delays, Hadad's match was moved to Tuesday, when all 3 Israelis will play.
Maybe this time Levi won't get injured when he will be behind.
Ruven_Atar said:
Maybe this time Levi won't get injured when he will be behind.
How expected.

After losing the first 2 sets 6-1 ,6-0 Levi quites the match deu to "Injury" :rolleyes:

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Eize Shuna
Yep, Levi lost again, but Amir Hadad shocked everyone else and probably himself as well when defeateding Belgium's Christophe Rochus, 6-1, 6-2, 6-7 (4-7), 6-2! :happy: Forza Hadad, onto the next round! :)
I don't think Levy ever completely recovered from his last injury...

Congrats to Hadad for a great match, he will face Finn Jarko Nieminen tomorrow.

Anna's match was postponed to tomorrow (but it will be the first match of the day in that court). Anna will play Francesca Schiavone of Italy.
:) Anna is really on the rise and is currently ranked 20th in ATP after recent successes in tournaments and its about time she fares well in the big time. COngrats to Hadad for winning his first ever Roland Garros match.
I think it's his first ever appearance too :)
Anna is not bad looking :)

when is she going to pose nude for playboy? anyone know? the price? :)

Yoav: did you happen to have the playboy where there was a centerfold who was jewish and was so proud of being jewish and she wants to be more observant and she went to jerusalem and sort on?
Kappa18 said:
Anna is not bad looking :)

when is she going to pose nude for playboy? anyone know? the price? :)

Are u blind or something? :confused:
lol, she's ugly..

but lets not talk about it here. She lost her game with the Italian btw, how expected! Loser!!:rolleyes:
Not a good day for the Israelis today...

Smashnova lost to Schiavone in 2 sets, and Hadad lost to Nieminen in 4 sets... Both are out however Hadad is expected to advance into the top 200.

I believe we do have a player in the doubles tournament.
Yoni Erlich with his Brazilian partner Daniel Melo will play in the first round of the doubles tournament against Australians Joshua Eagle and Sandon Stolle on Thursday.
Dudi Sela kicks off tomorrow in the youth tournament against Slovakian Marko Miklo.
Dudi Sela has won already 3 matches and advanced to the quarter finals, excellent result for Dudi.
Sela also won the first round with his doubles partner Cypriot Marco Baghdatys and they will play in the 2nd round on Thursday.

Is Dudi Selah's partner in the tournament, Turkish Cypricot or Greek Cypricot, cause im confused about it?
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