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OT: NO WC on TV?...

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A little bit more then a month to go, and as of today no Israeli Channel is going to air the WC games, unless, there will be some sort of change. A short reminder, "Charlton" which own the Premiership TV rights in Israel among others, bought the rights to air the WC in Israel, in hope some channel would agree to purchase it. The original plan was to air the games via a special Pay-TV channel on 'Yes', but the planned fee was way too much and last week, their request was declined. And now, with a little bit more then a month until the games, no channel has bought the rights, and if no channel will do so soon, we'll have no WC in Israel. To make it worse, according to 'Chalrton' every foreign channel telecasting the games will be 'shut down' during the games to ensure we won't be able to watch it elsewhere and thus Chalrton's so called exclusive TV rights will remain exclusive.

I know some of you are abroad, but this is extremely sad because as of now all we are able to watch are the opener, the Semis and the WC final (all will on Channel 1).

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i think someone will show it,no need to worry

Who will everyone here cheer for in the world cup?:)
I'm debating between Turkey and Nigeria.
Hrevivo said:
I'm debating between Turkey and Nigeria.
Good for you Hrevivo! I am also going for Nigeria. The Super Eagles are my favorites because of the style they play. And this time I hope that they will give a chance to Yakubu Ayegbini from Maccabi Haifa.
I'm not one of those who root for the favorite, I always root to one of the less likely teams to win, and of those I choose the team I like. Turkey and Nigeria are the two teams I like the most and I hope they will go far.
Channel 1 bid for World Cup rights

By Ha'aretz Sports Staff

The Israel Broadcasting Authority's (IBA) management board has authorized a bid for the TV rights to the World Cup, following the legal deadlock over pay-per-view broadcasting of the games, which begin on May 31.

The IBA is to be allowed to offer Charlton, the rights holder for Israel, $4 million for half (32) of the games together with another bidder, which would broadcast the other 32 games.

IBA general manager, Yosef Barel, told the management board that he had reached a deal with Charlton under which the IBA would broadcast eight games (the final, semifinals, the opening game and four others) plus a daily highlights roundup for $4 million and the board would like to take advantage of the fact

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Good news guys

The world cup is said to be shown on channel 1, they will show a daily highlight show plus 8 games live. Additionally the cable companies might get permisssion to start a pay channel showing all of the wc games live :)
And apart from that, YES have finally got their ling awaited approval today which gives them the right to air the WC games on a special Pay-channel during this one month. The subscribtion price is said to be in the region of 240 NIS, and YES will pay 3.6 Million $ for that deal. The other cable companies haven't gotten a permission to join the deal yet but it might happen, should it not though, YES will pay more 3.6$ M. I think it's a good deal, better to have the WC for money then not watching it at all.
why are u guys whining about so much??

I seen regular cable in Israel...

you guys get channels from spain, turkey, Italy, Egypt...

they;'ll show the games too, you know! :D
The channels will be blocked by the cable and satelite companies...
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