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We always seem to have a thread for our b-ball NT heading towards major tournaments and with Duda picking his squad for the qualifiers this summer, I figured it was time for the next one.

First off the squad..

bekovi: Miloš Teodosić (CSKA Moskva), Stefan Marković (Valensija), Milenko Tepić (Kahasol), Aleksandar Rašić (Lijetuvos Ritas), Nemanja Jaramaz (Partizan mt:s), Nemanja Nedović (Crvena zvezda Diva) Danilo Anđušić (Partizan mt:s);

krila: Ivan Paunić (Virtus Bolonja), Mladen Jeremić (Hemofarm), Marko Kešelj (Olimpijakos), Andreja Milutinović (Crvena zvezda Diva), Nemanja Bjelica (Kaha Laboral), Vladimir Lučić (Partizan mt:s), Novica Veličković (Real Madrid), Duško Savanović (Anadolu Efes), Zoran Erceg (Bešiktaš), Milan Mačvan (Makabi/Partizan mt:s), Dragan Labović (Krasnije Krilja);

centri: Nenad Krstić (CSKA Moskva), Kosta Perović (Barselona), Milovan Raković (Žalgiris), Miroslav Raduljica (Anadolu Efes/Partizan mt:s), Dejan Musli (Kaha Laboral), Mile Ilić (Crvena zvezda Diva).

Secondly our schedule..

15/8 Iceland - Serbia
18/8 Serbia - Montenegro
21/8 Slovakia - Serbia
24/8 Serbia - Estonia
27/8 Israel - Serbia
30/8 Serbia - Iceland
2/9 Montenegro - Serbia
5/9 Serbia - Slovakia
8/9 Estonia - Serbia
11/9 Serbia - Israel

Nice schedule, good chance to see some b-ball during the summer for those of us who will be there. :thumbsup:

Top 2 qualify as well as the 4 best third placed teams.

Now give us your full analysis DZ and other experts. :D I see a fair number of younger players there like Nedovic, Musli, Andjusic, Jaramaz, Milutinovic, Lucic. Also slightly older newcomers in Dabovic and Jeremic.

Who's missing from the list except for guys like Milicic?

Novica btw very important for Real towards the end of the season. Good news for our NT as last year we missed him a lot.
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Looking really bad for the basketball team. Up 6 the whole game now down 12 with 5:21 left in the 4th.
Embarrassing loss. 94-86. They took over when Jokic was on the bench. Smashed the group stage by +100 point differential yet Finland and Poland went through by beating croatia and ukraine. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Slovenia loses to Poland

Greece loses to Germany

And the Italians, who said they would win after beating Serbia, lost to France.

How sad that the final 4 is Spain vs Germany and France vs Poland.
No DPOG chain… but an MVP trophy will do 🏆

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Monster line tonight: 40pts, 27rbds, and 10 asst.
Hope he gets a chance for a title one year like dirk got. Looks like they blew it giving porter all that money he cant stay healthy
been paying some attention to the Euroleague especially since Ivanović took over what a difference he's made. Petrusev and Nedović tearing opponents apart 😍

what i cant get over is the fact we got robbed against Barca at fricken home in what was a ripper performance in the last game of 2022.

that Mirotić shot on the buzz for a 3 pointer to take the game into overtime but he actually stepped on the line but no replay was shown and no mention of it until post game. biggest slap in the face as the refs got suspended for it but obviously the outcome couldn't be corrected it meant **** all. we shoulda won 83-82 😞
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Zvezda v Partizan EUROLEAGUE round 21

Grobari lead 20-18 at the end of 1st qtr
Serbia lost to Greece in a world cup qualification match. Why the **** was it scheduled on the same day as Euroleague competition?
"When you’re stat-padding, it’s easy” - Nikola Jokic's sarcastic reaction to his 100th triple-double milestone

The Nuggets star responded to Kendrick Perkins' stat-padding accusations in true "Joker" fashion.

Nikola Jokic
© Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Nikola Jokic hit a significant milestone on Tuesday, recording his 100th career triple-double. And it seems that he is aware of certain people accusing him of stat-padding in order to inflate his numbers because he seemingly took a shot at them when asked about his thoughts after joining the 100 triple-doubles club.

"When you're stat-padding, it's easy," the two-time MVP said tongue-in-cheek.

Response to the allegations

Earlier this week, Kendrick Perkins set social media on fire because of his rant against Jokic. He alleged that the Denver Nuggets big man is intentionally chasing triple-doubles during his diatribe about Joel Embiid being the MVP frontrunner. The retired bruiser, who has become known for his wild takes as a sports analyst, claims that he knows the Nuggets are helping their superstar pad the stats in a similar manner the Oklahoma City Thunder did it for Russell Westbrook several years ago.

Of course, Stephen A. Smith didn't let it slide, given how absurd Perkins' arguments were. JJ Redick also got in on the action, resulting in an offended Perk answering back on social media.

The analysts' statements went viral, so it's easy to see how Jokic caught wind of the charges thrown at him. When asked if he had heard about the stat-padding remark, he answered in true "Joker" fashion.
"Yes, of course," the five-time All-Star replied. "It's true."

Brushing it aside

The Nuggets' cornerstone likely understands that comments like what Perk recently voiced come with the territory of being one of the best players in the Association. But given his flippant retort on Tuesday, it seems that Jokic brushes them aside.

Moreover, he stands to benefit more from focusing on helping Denver fight for the championship this season. Still, his latest feat is worth celebrating, considering he is only the sixth player in league history to reach it.

And more importantly, the Nuggets got the win over the Houston Rockets. That means the squad is 24-0 in the 2022-23 campaign and has won 28 consecutive games dating back to last season every time Jokic posts a triple-double.

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Morant gettimg suspended killed jokic chance of mvp but on flip side hes never had this much rest before playoffs. Im thinking hes going to crush it in playoffs
Loathe to mention it but...Real Madrid 87:89 Partizan.
Hoping the heat take out the celtics . If denver advances past lakers dont see them being able to guard tatum and brown. Basketball is all about the matchups. Nuggets so far lucky faced an aging durant and now lebron
Jokic with his 7th triple double of this year's playoffs 😳😳
Hoping the heat take out the celtics . If denver advances past lakers dont see them being able to guard tatum and brown. Basketball is all about the matchups. Nuggets so far lucky faced an aging durant and now lebron
With the Celtics, I would be curious to see how Jokic would go up against Al Horford considering how well Horford did against Embiid
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