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We always seem to have a thread for our b-ball NT heading towards major tournaments and with Duda picking his squad for the qualifiers this summer, I figured it was time for the next one.

First off the squad..

bekovi: Miloš Teodosić (CSKA Moskva), Stefan Marković (Valensija), Milenko Tepić (Kahasol), Aleksandar Rašić (Lijetuvos Ritas), Nemanja Jaramaz (Partizan mt:s), Nemanja Nedović (Crvena zvezda Diva) Danilo Anđušić (Partizan mt:s);

krila: Ivan Paunić (Virtus Bolonja), Mladen Jeremić (Hemofarm), Marko Kešelj (Olimpijakos), Andreja Milutinović (Crvena zvezda Diva), Nemanja Bjelica (Kaha Laboral), Vladimir Lučić (Partizan mt:s), Novica Veličković (Real Madrid), Duško Savanović (Anadolu Efes), Zoran Erceg (Bešiktaš), Milan Mačvan (Makabi/Partizan mt:s), Dragan Labović (Krasnije Krilja);

centri: Nenad Krstić (CSKA Moskva), Kosta Perović (Barselona), Milovan Raković (Žalgiris), Miroslav Raduljica (Anadolu Efes/Partizan mt:s), Dejan Musli (Kaha Laboral), Mile Ilić (Crvena zvezda Diva).

Secondly our schedule..

15/8 Iceland - Serbia
18/8 Serbia - Montenegro
21/8 Slovakia - Serbia
24/8 Serbia - Estonia
27/8 Israel - Serbia
30/8 Serbia - Iceland
2/9 Montenegro - Serbia
5/9 Serbia - Slovakia
8/9 Estonia - Serbia
11/9 Serbia - Israel

Nice schedule, good chance to see some b-ball during the summer for those of us who will be there. :thumbsup:

Top 2 qualify as well as the 4 best third placed teams.

Now give us your full analysis DZ and other experts. :D I see a fair number of younger players there like Nedovic, Musli, Andjusic, Jaramaz, Milutinovic, Lucic. Also slightly older newcomers in Dabovic and Jeremic.

Who's missing from the list except for guys like Milicic?

Novica btw very important for Real towards the end of the season. Good news for our NT as last year we missed him a lot.
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Slowly but surely they are all starting to improve. Teo had a solid night couple of days ago, 4 from 7 from deep. Bobi did well last night, 6/8, Beli sank a number of 3's Vs the Warriors, Zagorac is getting playing time and Bogdan was too, until last night.

The thing I hadn't noticed was Marcus Williams on the Kings roster. Made an impression last night. Great to see him there, even after everything that happened, he's still one of my favourite Americans. :thumbsup:
Just watched the qualifier against Austria. Finished 85-64.

Was far from great, but that was to be expected with little preparation time and a heavily mixed squad. Paunic, Simon and Brada carried us to the win. Peno and Djokovic got a lot time from the youngsters, Todorovic showed some good things and at the end Radanov and Marinkovic got to make their debuts as well. Radanov hit a 3 in the last shot of the game, his only shot. That's the way the great ones start out. :D

Georgia next.
Down a point at HT, 44-45.

Again, far from a great performance, we're lacking in the shooting department. Meanwhile for Georgia an American has hit half of their points. Once again, ridiculous to allow this crap.

Expect us to tighten up at the back and win this one, but it's clear we'll need better players for the more important qualifying games that remain.

Good win in the end against a very good shooting team, not that good otherwise. We played much harder defence and got into a 3 point flow. Braduljica was the main man, but Macvan, Simon and Peno played a big role as well. Peno seems to have improved already after his move to Germany. Djokovic and Todorovic have impressed me as well and are players we should continue to follow.

Marinkovic did well with the little time he got, but Sale likes to bring the youngsters (him and Radanov) in easy.

Next set of games are in February. Germany and Austria away.


"Tough guy" took a cheap shot and Beli nearly put his dumb ass to sleep!
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Lost a couple months of my life watching Austria-Serbia. The Germany game was bad, but this...this was horrible! We squeezed out a dramatic one point win, but I'd never call up over half of them again. Even better off playing U18's, can't be worse.

Jelovac though, big balls and Avramovic with that clutch 3 at the end, sick way to win it!

Really hope we have a full squad towards the end of June.
Teo, Beli and Boban called up. Nice! :thumbsup:

Jokic and Bogdan not there, but it was to be expected. Good to see a very talented kid like Miskovic make it, especially after the injury problems he's had. Shows Sale always knows what's up.

Nemanja Bjelica (Minesota Timbervulfs)
Miloš Teodosić (LA Klipers)
Boban Marjanović (LA Klipers)
Nemanja Nedović (Unikaha)
Dragan Milosavljević (Unikaha)
Marko Gudurić (Fenerbahče)
Nikola Kalinić (Fenerbahče)
Stefan Jović (Bajern)
Vladimir Lučić (Bajern)
Luka Mitrović (Bamberg)
Dejan Musli (Bamberg)
Marko Simonović (Zenit)
Miroslav Raduljica (Đangsu Dragons)
Nikola Milutinov (Olimpijakos)
Vasilije Micić (Žalgiris)
Stefan Peno (Alba)
Aleksa Avramović (Vareze)
Dejan Todorović (Bilbao)
Stevan Jelovac (Nižnji Novgorod)
Ilija Đoković (Borac Čačak)
Ognjen Dobrić (Crvena zvezda mts)
Aleksa Radanov (Crvena zvezda mts)
Dejan Davidovac (Crvena zvezda mts)
Đorđe Gagić (Partizan NIS)
Nikola Mišković (Mega Bemaks)
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Scandalous reffing in the Serbia-Germany game. We had the game in the bag, after many controversial calls and then in the end they decide to go all out. **** FIBA and sports in general! This is too much! :yuck:
Yeah, good job by Sale for calling them out. If they refuse next time, just cut them from the roster.

Not only Jokic, but Beli and Bogdan were there too. When you're already in Serbia, how hard is it to play 2 ****ing games of basketball for your country. :facepalm:
U18's win the EC beating hosts Latvia in the final, 99-90. :proud:

Pecarski, what a beast! Petrusev and Paunovic played great as well. Well done boys, future looks bright.

Beautiful moment at the end, the Montenegrin team was the only support we had this game and at the end there was a lot of love between the two sets of players. Krv ipak nije voda! :proud:
Jokic got fined $25,000 after describing a players length then he paused and said no **** during an interview
44-35 at HT Vs Greece. Shame the Greeks hit two nearly impossible 3's this quarter, otherwise the lead would have been even healthier. Jovic and Raduljica our best players and have a great connection too. Hopefully we keep this up, cause a win here and Vs Estonia will do it for us, considering Georgia beat Israel tonight. :hopefully:
67-48 after 3. Greeks came back into it, -4 when we finally stepped up again. Jovic, Micic and at the end Birca with the buzzerbeater. Now let's keep this lead.
Laza the silent general with the big block and 3 to finish it off here. Still time on the clock, but no way we give this away!

Thanks to the Greek brothers for never really showing up :D, but we showed a lot of passion tonight. Still waaay too many turnovers, but we stepped our game up when we needed it. Jovic player of the match for sure, fantastic performance.

One more win out of the next 2 games and we look set for the WC.
Probably wants to keep his boy warm and healthy. But nevertheless a good thing for our team and our 2 other young assistants: Milojevic and Jovanovic. Also don't have to worry about Jokic being there any more, not that I doubted it this time.

Interesting week for our players btw:
  • Beli with a career high of 34 points, 8/10 3's
  • Bobi finally getting playing time again and really using it to his advantage. Even scored a bunch of 3's ?
  • And Smailagic solidifying his position within the GSW roster. Kid looks like he could be special and lord knows we need a quality 4
Congrats to Nikola Jokic for winning the NBA MVP! Unbelievable accomplishment
Truly incredible and very amusing to see the veiled racism on many boards, with certain pundits, etc. With Doncic's emergence and the birth of the Pokumonster, life could get even harder for these types.

Obviously I wish Nikola all the best, but I won't mind if he goes out to Phoenix, as we need him in our NT this summer.

Squad is really looking stacked at the moment, and we could have some nice youngsters added in a few years. Think of Vukcevic & Nakic from abroad and domestic talents like Jovic (Nikola, how funny it'll be to have both in the NBA) and Djurisic among others.
Jokic's defence isn't even that bad. He's improved a lot in that area, as he showed regularly during the season. But right now it's an energy thing. He's supposed to be carrying his side offensively, which he has done on many occasions, but that means he won't have the same energy on the other end. The lack of depth and injuries to key players are killing Denver.
Jokic apparently not playing in the Olympics. What to say?

If he had skipped the qualifying tournament, nobody would've cared. But this is just sad, man. Next year I expect Denver to make a deeper run in the PO's, which means he'll probably skip the Euros as well. And these Euros will be our best chance to win a tournament.

Honestly, if he decides to skip the next 2 tournaments, he should just retire from the NT. It's sad to see that Denver is more important than your own country. Meanwhile Bogi can't wait to join up and Doncic is already in Slovenia getting ready. :rolleyes:
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