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We always seem to have a thread for our b-ball NT heading towards major tournaments and with Duda picking his squad for the qualifiers this summer, I figured it was time for the next one.

First off the squad..

bekovi: Miloš Teodosić (CSKA Moskva), Stefan Marković (Valensija), Milenko Tepić (Kahasol), Aleksandar Rašić (Lijetuvos Ritas), Nemanja Jaramaz (Partizan mt:s), Nemanja Nedović (Crvena zvezda Diva) Danilo Anđušić (Partizan mt:s);

krila: Ivan Paunić (Virtus Bolonja), Mladen Jeremić (Hemofarm), Marko Kešelj (Olimpijakos), Andreja Milutinović (Crvena zvezda Diva), Nemanja Bjelica (Kaha Laboral), Vladimir Lučić (Partizan mt:s), Novica Veličković (Real Madrid), Duško Savanović (Anadolu Efes), Zoran Erceg (Bešiktaš), Milan Mačvan (Makabi/Partizan mt:s), Dragan Labović (Krasnije Krilja);

centri: Nenad Krstić (CSKA Moskva), Kosta Perović (Barselona), Milovan Raković (Žalgiris), Miroslav Raduljica (Anadolu Efes/Partizan mt:s), Dejan Musli (Kaha Laboral), Mile Ilić (Crvena zvezda Diva).

Secondly our schedule..

15/8 Iceland - Serbia
18/8 Serbia - Montenegro
21/8 Slovakia - Serbia
24/8 Serbia - Estonia
27/8 Israel - Serbia
30/8 Serbia - Iceland
2/9 Montenegro - Serbia
5/9 Serbia - Slovakia
8/9 Estonia - Serbia
11/9 Serbia - Israel

Nice schedule, good chance to see some b-ball during the summer for those of us who will be there. :thumbsup:

Top 2 qualify as well as the 4 best third placed teams.

Now give us your full analysis DZ and other experts. :D I see a fair number of younger players there like Nedovic, Musli, Andjusic, Jaramaz, Milutinovic, Lucic. Also slightly older newcomers in Dabovic and Jeremic.

Who's missing from the list except for guys like Milicic?

Novica btw very important for Real towards the end of the season. Good news for our NT as last year we missed him a lot.
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Jokic apparently not playing in the Olympics. What to say?

If he had skipped the qualifying tournament, nobody would've cared. But this is just sad, man. Next year I expect Denver to make a deeper run in the PO's, which means he'll probably skip the Euros as well. And these Euros will be our best chance to win a tournament.

Honestly, if he decides to skip the next 2 tournaments, he should just retire from the NT. It's sad to see that Denver is more important than your own country. Meanwhile Bogi can't wait to join up and Doncic is already in Slovenia getting ready. :rolleyes:
It's disappointing. Even guys like Durant and Harden, who have been dealing with injuries and also made a deep run in the playoffs, have committed for the US. I understand Jokic had an exhausting couple of seasons and doesn't want to risk that supermax contract (which would be the largest in NBA history) but there's not many opportunities to represent you country.

Bogdanovic looks in rough shape with the knee also and who knows how many more games Atlanta will play. I doubt he'll be anywhere close to 100% for the Olympics, if he even makes it that far.
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The first game was against the Dominican Republic. The scoreline might suggest it was a routine win, but it wasn't. Until a few minutes into the last quarter we were trailing at times and up against a tricky team with a lot of confidence. In the end quality prevailed, thank God.

Offence was solid, except for free throws, but defensively we were just poor. Not using our fouls, not closing out well, giving them too much time and space. Things will have to improve if we are to beat Italy. But first we'll be playing the Filipinos, tomorrow.
Durant didnt play the season before and skipped alot of games during this season. Harden isnt going to olympics: . Jokic got gassed vs the suns he should’ve rested during season but was afraid to lose mvp. . Look at nba suns who didnt make playoffs are in the finals and the hawks have a chance to make finals they also didnt make playoffs last season . That’s probably never happened before. the 2 most rested teams with no serious injuries compared to other teams: murray, leonard , anthony davis , k leonard , giannis, never had so many missing stars in playoffs.
Serbia failed to qualify for the Olympics 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
All 4 games were the same defensively, meaning defence was non-existent. Losing hurts, but seeing our pride and joy so disorganized hurts even more.

Italy were much better tonight, and all we can do is try to pick ourselves up and go again. Time to rebuild IMO.
Nemanja Bjelica signed with Golden State Warriors for 1 year... Could have swore he was suppose to be the big Zvezda signing. 🤦‍♂️
Nikola Jokić is in a bit of trouble

The Morris brothers are known for being fake tough guys and wannabe thugs. High time someone gave one of them a lesson. The other one is already sending indirect threats on twitter. Would love to see Jokic's brothers get involved. 😀

All reminds me of when Beli choked out Afflalo with one arm.
The Morris brothers are known for being fake tough guys and wannabe thugs. High time someone gave one of them a lesson. The other one is already sending indirect threats on twitter. Would love to see Jokic's brothers get involved. 😀

All reminds me of when Beli choked out Afflalo with one arm.
Jokić's brothers got involved...

Jokić suspended for one game... Morris and Jimmy Butler got fined
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Who knows if that really is his brothers.

Morris turned his back knowing nobody would run around in a circle to confront him from the front, typical troll.

On instagram most people are supporting Jokic but a tonne of people are egging on the Morris brothers to react, further prolonging this unnecessary beef.

Heat players supposedly waiting outside the Nuggets locker room... I wonder whether it is a coincidence that Butler and Lowry are in the front and the taller players are at the back
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Apparently Jokic bros already bought tickets for Miami/Denver game. Wonder if their seats will be behind Heat bench or Denver might invite them to seat on their bench "just in case". :cool:
Huge, huge win for our basketball NT! Missing so many quality players.

We played against Latvia and the refs. A fucking disgrace what we encountered tonight as the greatest European basketball nation. I'm not asking for calls in our favour, but don't try and **** us on every God damn possession! Karma prevailed though and we got a big win. These wins matter a lot, as the results Vs the 2nd and 3rd placed teams in our group carry over to the next round.

Teo the captain, but credit to the entire team, Kuridza came in like a true veteran, Dangubic had a great last quarter, Avramovic was fantastic at times and many more. First game under Pesic and a big win to start it off against a quality opponent. If you had to bet your life on shooters, I'd always pick them from Lithuania and Latvia. Fucking hell, they're automatic from 3. 😂
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Disappointing result vs Latvia leads to a loss vs Belgium 🤦‍♂️ where the team only managed to score 6 points in the 4th quarter.
Forgot to post about it. Embarrassing loss, especially as we had them. Lights fell out in the Arena and after that break we just didn't show the same energy they did.

Lots of very average players in our squad, and it's a tragedy that international basketball is allowing this crap to happen. Players, coaches need to speak up, cause this is terrible.

Next two games are Vs Slovakia. Should be 2 wins, but they won't carry over.
Harrison Wind (@HarrisonWind) Tweeted:
Draymond Green once called out Nikola Jokic’s defense while filling in as an analyst on TNT. Jokic went up to Green the next season, said he appreciated the criticism and told Green that he’s improved.

Green’s response: “You 100% have gotten better.”

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How Nikola Jokic scored 37 points (!) after halftime against the Clippers

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