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We always seem to have a thread for our b-ball NT heading towards major tournaments and with Duda picking his squad for the qualifiers this summer, I figured it was time for the next one.

First off the squad..

bekovi: Miloš Teodosić (CSKA Moskva), Stefan Marković (Valensija), Milenko Tepić (Kahasol), Aleksandar Rašić (Lijetuvos Ritas), Nemanja Jaramaz (Partizan mt:s), Nemanja Nedović (Crvena zvezda Diva) Danilo Anđušić (Partizan mt:s);

krila: Ivan Paunić (Virtus Bolonja), Mladen Jeremić (Hemofarm), Marko Kešelj (Olimpijakos), Andreja Milutinović (Crvena zvezda Diva), Nemanja Bjelica (Kaha Laboral), Vladimir Lučić (Partizan mt:s), Novica Veličković (Real Madrid), Duško Savanović (Anadolu Efes), Zoran Erceg (Bešiktaš), Milan Mačvan (Makabi/Partizan mt:s), Dragan Labović (Krasnije Krilja);

centri: Nenad Krstić (CSKA Moskva), Kosta Perović (Barselona), Milovan Raković (Žalgiris), Miroslav Raduljica (Anadolu Efes/Partizan mt:s), Dejan Musli (Kaha Laboral), Mile Ilić (Crvena zvezda Diva).

Secondly our schedule..

15/8 Iceland - Serbia
18/8 Serbia - Montenegro
21/8 Slovakia - Serbia
24/8 Serbia - Estonia
27/8 Israel - Serbia
30/8 Serbia - Iceland
2/9 Montenegro - Serbia
5/9 Serbia - Slovakia
8/9 Estonia - Serbia
11/9 Serbia - Israel

Nice schedule, good chance to see some b-ball during the summer for those of us who will be there. :thumbsup:

Top 2 qualify as well as the 4 best third placed teams.

Now give us your full analysis DZ and other experts. :D I see a fair number of younger players there like Nedovic, Musli, Andjusic, Jaramaz, Milutinovic, Lucic. Also slightly older newcomers in Dabovic and Jeremic.

Who's missing from the list except for guys like Milicic?

Novica btw very important for Real towards the end of the season. Good news for our NT as last year we missed him a lot.
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Based on form I'd like to see this:

Center: 1. Nenad Krstic 2. Vladimir Stimac
Power Forward: 1. Dusan Savanovic 2. Milan Macvan 3. Zoran Erceg
Small Forward: 1. Nemanja Bjelica 2. Vladimir Lucic
Shooting Guard: 1. Aleksandar Rasic 2. Ivan Paunic
Point Guard: 1. Milos Teodosic 2. Igor Rakocevic 3. Nemanja Nedovic

Back ups:

Novica Velickovic, Mega Vizura
Milenko Tepic, Cajasol
Tadija Dragicevic, Azvomash
Miroslav Raduljica, Azvomash
Nikola Jankovic, Spirou
Luka Bogdanovic, Cajasol
Oliver Stevic, Stelmet Zielona Gora
Stefan Markovic, Valencia
Vladimir Micov, CSKA Moscow
Uros Tripkovic, Fenerbahce
Kosta Perovic, Unicaja
Marko Keselj, Valencia

A large part of me wants to see Velickovic and Keselj in the team given their past heroics for us. However, we have no idea how Velickovic is phycisally over a tournament and there are serious questions over the form of Keselj.

Dragicevic, Micov, and Bogdanovic have all been excelling with their clubs and maybe deserve a serious shout.
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Rakocevic is a shooting guard.

He should never play PG, I get nervous every time he carries the ball for us because he's prone to turning it over under pressure. He's a scorer not a creator.
Dobro brate, stavis ga iza Rasica ili u startnu petorku.

Krstic, Rakocevic, Savanovic, Teodosic, i Bjelica.
Rumours on Twitter that Duda will leave the NT after Eurobasket.
I mean it makes sense... considering he is paid minimally or not paid at all and he's been with us for what, 5-6 years now? It makes sense.

Duda has evolved our national team... he got a new generation to come through. Now it's up to the players to really step it up at this EuroBasket.
I am really liking the roster. Some names there that will work very hard for the jersey. Napred Srbija!
Rasic,Tepic and Keselj are left out because they don't deserve a spot based on their performances, thank god some changes are being made.

I love the squad, Duda has pleasantly surprised me.
THIS. Keselj's head has gotten a bit too big IMO and he has forgot the importance of hard work. Rasic has been plauged by injury, and Tepic is too poor offensively to compensate with his defensive skills.

I've always liked Tepic and Keselj but their exclusion is surely done out of scouting by Duda. I trust Ivkovic, he is a brilliant coach and didn't make any rash decisions. What he said about Katic is also true... he was the most consistent ABA player by far this season.
All these sports and their championships... they should try and keep it more simple. Have each one be every 2 years or something.
Bit slow in here isn't it?

We played France tonight and lost in OT after Bjelica missed 2 FTs to win the game when it was tied at 69-69.

We were down by a big margin at half time and destroyed the French in the 2nd half and that's all without Teo and Nedovic who are both recovering from injury.

We beat Russia earlier on in the week and destroyed the Slovencia as well. We appear to be getting better with each game and that's with so many players missing.

It's encouraging now that we're so close to the tournament itself.
I agree... it's great to see players like Micic, Nedovic (even though he is injured), Lucic, Bogdanovic and Bjelica making their mark. Just when we think we are hitting a low point our basketball makes a comeback. I hope the lads can carry this form into the tournament.
I am not sure how many of you are following our U16's, but today we lost the final group game to our great rivals, Croatia 69-63. However, we finished 2nd in the group with a 4-1 record. We were battling the Croats for 1st place in the group. This is the generation with Stefan Peno.

Now we move onto the quarterfinal to face Germany. We will face the winner of France-Greece if we can win.




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Crazy to see Croatia losing to Spain considering the Cro's were undefeated in group play and ranked #1 in the play-off.

We, meanwhile are in the final... and we will be playing Spain which 1st beat Croatia 61-59, then beat Italy 57-51.

Tomorrow is the final, 21:30 Ukranian time. Game is being played in Kyiv.
Here are the highlights from the semi-final win vs. Greece... 65-49!


It seems like Peno, Glisic, and Stojanovic are our biggest talents from this generation.

If anyone is confused... this is the European Championship for U16's.
Huge win for us... Krstic with 20, Nedovic with 14, and Bjelica with 13. That's 47 of 63 points right there.

I am amazed that our team has beat Lithuania who usually give us problems but my main worry is that it will need to come from more areas if one of the three has an off game. Bogdanovic and Katic seem to be the most ready given their solid performances.

Who ended up playign PG? I couldn't watch the match.
Thanks Dule and Milos for the info.

Nenad Krstic has really become one of the truest Serbian athletes the last 5-6 years. He always shows up for the national team, even with such a weak squad he manages to lead and try. He also helped with the earthquake effort in his native Kraljevo 3 years ago. He strikes me as a stand out type of character, at least from what I have seen on the court and read. I mean what else do you need when the whole team sings happy birthday and comes up with a song for you before the tournament... you must be one good guy to have your teammates do that.

As long as they play their heart out and try I will be happy. I said that for the last 2 Eurobaskets as well as this one. We are not at our strongest but our players play for the shirt, and that is what really matters to me.
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I was kind of expecting it. I looked at their team and I knew if Antic and Mccalleb had huge games we'd be in trouble as we had 2 draining wins. Teams have off nights. Let's see how this team responds tomorrow versus Latvia.
I pray that we beat CG so we can continue this run of confidence. Sportal is reporting France, Ukraine, and Belgium in our group... If its true then great news!
I think it would Mare.. I would say 10-15 minutes from Krstic would be all tonight. I would give Stimac and some others more minutes so they're fresh.
Opusteno RB.

The game meant a lot more to CG than it did to us and we never really played with the same intensity defensively as we have for the rest of the tournament.

Krstic and Markovic didn't play at all whilst minutes were spread nicely throughout the team and it allowed for Micic to get some good minutes and get more comfortable whilst Bjelica had a bit more freedom and played pretty well.

Rasko is getting into some form, Bogdanovic too.

We'd already secured top spot and were taking 2 wins through, the rest will do Markovic and Krle good.

Our Schedule is the following:

Belgium - Wed 11.09.13 - 21:00 CET

Ukraine - Friday 13.09.13 - 21:00 CET

France - Sunday 15.09.13 - 14:00 CET

Table for Group E goes like this:

SRB - 4 pts
FRA - 4 pts
LTV - 3 pts
UKR - 3 pts
LAT - 2 pts
BEL - 2 pts
It's good to see the lads trying at least. They tried and our best players didn't really play tonight in Nedovic, Markovic and Krstic.

Katic seems to be getting better all the time while Bogdanovic choked (IMO) a little bit down the stretch when he went 2/4 for free throws which could have made it a 1 possession game. Instead we were always 4 or more down and this only made it easier for Crna Gora to risk more and go for 3's.

We have a perfect schedule set up as we play Belgium first who is the weakest out of our three games. Then we play an excellent Ukraine side and then the battle with the Frenchies. I expect 2 victories and 1 loss and then we're into the final 8.

They must NOT underestimate Belgium or Ukraine. This entire tournament has shown how unpredictable the matches are and we need to be on our toes. Whether it's fine or not we lost both of our matches to teams who didn't make it through showing how close some of the teams are on their day.

All in all I am proud of this group as I didn't expect us to finish first in the group. They're victims of their own success as now the expectations are only that much higher. However, that is the environment where players are made and where they ultimately grow as human beings. I liked the fact that Kalinic or Nemanja Krstic weren't afraid to try and go for big shots when needed. That only gives me confidence and bodes well for the future.

Duda should be given a medal for his dedication over the last 6 years, no matter the outcome of this EuroBasket.
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I think the intensity will be there for the next two matches. Although if there is one thing that always makes me pissed in basketball it is free throws. If all teams just practiced them... man you could win so many close games just based on that. I guess it's very difficult. :D

Overall happy with the win. Good to see Bogdanovic and Kalinic step up with 12 and 9 points respectively considering I didn't think they would be massive contributors.

Onto Ukraine.
No reason to panic guys. In the previous round we lost to MKD then we rebounded to win against Lativa. Given the surprise factor of this year's Eurobasket I am not terribly surprised. Also given the inexperience on the team, we are bound to have dips. Now it's up to the players to get their shit together and play well against France.

It's time for Nedovic to step up and play well. Krstic and Bjelica have been carrying this team as of late. It's good to see Bogdanovic continue to score. If Nedovic can step up I think we have a good chance of winning against France.
I think we will beat the Spaniards. This generation has a swagger about them in big games thus far. Nedovic and Bogdanovic have that "look" when they play versus larger countries. I think we will win, and win comfortably.
We need big games from Krstic, Bjelica, and Nedovic to win. These were the 3 players that had an outstanding game 1. Especially since Nedovic will be the PG..

Bogdanovic and Kalinic will have to do what they have done thus far and that is be very consistent with some clutch shooting, and Stimac will need to reperform his magic from the game vs. France.

If those things go our way we will win.
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