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We always seem to have a thread for our b-ball NT heading towards major tournaments and with Duda picking his squad for the qualifiers this summer, I figured it was time for the next one.

First off the squad..

bekovi: Miloš Teodosić (CSKA Moskva), Stefan Marković (Valensija), Milenko Tepić (Kahasol), Aleksandar Rašić (Lijetuvos Ritas), Nemanja Jaramaz (Partizan mt:s), Nemanja Nedović (Crvena zvezda Diva) Danilo Anđušić (Partizan mt:s);

krila: Ivan Paunić (Virtus Bolonja), Mladen Jeremić (Hemofarm), Marko Kešelj (Olimpijakos), Andreja Milutinović (Crvena zvezda Diva), Nemanja Bjelica (Kaha Laboral), Vladimir Lučić (Partizan mt:s), Novica Veličković (Real Madrid), Duško Savanović (Anadolu Efes), Zoran Erceg (Bešiktaš), Milan Mačvan (Makabi/Partizan mt:s), Dragan Labović (Krasnije Krilja);

centri: Nenad Krstić (CSKA Moskva), Kosta Perović (Barselona), Milovan Raković (Žalgiris), Miroslav Raduljica (Anadolu Efes/Partizan mt:s), Dejan Musli (Kaha Laboral), Mile Ilić (Crvena zvezda Diva).

Secondly our schedule..

15/8 Iceland - Serbia
18/8 Serbia - Montenegro
21/8 Slovakia - Serbia
24/8 Serbia - Estonia
27/8 Israel - Serbia
30/8 Serbia - Iceland
2/9 Montenegro - Serbia
5/9 Serbia - Slovakia
8/9 Estonia - Serbia
11/9 Serbia - Israel

Nice schedule, good chance to see some b-ball during the summer for those of us who will be there. :thumbsup:

Top 2 qualify as well as the 4 best third placed teams.

Now give us your full analysis DZ and other experts. :D I see a fair number of younger players there like Nedovic, Musli, Andjusic, Jaramaz, Milutinovic, Lucic. Also slightly older newcomers in Dabovic and Jeremic.

Who's missing from the list except for guys like Milicic?

Novica btw very important for Real towards the end of the season. Good news for our NT as last year we missed him a lot.
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Alright, time for me to go. Croats just hit a 3, I'm clearly jinxing matters here. :D
Good that we've come to an agreement that you're jinxing Serbian NT's.

It's now official as per XT Serbia laws.
Sweden smashing Russia :proud: :D
Bro, this is freaking Sweden we're talking about here. Even a horrifick team should beat Sweden.

:howler: at the commentary in the background: "Šta radi ćoveće.." :D
Our boys can't score to save their lives.
Won't be a fun HT-talk for Duda. He's already looking like someone set him on fire..:D
Yeah, it's really good.
Ha yeah I thought clippers had a chance to make finals. I never felt that way about them till this year then someone makes this public weird timing
Something tells me RB is part of KKK.
Will ESPN air another "The Decision" thing? Can LeBron become more of a dick than he already is? :D

Here's the X-ray image. Crazy..
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Double technical is just not good enough from Brazil on this level. They've gone behind massively after that and Bogdanović with a massive three now.
Teo with a three and it's +20 for Serbia. Nenê is looking absolutely horrendous tonight.

Teo btw is 10/10 from the FT-line.
Serbia slaughtered Brazil in the 3rd quarter. 29-12. Brazil completely fell apart in this quarter after their technicals.
72-46. Serbia is hitting every single shot at the moment and it's been like that since the 3rd quarter started.

Bogdanović throwing the ball in the air (literally) and the ball goes in. A new three pointer. 75 points. Absolutely crazy..
Brazil are so horrendous tonight that they need 3-4 tries when they're 3-on-1 to score..:D
84-56. Brazil smashed.

I take back everything I've said about sale Djordjevic and this team! They've showed they deserve to be here!!

Next up Spain!!
Sorry Nigel. Too late :D

Btw, it was interesting to hear the Spanish commentators speak about Đorđević "marking territory" and strengthening the group with his outbursts against Spain. This was during the Spain-Serbia game. Might've worked here even if there's other significant improvements and the other team contributing to their own disaster, although momentum (like the last two games) is something that usually happens in team sports when you trust your initial gut feeling. It was one of these nights when you shoot and you just know the ball is going in. Let's see if they're prepared to do something even bigger.
someone post that unbelievable shot by bogdan but with rts announcers, amazing!

"Ne sa parkinga, ne iz dvorane, nego sa druge planete.."

Where do i buy the white jersey?
I don't think the new jerseys are available for sale until October.
:howler: at the Sergio Llull. Proper Madrid behaviour. Falling over like he died when Pietrus touched him.

Absolute embarrassment. The French have to be smart here.
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