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OT! About Newark!

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Do any of you's in Jersey ever listen to Opie and Anthony on the drive home? I occaisonally listen!

Well I was listening yesterday and I guess they are having some shin dig at the Newark Bears stadium so they were talking trash about Newark!

They were saying that the only new thing about Newark is the place you get robbed!

Then some dude called up and said that he had to go to Newark to see his Probation officer and that he wears long sleeves so people won't see what color he is and that he tries to get out of there before it gets dark!

Then Opie and Anthony were saying that it's a nice city during the day but at night you gotta leave and the Probabtion guy said that it's always dark in Newark!

Is Newark really that bad? And were do the Portuguese fit in in all of this?
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Actually I'm going to that O & A Softball game at the Newark Bears Stadium. Those guys are whacked.

As far as Newark, it has it's sections. It's got the Down Neck section (Ironbound) where it used to be all Portuguese, mixed with some Italian and Polish. Now the demographics have changed, there's still a very large Portuguese feel to it, partly because of the Portuguese business', but population wise it's a good mixture of Brazilian, South and Central American, and Portuguese.

I grew up in Newark. I've never been mugged or robbed, although my car was stolen once, it was in Jersey city. Never Newark.

Newark in general declined after the 60's and through the 80's. However it's coming back strong. There's a certain renaissance to it, and they might even build an Arena there for the NETS and the Devils.

However, you don't want to get lost in the Central and South Wards of the City. Those are the war zones. THe other areas aren't so bad. Down Neck though is the jewel of this city.
Yeah Opie and Anthony worked on a station here in Boston but they got fired for playing a April fool's joke. They said that the Mayor of Boston Menino was killed in a skiing accident and his family heard it and thought it was true so they was fired by 107.3!

...and now they are on 104.1 which were 107.3 biggest rivals and O and A used to talk so much sh!t about 104.1! It was actually good though cuz now O and A has blown up ever since they moved to NYC! Now they are on all over the country!
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