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Osterc to leave soon

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ostec said he will leave Israel on May 9 and will never come back he is going for a training camp with slovenia, what u think?
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Well we aren't really surprised are we? Those of us who aren't Israeli might regard Osterc as some high profile star due to his quite amazing record in the UEFA Cup, but apart from that Osterc did absolutely nothing in the Israeli league and never really gave much of himself to Hapoel's battle in the league. I mean the guy scored one league goal during the whole season... I don't wanna offend Osterc or his Slovenian fans here, but in my opinion Osterc was as selfish as possible; keeping himself for the games in Europe in order to help himself finding a team in Europe and save energy when it comes to the 'minor league games' in some small league. Osterc was never a real star in the Israeli league, sadly or oddly enough.
I wouldn't be damnded if he left..........

Infact, i don't really see why he should be here in the first place...he never really played that well, when it comes to scoring for Hapoel in the Liga, but when he was in the UEFA cup he was okay.

I guess its time to get another player perhaps.....He kinda looks old if you ask me! :) and let Slovenia suffer in the World Cup too! :D
Osterc should go home, ever since the Milan the guy is just getting more and more on my nerves. He wants to leave May 9th, as far as I care he can go home now, April 28th.

Kappa, Osterc might look old, but he is only 25 years old, which is younger than most of the foreigners in the league.
He's Bald!!!! And he looks like a Half Grozini/Half Cavkasi....

anyways, its not my fault he doesn't like Hapoel..... :) Then again, wait another 3 years and see how people turn there backs against the Hapoel team. Today they are the most loved team (like beitar was in 98) and then they turn into an.......

HAPOEL BEIT SHEAN!!!! :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Hapoel the most loved team???? Once again you prove your ignorance. Don't worry buddy, see how everybody turns their back on your team when they get relegated.
only you would thing of mocking me wrong! :)

Truth of the matter is, that Beitar will not get relegated!!! :D There a new campaign going on right now if you didn't see "YERUSHALIM LO TERED" it states and we will not get eliminated. Surely, we will try out best the nest 4 games, but these 4 games are everything to us!

And hopefully as my schedule goes this is what will happen:

now: Beitar will finish out of relegation in 10 or 11th spot..and fix up there team a little bit and get some new faces.

Next year: will be in 1st place, get the CL we needed

following year: Play in the most prestige feilds..... :) you'll see the best games and you'll be jealous of them.....

they will be:

Bayern Munich vs. Beitar
PSG vs. Beitar
Man Utd. Vs. Beitar
R. Madrid vs. Beitar :)

call it insane but thats what we will get!!! :) ITS OUR FUTURE AND OUR DREAM! :D!!!

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Someone has been having a lot of we dreams :tongue:
Just for your knowledge (which once again shows it's really not much), 11th spot is relegation.
I ....i ment 9th or 10th sport :D sorry

forget milan osterc, the only thing he does was a good job in the uefa cup season (chelsea, parma, lokomotive moskva, and parma)
but that was it. In the ligat ha'el he didn't do anything. i heared that he got offers from some italian teams like leece and perugia?
bye milan, it was a nice time

your right. Milan Ostrec never really tried hard to over come or persue his means in Hapoel's Liga a'hal. He hardly ever scored, i don't remember how many he scored in the Leauge but im assuming somewhere between 2/3 of a dozen goals, maybe?

Whereas when he palyed in UEFA cup, i think he almost scored every game. From a statistical point, how can such a team like Hapoel having Milan, Gershon and Illan Bachar moved to another team be able to persue a magnficant victory like they did this year?
Up to the game against Milan, Osterc has scored in every field he played in the UEFA Cup, totalling 7 goals.

As for the league, you are way off in your number, Osterc scored only one goal!

So does that mean that Ostrec is a 2-time loser, a whinner and a lazy player...or does it mean that him and the other slovenia wankers, have a tough time competing in the most ruffest leauge ever....The Israeli leauge!

In the mean time, when he comes back to Tel Aviv, i hope we can give him an Ankle injury in the EURO qualifier we will be having soon :) that would be great!

My predictions to the game are;
Slovenia 0
Israel 3 Berkovic (2), Mirzrahi
Osterc won't be playing anymore time this season, so an ankle injury doesn't look like anything that will happen.
Last season he scored 9 goals by the way.
How long was Ostec playing for Hapoel now? What team did he play before hand as well??? and how much is he getting paid?
This is his second season. Before that he played in Hercules of the Spanish 2nd division. I have no clue how much he is getting paid, either way it is too much.
So do you think that due to his overwhelmingly success he would get bigger, better offers and paid more because of what Hapoel has been threw?


Why wouldn't a team like Mac. Haifa just buy him?
No team in Israel will want to buy a player like Osterc after he showed how arrogant he is. Osterc's problem of going to a top league in Europe is due to the fact of the lack of success in the league that he had.
so you think that after his bungle with Hapoel, he pretty much hates the club and politicly speaking the country as well??

I just feel that he showed good stuff in UEFA and i was really impress, but to have him score so little and than to waive out the last few games is not the right thing to do.

Who can replace a player like Ostrec if Hapoel was planning on succeeding next year to UEFA again?
The guy missed so many chances it is not a joke. If he was to score a small fraction of his chances he would have scored at least 10 goals and we probably would've been even to Haifa in the fight. He didn't score, and then he started faking injuries during league time. He gave us sh!t so we told him that we're not taking any sh!t. That's why he's benched and as far as me and most of the fans care he can go home.

Osterc stated in March that he will not play again in Israel, I'm not sure for the reason but I think it is related to the fact that Hapoel didn't give his sh!t go through.

As for replacements, I personally think we have enough forwards in the team as it is. However Kashtan is following a Hungarian forward named Vagner who actually scored 2 goals in the Hungarian Cup final on Wednesday and gave his team the cup.
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