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River Plate wants Ariel Ortega, Parma wants to sell him,
the agent of the player wants to keep him in Italy: these
are the starting positions for a deal which have great
chances to be closed in a positive way.

The experience of Ortega with Parma is surely over.
Bought last summer from Sampdoria for almost 30 billion
lire (€15.5m) to replace Juan Sebastian Veron, he was
figured out as one of the main cause for the failure
season of Parma. In Serie A he just collected 18
appearances and scored 3 goals.

The position of Antonio Caliendo, his agent, is that to
make him move to Napoli, just a step far from Serie A. And
the player already said he is available to play in the former
club of Diego Armando Maradona.

But obviously Parma is working for a deal which can be
more interesting for the itself. As reported by 'La Gazzetta
dello Sport', River Plate, where Ortega played till 1997,
met the player in last days and decided to try to take him
back, according the will of the Argentina international.
What the South American club offers is a loan swap for an
year with Pablo Cesar Aimar, attacking midfielder, in
previous months already on the market list of Parma.

The only obstacle to this negotiation is that River owns
Aimar jointly to his agent Gustavo Mascardi: it will be up
to him to decide if to agree this deal.
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