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Open letter to Riccadinho

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Respected members of the Devilhood :devil:

Take your time, plenty of time, all the time in the world, take as long as it takes.
What I'm asking you to do is to write an open letter to Riccardinho Kaka on what you felt the very second you received info that he would not sign for Manchester City.

Please just right your letter and avoid further comments.
I will see that all the open letters be hand delivered to him.

Bear in mind that he indeed refused the outrageous offer forwarded by the Sheikh, and that he was in tears after Milan vs Fiorentina and last night after the whole affair became history.
The whole deal was "killed" by the fans and Kaka himself, since the mega offer was an offer that the club could not refuse, given the unrealistic proportion. Even Moratti yesterday stated "no comment" if he was to receive a similar offer for Ibra.

Forza Ricardinho :heart:
Forza Milan :heart:

P.S. The letter should be written in either English, Italian or Portuguese and don't make it a one liner. As said, take your time, you have plenty.
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i thought it was quite good actually my friends, very close to the truth. there was a lot of drama, like hollywood level with the tears, twists and turns etc involved in this non-transfer.

anyway we are happy you stayed ricky, thank you my friend

PS: loved the comments of cook, the chairman of city: milan bottled it, but its not the end of the world. we will sign players of that quality, we may have missed out on kaka but we have bellamy:howler:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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