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From today's newspaper "Il Messaggero".

Interview with Lazio president Sergio Cragnotti.

Question: President Cragnotti, so far Lazio have bought only Lòpez and Baronio.
Answer: Two important buys, but that's just the beginning.

Q: Roma have signed Batistuta, the best forward in the world.
A: A great signing, but I don't think it's a good bargain, if you consider the fee that Roma president Sensi had to pay and Batistuta's age. I should have brought the Argentinian striker to Lazio, but when you give 6 million dollars a season to a footballer, all the rest of the team ask for a pay rise and this ruin the harmony in the dressing room.

Q: With Batistuta, Emerson and Samuel, Roma have got closer to Lazio.
A: But we are still the strongest team, we have just won the scudetto and we'll be the team to beat in the next championship. This squad has been built to win and has a great future.

Q: Very high fees and wages, transfers become harder and harder.
A: If things go on like that, I wonder where we will end up. Evryone wants to buy the best players around, but you have to take into account also the budget you have, especially those clubs that float in the Stock Exchange. Never forget the reality: investing is a good thing, but it must be done cleverly and without doing crazy things.

Q: Crespo, Rivaldo, Vieri: Lazio are looking for a top-class forward.
A: Almost surely we will get one of these three strikers. Lazio don't need any revolution, but only some important finishing touches. Crespo is young and strong, we will see if we manage to take him. We will meet Barcelona in the next days to try to persuade them to sell the Golden Ball winners. Vieri is a very good striker, despite this unlucky season. At Lazio, Cristian has done very well, has showed to be a great player, I can't understand what's happened to him this season at Inter. But you must not underrate the buy of Claudio Lòpez, a player who will amaze you.

Q: To get these players, Lazio will have to sell a few important players: Almeyda, Conceiçao, Salas, *****, Stankovic.
A: That's how transfer market goes. No club sell their best players without getting worthy exchanges. But one thing must be clear: we will sell our players, who are very much in demand, only if we will get our target players.

Q: Lazio are also looking for a goalkeeper.
A: Parma don't want to sell Buffon. We have tried evry way to get him, without any result. We have begun negotiations with Inter for Peruzzi and Frey: we will see how this deal goes on. And then we have Marchegiani. Lazio's transfer market has just started and, you will see, in the end we will build a stronger team.

Q: Eriksson's contract will expire next year.
A: I'm ready to extend it, soon we will begin to talk about it.

Q: And the youth team?
A: It must be improved. I can't believe that in the last ten years only Nesta and Di Vaio have come out of our youth team. Lazio need other young aces, we have the resources and we must make a better use of them.

To Mattias: if you want, you know what to do…


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I really dont' know what this is in regards too. BUT INTER has a meeting with Lazio this thursday and friday to discuss strategy movements..
Does anyone know what the deal is..??

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I've missed too many things during the vacation... I just read all the news this morning... and I just found out that Crespo said that he wants to move to Lazio, but then he wanted to be forgiven because said that :) :) :) :)

Mattias, it seems there is no exact future for each player, it is so different with last season calcio-mercato, isn't it ? or maybe it just me who feel this way ....

Starting with Batigol's tranfer, then Vieri to Lazio, Almeyda to Inter, Salas to Inter/Chelsea, Zola to Napoli/Fenerbahce, Angel to Lazio, Frey/Peruzzi to Lazio, Taibi to Napoli, then the last one and the biggest (for me) Veron to Inter ?!!

Honestly, these things are so confuing, Cragnotti looks like doesn't have any commitment to keep his best/great/important players... that makes the players uncomfortable, that's why Veron said that he gonna leave (even then Cragnotti neutralized that inconvinience)....

What do you think ?

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I noticed that Cragnotti didn't refer directly to Rivaldo in his
answer to the question about (potential) new strikers. He spoke
about Vieri and Crespo but not about Rivaldo.

Could this mean Cragnotti isn't considering Rivaldo anymore??

Lets hope so... :)
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