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hi guys

i tell u guys we need to write a letter a one letter and write our name in the end of the letter to send it to inter.it or who can send it to moratti i hope

we want one of us who know more english or italian to write it for us -- who can ? ? ? ?? ? ?

for me i want in this letter these points to add

- as an inter fan im so proud of our players and whatever happent we stell love them and have faith in t hem

- we hope for all the inter's players who will go to world cup a great luck and we will support all of them what ever the national team they play

- we support ronaldo and we stell have faith he can back the best player in the world

- we wish our best players like ronaldo . veiri , recoba , toldo and zanitti to stay in the team

these is the points i want to add everyone give us points and then the guy who will write the letter take the important points and write the letter in english or italy and wrte it here and we will sign it in our real names and then send it one time to inter. it
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