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Olympiakos and PAOK coaches open their papers

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Olympiakos coach Giannis Mantzourakis prefers a 4-4-2 formation.

1st team
_________________Ze Elias_________________

2nd team
____________Alvez___Alexandris (Ofori-Quaye)_

It is probable that one more central defender will be added as well as the young Uruguyan Castillo.

PAOK coach Dusan Bajevic likes his team with 3-3-2-2

1st team

2nd team

Out of favor defender Koulakiotis and youngster Voskaridis are also PAOK's first team members.

Add more teams if you want.Cause I dont know exactly how Panathinaikos,AEK and Iraklis will line up.
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Amo, there's no way Mantzourakis will be starting with Choutos over Alvez!

Kokkalis will crucify him, spending all this money for the bench.
O Choutos vgazi matia stin proponisi!

Choutos is playing like mad right now.He wasnt exactly cheap either!
I still believe he will mostly be benched. Unless Alvez proves to be a total flop.

He'll definitely start in matches of the Greek league though. Rotation for the ChL "adventure"...
Somehow I do believe Alvez will be a flop.If he is so good why he is not in the Uruguy squad? its not as if they have a zillion forwards...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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