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Oliveira Portugal's new coach!

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Oliveira to be new Portugal manager

Antonio Oliveira is set to take over as coach of Portugal for the second time, replacing Humberto Coelho who resigned after the country's semi-final exit at Euro 2000.

The Portuguese sports newspaper Record reported on Wednesday that Gilberto Madail, president of the Portuguese Football Federation, will officially announce the decision during the next 48 hours.

In his previous spell as national boss, Oliveira guided Portugal to Euro 96, where they were knocked out at the quarter-final stage. He has also won two League championships at Porto.

Madail is expected to announce the decision after speaking with his technical committee. Although there is some resistance within the committee to Oliveira's appointment, it is expected that he will receive majority approval.

Personally I think it's a great decision. Afterall, the man does know what excellence is all about having coached FCP!
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I'm rather disapointed in the Portuguese Football Federation for ignoring my pledge to consider Redeagle as the official water boy.

How long must our players suffer dehydration, muscle cramps, hamstring pulls, vomiting and halucinations before the federation recognizes the importance of quality water boys, like Redeagle?

I'm afraid, Comrades, as long the federation continues to ignore this "water boy" factor as a significant element of a succesful run for the ultimate goal of being world champs, we'll continue to fall just short.

Oh! Almost forgot, Oliveira will do just fine. :)

Yo, Oliveira!

Who's yo daddy?
Forget being the spray boy!

I'd just like to ge me one of them, there, miracle-cure-all sprays, period.

That must be some great stuff, whatever it is. Break your leg, no problem. Just spray some of that stuff on the fracture and, voila! My only question is - why haven't they figured out how to use whatever ingrdients IN this stuff to cure cancer, yet?

And, yes! I'd love to be your assistant. In fact, that's why I nominated you to the Federation, IN THE FIRST PLACE. I figured, once you were in, you'd pull a few of your friends with you.

Well, so much for that.

Oliveira is fine, in my opinion. The guy isn't stupid, certainly he must have learned something from observing this year's team as well as from his past experience on the premature exit from the 96 competiton. The only concern is that he doesn't f*ck with the line up too much.

(But, first, we must destroy PORTO!)
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