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Olisadebe to Real Madrid

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i read this off a polish site, the star striker for Poland and ace marksmen for Panathinaikos, Emmanuel Olisadebe, has signed with Real. The deal is reportedly 95 % completed, and is worth 20 million (dollars, pounds, i dont know). has anyone heard of this because the site says it is pretty much done. when Juventus were reportedly in "talks" with Oli (thats his nickname), he was really talking to Real. A little background on him, 10 goals in 15 games for Poland. was starting for Pana and leading the Greek league in scoring until Pana signed a new manager who surprisingly benched Oli. He has been showing great form is recent games. With Raul out for over a year, and Morientes showing a lack of form (i think) i think he will be a great addition. you guys dont know how big this would be for the Polish Football Community! It'll be the biggest thing since Dudek signed with Liverpool or the legendary Boniek, the greatest polish player ever, regularly started with Juventus
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Yeah yeah... :rolleyes: ;)
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