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Zen9,it would be too easy for you if we loose the last two games,wouldnt it be?
Well,i prefer the heat!

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I know we talked about this before, and I know that all Juve fans want to win the scudetto without a playoff against Lazio (and vice versa), but ....

Earlier we discussed what happens if Lazio and Juve end up with the same number of points at the end of 34 games. We decided that there would be a one game playoff at a neutral field.

Well, if my Italian is correct, RAI reported today that the League will meet on May 12 to decide how any playoffs that are necessary for the scudetto, for spots in European competitions, and for demotion to Serie B will be conducted. IMPORTANT: RAI says that the rules provide for a home-and-away format but that the League may decide to change that to a one game playoff in light of the upcoming European competition (I assume RAI is talking about EURO 2000).

RAI listed the interested teams:

Juventus and Lazio for the scudetto

Milan, Parma, Inter, and Roma for the remaining two Champions League positions

Udinese and Fiorentina for the third UEFA Cup position

Bologna, Perugia, Lecce, Bari, Torino, and Reggina for demotion to Serie B.

If it is to be a home-and-away format for Juventus and Lazio, RAI did not say where the first game would be played, nor did it say if the "away goals" rule would apply (I assume it would).

If the League changes it to a one game format, RAI did not say where the game would be played. I guess that would be one of the things that the League will decide on May 12th.

To all of our Laziali friends: all of this is getting too complicated. It would be easier on everyone if you guys would just lose your last two games. :) :)


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[This message has been edited by Zen9 (edited 02-05-2000).]
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Who cares, as long as the best team ends as the winner at the end... I am sure Juventus will figure a way to win it.. I predict a hattrick for Del Piero next game.. All penalties :D..................................

And for AngeloB then note down my predicitions for the next round: Lazio wins 5-0 and Juventus loses 5-0... You know what I mean ;)......
So long as we win, It doesn't even matter if Juve is going to win the next two matches by Alex's penalties :)
I think playoffs are not fare, one match decides who's won it, just do it by goal difference
Last year Bolongo v Inter, bolonga won and got the UEFA spot, while inter was higher on the table, also juve was higher than inter and didn't get the spot.

OK, OK. But the heat is getting a little high right about now.

I hear that a cool front should be coming in right after Juventus beats Parma. :)

Juve won't need a playoff, because they are going to win at the end of the season!!! :) :D :)
Update: again assuming that my Italian is correct (a big assumption), RAI is now reporting that the League meeting to discuss whether to change the playoff format from a home-and-away format to a one game format will take place on 15 May, not 12 May.

Since no one wants a playoff, and since our Laziali friends have respectfully declined my invitation to lose their last two games, I guess Juve will just have to win theirs.

Zen9 why are you being pessimistic. i have a feeling that things will be wrapped up by the end of this weekend...i think that Lazio are going to draw in Bologna while we will win against Parma, i don't care whether it is a penalty or the hand of God but i think that things will be over on sunday and there will be no more talk of playoffs.
Yep, right eringi, they spend more time talking about the play off game than the two games left as if it is already decided.. I assure you its not ending in a play off game..
Now that is our poet from Canada speaking :). LISTEN to eringi; it will all be over by Sunday :) :).
Can't wait....

You have convinced me - no more talk about playoffs.


well Glen you missed where i stay by a few miles i would say, but anyway i live in Minnesota (USA) not so far from Canada though, and the Weather is much colder....
but anyway this weekend.....i am not going to say more, the games will speak.
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