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Fans at an English soccer club are being warned by stewards about their behaviour on the terraces - they're making too much noise.

Never a very loud bunch at the best of times, the supporters of non-league Cambridge City are now being asked to turn the volume down even more.

The reason: they're disturbing residents of the old folks' home next door.

"We had a problem a few years ago and we got in trouble with Cambridge City Council," club chief executive Arthur Eastham said. "Local residents complained."

Away fans pose the biggest problem - one once had the nerve to try and bring a drum into the ground.

Although he wanted to work with the council, Mr Eastham said he wished fans in the ancient university city would make a bit more noise, like the crowds in his native northern England.

The good news for the old folk is that they will only have to put up with the noise for a few more seasons as the financially troubled club plans to sell the ground and move further out of town.
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