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Maradonna inspired me as I inspired him to start a Morton game...

i put it to him that ill race him to the SPL >_>

anyhow so second div season...its well i dunno...i was like 4th for the whole season

went on a 18 match unbeten run byt remained 4th thru out....

the table had the top 4 teams on 70+ pts in the end
5th had a measely 45 pts!

with 2nd-4th getting a playoff spot..ive always been in chance of going up...

midway thru season i lost 3 important players due to long injuries
2 3 month hip injuries
and 1 10 month injury :(

my squad consists of premiership youth rejects oh and a 49 yr old gk imported from iceland got him for coaching ability really...

in the semi final i had to face div 1 stranrear
i beat em 5-0 on agg
meaning they are relegated and i get a chance to go up if i beat the oposition in the final which is helf at hampden...oh and its against Gretna of all teams...this will be a tough game...

in jan i loaned in middlesboro reserve striker valued 2.5m
Danny Graham
also loaned a defender from man u paul mcshane

i hope i win...players that i have coming in...are of SPL quality in my opinion...and not div 2...i wanna be in div 1 next season!

vs gretna at hampden attendence a whooping 15000
we go 1-0 up danny graham scores

half time 1-0

83rd min we conceede!!! :(

90th min we get a pen! Lilley converts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we going to div 1!!!! Lalalalalallalllalla

Fourth Place Winner, February 2013 XT Photo Conte
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New additions to club over years are

1st season

andy thomson - good goalscorer
brian carrigan - wkd deadball
tommy lee - gd keeper
marc kalenga - superb dmc
scott muirhead - great aml
fabrice muamba - reminds me of a very young paddy viera
porstienn bjarnason - old keeper at 49 will be 50 this season brought for coaching skills
darren ferguson - good mid fergies son
garry brady - good mid
ludovic roy - class keeper

total - 85k spent

2nd season(so far)
ben amos - young keeper
samaras - good defender
kenny cooper - okayish striker
simon donnelly - expirenced mid
david fox - good dmc
anthony grant - anoth good dmc
james smith - ok def
ryan garry - good def
david noble - good amc
frank verlaat - really good def
jerel ifil - good def
ivica vastic - experenced striker n mid
bela liles - andor may know him - good mid/att
denis berger - okay mid left
peter ndlovu - striker used to be at coventry city
edin mujcin 0 old expirenced international mid left
rob nauseb - good mid

spent nothing ;)

Fourth Place Winner, February 2013 XT Photo Conte
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some bad results in middle and towards end means we look set not to get promoted despite setting off greatly!

im now 400K in red
and im gonna need to sell some high earners or get rid or something to get some money behind me....to give another push for promotion.
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