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Official Thread:Valencia-Real Sociedad

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My,my..........aren't we "sleepy" lately around here:eek:

OK, I don't have to say much about the game...........just, it seems like Rufete and Albelda (they were slightly injured) will be available to start.....however, personally I would rest Albelda for this game and start with Baraja and Aimar in the midfield......

I hope Benitez will start Salva this time cos he didn't play for a while now and we really need him to start banging goals at last...

As for Real I hope Djukic and Marchena will be able to cope with Kovacevic in the air cos he's very dangerous aerial player who doesn't need much to prove it once again...........

De Pedro is also one of their players who can easily make difference all by himself......that's why Torres will have to keep an eye on him very closely..........

The pressure is again(after the games last night) on our side so I really hope we can once again show that we are up to it......
If we could just start scoring everything would be much easier, that's for sure..............

I won't be able to see this game aswell(they are showing Celta once again:depress: ) so I'm slowly getting into state of crisis

AMUNT VALENCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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where are all the valencia supporterd??:confused:

Real has kept the presure on Valencia but I expect you guys to come away with another1-0 victory. Your season will come down to 2 games Betis & Deport!

I just came home after a busy day for me and as I checked the result I was :dazed:

4-0!! :star::happy::cool:

Didn't watch the goals, nor the highlights.. but the scoreline is enough!

Baraja :star:, Kily:star:, Angulo:star: and Mista:star: scored the four goals :excited:

"Boring, boring Valencia............" ;)

AMUNT VALENCIA!!!! :star::star::star::star:
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AMUNT VALENCIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:star: :star: :star: :star:

My,my:eekani: .........I saw the highlights and I really can't say which goal is more beautiful than another:angel: ..........

And who can be a smart guy with a team like this:eek: ........
before the game ,when I saw the lineups and especially only Angulo as a striker:confused: , I was ready to RRROOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR...
well, I'm happy I didn't have to use my lion part of personality:tongue:

the crowd was just fabulous:star: and if there is anything that's gonna lead us to the title it's the fantastic support our team have at Mestalla......

AMUNT VALENCIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:star: :star: :star: :star:
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The Ches were absolutely brillant!
In singapore, I was fortunate to be able to catch this one live.
Real Sociedad rarely threaten our defense as we stood still.
I was pretty impressed by Curro Torres who was solid at the back but lack of accuracy in his crosses.

Baraja and Albelda strengthened our midfield by forming a "a great wall" winning crucial tackles lotsa times.

Aimar was orchestrating our attacks and creating heaps of opportunity. His Vision was incredible.

Mista had few good touches before scoring one with his left foot after comming on for Rufete.

Kily assisted the first goal, scored the second with a powerful low drive into the right bottom after receving a subtle pass from aimar.

Angulo caused much problem with his hardworking runs and was on the scored sheet as well with a delightful looping volley.

Our team did us proud yet...but this is not the end.....
Is the beginning....

5 more games to go, and if we stay focused, our team will caused the fear!


Believe or not, I named my daughter Valencia.
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It's nice to finally watch/listen to a game without having to bite every single nail... :) This is what happens I guess when we score on some of our opportunities...
I saw the goals (from ciberche). Angulo's is a beauty! Heck, Kily's and Mista's are also great goals!
Mallorca, especially after getting a big spanking by Depor, will be tough.

Thank you for sharing your game impressions with all of us T4F,
as you can see we are a small community here so every poster is a precious one........

originally posted by Ziad
It's nice to finally watch/listen to a game without having to bite every single nail...
I've ran out of those a long time ago:)
I´m really amazed by the way Valencia played, i really like this team, i wish we at Roma had a defense/keeper like yours, truly great performance by Aimar who's playing superb...

Hope you win La Liga....
I had the opportunity to watch the game live but I didn;t watch it as it was at late night in my country and I had a class early next morning....but now I am regretting it.
Keep it up Ches.....Real Madrid shouldn't win the title again:( Please:nervous:
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