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Official Thread : S.S. Lazio - AC Fiorentina

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Great to open a match thread again after a long time:)
We haven't lost since the derby and let's hope we can give one last push for a place in the Uefa Cup:)
It's us against Viola away....

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"Lazio trained today at Formello. The player went first through a tough physical session, and then they played several game, 6 against 6.

The only players who on Sunday should be unavailable are Crespo and De La Pena due to injuries, except for Nesta who is suspended.

Peruzzi has returned and although he still feels some pain, he should make it. Mendieta and Colonnese will return training with the rest of the group tomorrow. "

Viola are highly demoralised team. Lazio should cash on that.

We dont have Nesta at the back, but this should not be a problem. How many goals did Viola scored in last 5 games?
Fiorentina scored 1 goal in their last 5 matches:rolleyes: and they lost 3-0 to Piacenza last week:eek: Honestly, it's gotta be 3 points for us......
I think we should take away from our heads that Viola is a strugling team ! we have to beat them whatever their situation is ! players should enter the field as if they were playing against any other team and fight for those precious 3 points ! I am sure that our rivals for the European spots will lose some points so we have to take this advantadge !!
IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Fiorentina was the one that cost us th Scudetto in 1999. and almost cost us in 2000. as well! I almost had a heart attack when batinonno scored that free kick!!! Time for us to gain our revenge by sending them to Serie B!

BTW, utopia, Napoli and Lazio are sworn enemies, so no songs by the napoletani, please.:) :cool: :D
Milos.....it's not because I like Napoli or something like that:D It's because I LOVE Maradona. Just to improve the situation, I will delete the part saying its a song by Napoili fans....no one will know:D The song is toooooo good...I wanna keep it for some time:angel:
Well, I think it's gonna be a win for us, but with misses like we had against Lecce, it's gonna be hard. Fiorentina are allready in B, so I don't think they will be a threat.

I say Fiorentina 0 - 2 Lazio, goals by Lopez and Simeone
probable line up...


There's still some doubt about the lineup as Inzaghi is ready again after his injury and Simeone could start the game in midfield. Poborsky seems out of favour, but Castroman has done well on the right wing lately.

I'm getting pretty sick of Zaccheroni's defensive approach. Fiore and Lopez are the only offensive players! We have to win this one, for Christ sake! Don't you understand that Zac? Inzaghi is ready, so why isn't he partnering Lopez in the frontline.
Who will play there then for Deki? Cesar?:rolleyes:
Serie A Preview: Fiorentina-Lazio
Fiorentina - Lazio | News Archive

Lazio's winger Lucas Castroman (Allsport)
04/11/2002. Fiorentina-Lazio


Lazio shoot for the fifth positive result in a row when they visit relegation-bound Fiorentina on Sunday afternoon at the Franchi stadium.

The guests have been looking in a good shape lately, with the exception of the humiliating defeat they suffered four rounds ago in the derby against Roma. Quite unexpectedly, the Biancocelesti still have a slight chance to reach the fourth place, and subsequently a spot in next season's Champions League. However, in order to do that Zaccheroni's men must win all of their four matches, hoping at the same time that Bologna, Chievo and Milan will stumble.

The first step shouldn't be a very difficult one. Last week's 0-3 thrashing in Piacenza was the 18th defeat of Fiorentina's troubled season: the Viola are not mathematically relegated yet, but realistically not even four wins in as many matches would be enough for them to reach the save. Only one win in the last 16 matches is clear evidence that they have given up: the board is already planning next season's attempt to come back to the top league.


-Fiorentina: a few offensive problems for coach Bianchi. In addition to long-term injured Chiesa, the hosts will miss injured offensive midfielder Morfeo and striker Nuno Gomes. Argentinean Equi Gonzalez will surely pair up Adriano, but Bianchi could choose a more offensive solution, fielding Mijatovic from the starting whistle.

Starting line-up (3-4-1-2): Taglialatela; Tarozzi, Adani, Moretti, Agostini; Di Livio Amaral, Amoroso; Mijatovic; Adriano, Gonzalez.
Bench: Manninger, Torricelli, Cois, Baronio, M.Rossi, Palombo, Ganz.

Injured: Nuno Gomes, Chiesa, Pierini, Morfeo
Suspended: none
Cautioned (one more yellow card to be suspended): Morfeo, Vanoli, Nuno Gomes, Pierini

-Lazio: the guests will face this key match without two of their brightest stars, injured striker Crespo and suspended skipper Nesta. Furthermore, coach Zaccheroni could have to do without defender Couto, who is suffering from a muscular problem, and keeper Peruzzi, who sprained his left ankle. Simone Inzaghi is expected to be back in the middle of the offensive line.

Probable line-up (4-4-2): Marchegiani; Pancaro, Stam, *****, Favalli; Castroman, Giannichedda, Fiore, Stankovic; S.Inzaghi, Lopez
Bench: Favazza, Colonnese, Poborski, Simeone, Liverani, Mendieta, Evacuo

Injured: Peruzzi, Crespo, Dino Baggio, Couto
Suspended: Nesta
Cautioned (one more yellow card to be suspended): Simone Inzaghi


Fiorentina last 6 matches: WDDLLL. The signs of life Fiorentina showed some weeks ago are just a distant memory now. The Viola are in a free fall and didn't manage to build on a 3-match positive streak, which included an impressive win in Verona and two straight draws against Udinese and Bologna. In the last three matches Bianchi's men suffered as many defeats, without scoring a goal.

Overall: 5 W – 7 D – 18 L - Average points per match 0.73 – Goals scored/conceded 28-55
At home: 3 W – 6 D – 6 L – Average points per match 1.00 – Goals scored/conceded 15-20


Lazio last 6 matches: WLDWDW. The tough defeat in the Capital derby against Roma remains Lazio's lone defeat in the last seven matches. The Biancocelesti collected eight points in the last four contests, defeating Udinese and Lecce on their home ground and grabbing a couple of away draws against Brescia and Lecce. Zacccheroni's men have scored at least once in each of their last eight outings.

Overall: 11 W – 11 D – 8 L - Average points per match 1.47 – Goals scored/conceded 40-29
Away: 3 W – 5 D – 7 L – Average points per match 0.93 – Goals scored/conceded 11-17


-Fiorentina: Di Livio. Watching the old fighter, you will never understand if his team is winning the scudetto or struggling at the bottom of the ranking: he always gives the 100%.

-Lazio: Lucas Castroman. After a difficult first part of the season, the young Argentinan winger looks finally close to his best shape. His energy and determination could be very important for Lazio in these final matches.


Lazio simply must win this one in order to keep on hoping in the fourth place, while Fiorentina are in free fall. On the cards, this is not the most difficult prediction of the season, but even last week's Venezia-Roma was supposed to be…But differently from the already relegated Lagunari, the Viola seem to have stopped fighting, and a healthy Lazio should take profit of that.

Fiorentina 0 Lazio 2
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0:1 Lucas Martin Castroman

Yes Yes Yes:excited:

COME ON GUYS!!!!:cool:
Halftime, 1-0 up :)

Line up : Lazio (4-4-1-1): 70 Peruzzi, 15 Pancaro, 31 Stam, 24 Couto, 19 Favalli, 26 Castroman, 28 Liverani, 16 Giannichedda, 5 Mendieta, 20 Fiore, 7 Lopez. (1 Marchegiani, 18 *****, 11 Mihajlovic, 4 D.Baggio, Colonnese, 8 Poborsky, 21 S.Inzaghi).

According to kataweb, it was a very "amusing" first half with many chances.. we had 12 shots on target I think :eek: Taglialatela made many goos saves to deny us..

Fiore was our best player in the first half, as he was behind almost all our dangerous chances .

De Livio hit the woodwork it seems from 20 yards out ( not sure if I got that one right) but other than that not much danger from Viola.

Other results are all on our side for the CL spot :happy:, Bologna and Cheivo both losing while Juve and Milan is still scoreless..

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10 mins to go, still 0-1

Two subs were made, Pobo in for Castroman and Cesar in for Fiore.

elsewhere, Chievo equalised and it's 2-2 now.. but Bologna are still 2-1 down and Juve-Milan still goalless ..
Come on, Lazio!!!!!!!!

Rubentus got the lead now........
SIMEONE in for Liverani, Chievo leading now :(

but Milan 1-0 down .

Thank you, Castroman! :D

What an important victory. Has anybody seen the game and can tell us more about it?
YES YES YES!!!:happy:
We have won 1-0:cool: Milan and Bolgna lost but Chievo won:( Ronaldo scored twice to lead an Inter comeback win over Brescia:eek: :)
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