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Premier Soccer League is the trading name of the National Soccer League of South Africa, also known by its initials (PSL). The PSL's is divided into two leagues. The top league is the Castle Premiership, sponsored by Castle Lager.The secondary league is the Mvela Golden League(First Division), sponsored by business magnate Tokyo Sexwale's Mvelaphanda Holdings.

This thread is about Castle Premiership, From season 06/07-till i get tired to post in Xtratime.

The League is made of 16 teams, at the moment its currently at Round 4, for most teams. Except for Orlando Pirates since they are parcipating in ACL.

1.Ajax Cape Town F.C
Nickname:Urban Warriors,
Coach: Muhsin Ertugral (Turkey)

2.Amazulu F.C
website:not available at the moment
Coach:Clive Barker(South African)
City&Province: Durban, Kwazulu Natal

3.Benoni Premier United F.C
nickname:The Rabbits
website:not available at the moment
Coach:Sonas Malope(South African)
City,Province: Benoni/JoBurg, Gauteng

4.Bidvest Wits F.C
nickname:The Students
website:nt available at the moment
Coach:Boebie Solomons(South African)
City&Provine: Johannes Burg

5.Black Leopards F.C
nickname:Lidoda Duvha(The day will come)
Coach:Bibey Mutombo(DRC)
City&Province: Tohoyandou, Limpompo

6.Bloemfontein Celtic F.C
nickname: Phunya Selesele
Coach:Tony De Nobrega(South African0
City% Province: Bloemfontein, Orange Frees State

7.Golden Arrows F.C
nickname:Abafana Besithende(backheel boys)
website:not available at the moment
Coach: Khabo Zondo
City&Province: Durban,Kwazulu Natal

8.Jomo Cosmos F.C
nickname: Ezenkosi
Coach: Jomo Sono
City&Province: Johannesburg,Gauteng

9.Kaizer Chiefs F.C
Coach:Ernst Middendorp
City: Johannesburg,Gauteng

10.Maritzburg United F.C
nickname:The team of choice
Coach:Kostadin Papic(Serbia)
City: Maritzburg, Kwazulu Natal

11.Moroka Swallows F.C
nickname:The birds
Coach:Gavin Hunt(South African)
City: Soweto,Gauteng

12.Orlando Pirates F.C
nickname:The Buccaneers
Coach:Milutin Sredojevic(Serbia)
City: Soweto,Gauteng

13. Santos F.C
nickname:The people's team
Coach:Roger De Sa(South African)
City: Capetown,Gauteng

14. Silver Stars F.C
nickname:Lion of the North
Coach:Owen Da Gama(South African)
City: Runsternburg,North west

15 Supersport United F.C
Coach:pitso Mosimane(South African)
City: Pretoria, Gauteng

16. Mamelodi Sundowns F.C
nickname:The Brazilians
Coach:Neil Tovey & Miguel Gamondi(South Afican & Argentinian)
City: Pretoria(Mamelodi),Gautengo

You can learn more about this Clubs in their websites. Those who dont have website you can learn about them in wikipedia or google South Africa, www. psl.co.za. Or you can simple ask me, i'll do my best to give you the info.:smileani:

Defending Champion : Mamelodi Sundowns F.C

Also this teams Parcipate in three knockout Cup Competions,
1. SAA Supa 8, which only parcipate teams that finished from 1-8 at the end of the season. It is currently underway, its in Semi Final Stages, Supersport United has just book its place in the final yersterday over Mamelodi Sundowns, and it waiting for the outcome results for the 2nd Semi-final between Kaizer Chiefs and Moroka Swallows today.

2. Telkom Cup, all 16 parcipate in this competion.-replacing Coca Cola Cup.

3. ABSA CUP-32 teams parcipate in this Cup, 16 PSL teams + 8 teams from Mvela League(First Division)+ 8 teams from Vodacom Leagues(2nd Division).


Team Pld W D Pts

Silver Stars 5 3 1 10
Santos 5 3 1 10
Supersport Utd 4 2 2 8
Jomo Cosmos 5 2 2 8
Mamelodi Sundowns 4 2 1 7
Ajax Cape Town 5 1 4 7
Bloemfontein Celtic 4 2 0 6
Bidvest Wits 5 1 3 6
Black Leopards 4 1 2 5
Maritzburg United 4 1 2 5
Kaizer Chiefs 5 0 4 4
Golden Arrows 5 1 1 4
Moroka Swallows 4 1 1 4
Amazulu 5 1 1 4
Benoni Premier Utd 5 0 3 3
Orlando Pirates 1 0 0 1

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September 2006
Date Team Team Venue
9th/15.15 Amazulu 0-0 Sundowns
9th/19.00 SuperSport Utd 1-1 Santos
9th/20.00 Ajax Cape Town 2-2 Golden Arrows
10th/15.00 Maritzburg United 1-1 Black Leopards
10th/15.00 Silver Stars 0-1 Moroka Swallows
10th/15.00 Premier Utd 0-0 Kaizer Chiefs
10th/15.15 Jomo Cosmos 1-1 BidVest Wits
13th/15.00 Golden Arrows 1-0 Sundowns
13th/15.00 Bloem Celtic 1-0 Premier Utd
13th/19.00 SuperSport Utd 2-0 Amazulu
13th/19.30 Santos 3-0 Maritzburg United

13th/20.00 Kaizer Chiefs 2-2 Jomo Cosmos
13th/20.00 BidVest Wits 1-1 Ajax Cape Town
14th/18.00 Black Leopards 0-0 Silver Stars
16th/16.00 Sundowns 2-0 BidVest Wits
16th/15.00 Amazulu 2-1 Golden Arrows
17th/15.00 Silver Stars 5-2 Santos
17th/15.30 Ajax Cape Town 0-0 Kaizer Chiefs
17th/15.00 Premier Utd 0-0 Moroka Swallows
17th/15.00 Jomo Cosmos 1-0 Bloem Celtic
17th/15.00 Maritzburg United v SuperSport Utd
20th/16.00 Bloem Cletic 1-0 Golden Arrows
20th/18.00 Black Leopards 1-2 Ajax Cape Town
20th/19.00 SuperSport Utd 5-0 Premier
20th/19.30 Santos 1-0 Jomo Cosmos
20th/19.30 Silver Stars 2-0 Amazulu
20th/20.00 Kaizer Chiefs 1-2 BidVest
20th/20.00 Moroka Swallows 0-1 Sundowns
20th/20.00 Maritzburg United 1-0 Orlando Pirates

30th/15.00 Ajax Cape Town v Moroka Swallows
30th/15.00 Sundowns v Bloem Celtic
30th/15.00 Amazulu v BidVest Wits
1st/15.45 Golden Arrows v Kaizer Chiefs
1st/15.45 Silver Stars v Maritzburg United
1st/15.45 Benoni Premier Utd v Santos
1st/15.45 Jomo Cosmos v Black Leopards


Players Goals

1.Katongo, Christopher Jomo Cosmos 6
2.Isaacs, Erwin Bradley Santos 4
3.Katza, Ricardo SuperSport United 3
4.Vilakazi, Vusumuzi Golden Arrows 2
5.Motaung Jnr, Kaizer Kaizer Chiefs 2
6.Ngalo, Zamuxolo Silver Stars 2
7.Smith, Norman Golden Arrows 2

SAA SUPA 8 Results
Round 1-Quarter final
1. Kaizer Chiefs 2-0 Lamontville Golden Arrows
2. Supersport United 1-1(6-5,penalties)Orlando Pirates
3. Moroka Swallowas 2-1 Silver Stars
4. Mamelodi Sundowns 4-1 Santos.

Round 2.-Semi final
1. Supersport United 2-0 Mamelodi Sundowns
2. Kaizer Chiefs - - Moroka Swallows

Round 3. Final
Supersport United vs KC/MS

From Next week I will start to post the Results of all matches, the goal scorers of each games, the team of the week IMO:smileani:, The Player of the week IMO. :smileani:, The goal of the week score by who( I'll give the discription of it hopefully I'll be able to upload some videos:smileani: )

The other things will be some interviews from players, coaches ect.
I'll like you guys to give me feedback and Questions about anything base on the League( Players ect.). Please guys if you got time you should check player Profiles in their Club websites, Maybe later i'll give some analysis(Style of Play,Position,weakness ect.) of the Best Players In each team and the League.

.This is the Best league in the world:smileani:
You find things like this.

Watch and Enjoy.

Now its time to go back to Work.
Cheers. guys

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Thanks for the info man! I checked out the video, some impressive stuff there (especially that last goal). Whats more amazing is the TV camera's, I know in most African leagues they have like 2-3 cameras in the stadium and you only watch from far, none of that up close and personal stuff.

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Yeah the issue of Camera's in Most African Countries is bad. If you look at the way African Champions League is televised its choking man, they cant show different angles. But here South Africa the money is there so televising is improving everyday. But what i hate now is that they've adopted the english style of not showing replays of the skills, like in La Liga. Beside that they can show moments in different angles, just allmost the same as European countries. The only problem happen in untelevised games, they just go there with 2-3 cameras just to get the highlights.

On Topic.
The SAA SUPA 8 second semifinal was played today, Kaizer chiefs won by two goals to One.

Kaize chiefs 2-1 Moroka Swallows
Goals Scorers: Scara Ngobese, Gert Schalwyk for Kaizer chiefs.
Bevan Fransman for Moroka Swallows

Man of the Match: Scara Ngobese

He is 26yrs old he plays as a leftsided midfielder in a 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 system as a fake left winger.But in 3-5-2 system he can play as your playmeker just behind 2 strikers. He is good, skillful, can shoot, can pass well, but generally in 1-2s and 1on 1s and killer passes is good, but sometimes do it too much(but we fan we dont care we love him for that:smileani: ) and he still needs to improve, some expexts of his gmae especilly defending and off the ball movement, he is getting ther though since in he is gettin more involve in a game, not like when he was 19-21, Another problem he has had are off the field problems, but he is getting his act together now. He hasnt playing more often though since his new coach came and said he showboats too much:yuck:, ( the Coach is German you know even Okocha will be benched by him) and off the field problems.Hence his development/progress has stagnated a bit, since before(season 2004/2005) the Coach camed the boy was a regular and winning titles for his team(KC). Was secon best player in the Team after Collins Mbesuma(due to goals, mainly created by Scara Ngobese)

But he has started two games in a row and showed to be his best player in those two games, but the boy was still playing the same style he calls its too showy. The boy in this game created chances for his team with great skill, scored the goal and ochestrated the second goal for his team in extra time.Although he should have score two goals atleast in this game, One of the situation its when he found himself 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper, after he has drible past 2opponents and played 1-2's with Kaizer junior around the box, and found himself infront of the goalkeeper but hte keeper produce a good save, but IMO should have scored.

Worst player in the picth: Referee, he was bad to say a respectable word.:yuck:

Kaizer Chiefs: 1. R. Fernandez, 4. C. Nzama, 6. F. McCarthy, 44. S. Mkhonza, 21. P. Mayo, 8. T. Nengomasha, 12. T. Mooki, 10. S. Nkosi (25. Schalkwyk 46 min), 11. E. Ngobese, 17. S. Bartlett (31. Radebe 90 min), 20. L. Agyemang (7. Motaung Jnr 72 min)
Substitutes: 16. R. Wuest, 28. D. Spencer, 25. G. Schalkwyk, 33. D. Mototo, 7. K. Motaung Jnr, 24. D. Mathebula, 31. D. Radebe
Coach: Ernst Middendorp

Moroka Swallows: 34. G. Etafia, 16. B. Fransman, 6. B. Gugger, 18. H. Botes, 7. M. Haskins, 4. P. Mabedi, 32. T. Mokoro (8. Mbele 84 min), 30. T. Monyai, 14. C. Oerson (9. Gwekwerere 109 min), 12. L. Tsutsulupa, 10. S. Chalwe
Substitutes: 1. A. Mathibe, 22. G. Mazibuko, 8. B. Mbhele, 2. L. Mohlala, 20. M. Niang, 23. S. Themba, 9. E. Gwekwerere
Coach: Gavin Hunt.

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To post pics without attaching them, you need to get the link (right click on the pic and click properties and you will see the link) of the pic (or upload it to www.imageshack.us if its on your desktop). Then you would take that link and put it between this:


Chang the }{ to ][ and attach the link in between the two squares. I hope that made sense LOL.

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Games on Satarday
Although they are three Matches on this day, I'll only give two match reviews since they are pontential Matches of the Weekend.

1. Ajax Cape Town v Moroka Swallows

Kickoff: 20h00
Venue: Green Point Stadium, Cape Town.

Moroka Swallows

After losing two last matches against Mamelodi Sundowns in a League match and Kaizer Chiefs in SAA Supa 8 semi final, they are looking to turn the results to their favour. But it wont be easy since they are playing away in a Windy Cape Town especially since they playing at night. They also hoping to have luck in front of goals since they havent scored much goals, they've only scored 1goal so far this season after 4 games, even that goal was a penalty.

News: They are only three players out injured and they are welcoming their inspirational and hard working Captain(Goodman Mazibuko) in the middle of the park(he is a DM).

Current Record: LWDL

Ajax Capetown

Being coach by one of the Best coaches in PSL, a Coach who loves youth, he has turned this side to a quick, skillful attacking side, made by young players. After they have a great win last week away from hope in Limpompo Province, against Black Leopard, they are looking to build on that result which was archive in a difficult environment(because of the heat). Now they are playing at home, they should give a nice perfomance for their fans.

News:They got a full team, and they've even refuse to realese one of their brightest youngster for Junior National team(U-20), to show they are seriuos about this match since the boy is a starter.

Current Record: DDDDW

Key Players:

Moroka Swallows-Lefa Tsutsulupa

The stocky midfielder was a revelation for Moroka Swallows last season. Crafty and stylish, good passer of the ball, great clean tackler, he plays CM position, since his Midfield partner(Captain) is back he can assume more attacking responsibility then in previous matches, where he was played a more attacking Midfield partner so he had to sit back most of the time. His wonderful displays in midfield against Kaizer Chiefs last weekend was impressive since he controled the whole Midfield in a surpeb way, spreading balls allover the pitch. Will he give Moroka Swallowa a great win-with goals? Saturday will tell.

Ajax Capetown-Frankin Cale

Pacy, skillful left winger, great crosser of the ball, got vision, can pack a short, harworking more importantly he is a team player. Also he can score goals. After his 2goals that gave his team an Away win, his coach is banking on him to produce the same perfomance.

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Mach Previews

2. Mamelodi Sundowns vs Bloemfoentein Celtic


Kickoff: 15h15
Venue: Atteridgeville Super Stadium, Pretoria

Mamelodi Sundowns:

Defending Champions, they didnt start the campain like defending Champions, they drewed against weak Amazulu team and Lost against Golden Arrows in first two games, despite them having the best players in the league in Each Position. They redeemed themselves by 2-0 win against Bidvest Wits and 1-0 win against Moroka Swallows, although they won those games the perfomnce was not like of the real Sundowns. Just as they've thought they have turn the corner, they were brought down to earth by their City Rivals Super Sport United in SAA Supa 8 semi final, in that they they were awful to say a respectable word.
Despite having aguable the Best Goalkeeper in the League, aguable the Best DM in the league, the Best Player in the League and the most talented striker in the League, they have let a lot to be desired.

Will they redeem themselve and send warning to all PSL teams they are Back??

Team news: They have dealt a blow, by losing their inform left winger in Dillion Sherpard, who broke his leg last week in SAA Supa 8 semi final. But since they got a very good replacement in Elias Ngwepe they should not struggle.

Current record: DLWW

Bloemfontein Celtics:

The biggest team in Free State Province, got a huge following their fans are fanatic, they support their team even in Bad times, something which is rare in South African football, here fans are known as impatient. So its nice to have fans like those of Bloemfotein Cletic. They are coming to this game after having registered 2 win at home, but now they are facing one of the Big guns in the League, who are defending Championa and they are playing away generall they are known of not being good travellers. Would they make an upset of the week? time will tell since they are a good side with great players although some of them are new in the team and they still trying to gel, and they've lost some key players who help them win the SAA Supa 8 cup last season to Big teams this season. But they havent been affected that much.

Team news: They got a full squad, they are set to make an upset.
Current record:LWLW
Key Players:

Mamelodi Sundowns: Suprise Moriri

He was The Voted the Best player in the League by journalist and by players last season, he has already score a goal this season. But he is far away form the form that made him to be the best player in the league. An elegent playmaker, great first touch(honestly he is unrivaled in this department), great passer of the ball, controls the tempo of the game very well, great vision he ony lack pace in his game, but he ussually himself in good scoring oppotunities, His scoring record for a midfielder is good. He is heartbeat of the team, when he plays bad the team suffers alot. So fans, the Coaches and Management are banking on him to give them 3pts,for the first home game of the season.

Bloemfoentein Celtics: Ntokozo Sikhakhane

Joined the team this season to replace the departed Playmaker(Siyabonga Nkosi) to Kaizer Chiefs, he has prove to be a great replacement. with 1 goal and 2assist so far in the league, the hopes of AMASOKOLARA to get three points away is on him, together with his striker Lebohang Kukame.
Got great vision, can find a hole in defence in an inmaginable way, great dribbling ability, good freekicks and tempo control. He is a classic playmaker indeed, just like the Sundowns man.

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1. Mamelodi Sundowns 0-0 Bloemfontein Celtics

2. Amazulu 1-1 Bidvest Wits

3. Ajax Capetown 1-2 Moroka Swallows

1. Golden Arrows 1-2 Kaizer chiefs

2. Benoni Premier United 4-0 Santos

3. Silver Stars 2-1 Maritsburg United

4. Jomo Cosmos 2-1 Black Leopard

P Pts
1. Silver Stars 6 13
2. Jomo Cosmos 6 11
3. Santos 5 10
4. Supersport United 4 8
5. Mamelodi Sundowns 6 8
14. Amazulu 6 5
15. Lamontville Goldern Arrows 6 4
16. Orlando Pirates 1 0

[Leading goal scorers]
1.Chris Kantongo,Jomo cosmos -7

2 Erwin Isaacs, Santos - 4
3 Zamuxolo Ngalo,Silver stars - 3
4 Marcos De Jesus, Wits -- 3
5 Simba Marumo( SStars)-------3

P.S Tommorrow I will post the team of the week, I'm still trying to get highlights, as soon i get them for all past games I'll post them.

Hey Tony, what about responses to see, what I'm doing is appreciated. Is there anything I need to improve?? But I'll add more spice for sure.

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You're doing a great job bro keep it up. Not much you can add really, everything is there. Its just a matter of more people coming here and showing interest in African football!

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Yeah man, good stuff here. I especially enjoyed the skills video you posted. :)

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South African League Cup quarter-final draw
Reuters in Jo'burg

Draw for the quarter-finals of the South African League Cup, conducted on Monday:

Mamelodi Sundowns v Black Leopards

Orlando Pirates v Santos

Silver Stars v Kaizer Chiefs

Ajax Cape Town v Moroka Swallows

Team mentioned first play at home, dates and venues still to be determined.

The matches will be played on Nov. 18-19 and 22.

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Im impressed brother ... Nice work bru ..

U type all this yourself or U get thm previews from somehwere ...GOTDAMN thats sum work rytthere ...

anyway let me contribute a bit


Castle Premiership
Celtic v Chiefs
KO: 8pm, SS3

Preview - Bloem Celtic v Chiefs
Wednesday November 08 2006
The 2005/06 season was a hangover one - the season after the glorious season before when former Kaizer Chiefs striker Collins Mbesuma ran amok, scoring a record 25 league goals.

Interestingly, however, no player since the inception of the PSL has been able to claim back-to-back goal-scoring titles.

Last term's leading goal-poacher, Mame Niang of Moroka Swallows, who won the Lesley Manyathela Award with just 14 goals in '05/06, is yet to find the back of the net in all competitions this year and is even struggling to command a regular starting spot in 2006/07.

While Jomo Cosmos' predatory striker Chris Katongo has been on a breathtaking scoring rampage with an impressive seven league goals to currently top the goal-scoring charts, Chiefs' new striking sensation Robson Kilambe cannot go unnoticed either in a bid to topple his Zambian counterpart and finish as the leading goal-scorer this season.

The bulky striker, who scored two goals for Chiefs in the Telkom Knockout against Bidvest Wits University, wants to end his first season at the glamorous 'Amakhosi' as the main man and as he returns to his old team Bloemfontein Celtic in a Castle Premiership match on Wednesday night (kick-off 8pm), the 28-year-old is raring to go.

"I'm determined to make a big name for myself," said the centre forward who also played for Mamelodi Sundowns.

He added: "I have been in the country for a long time now and it is time to make my mark. Playing against my former team will be great to start making my intentions clear.

"However, Celtic needs to be treated with respect. Despite losing to Wits last week, they are one of the unpredictable teams and their giant-killing status cannot be ignored.

"We have been doing well and it is important to continue with this fine form before meeting Moroka Swallows on Saturday. But firstly, we must beat Celtic and with both set of supporters passionate about their teams, it promises to be a pulsating match."

Celtic have been blowing hot and cold this season since losing Elias Ngwepe to Sundowns, Kilambe and Siyabonga Nkosi to Chiefs, and Collins Chabalala to Orlando Pirates.

With their striking force thin, the goal-scoring responsibility has been left to none other than Moses Spandeel - a daunting task if ever.

"The four players left a huge void, but as professionals we cannot complain," said Spandeel. "We did not play well against Wits, but any team facing Chiefs is always motivated and I believe we have enough ammunition to beat them."

Preview by Patrick Baloyi

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personally, Im starting to think theyr hyping up Rotsen Kilambe a bit too much now , all of a sudden he's the MISSIAH of scoring .. really , whats he done like 3 goals ..?

Only Cheifs fans are exited by him .. look what happend to Cris Katongo, all of a sudden he's gon queit ..

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Hey guys I am really sorry for not updating this thread-my Schedule has been packed but next week I'll cover all the work I missed. Sometimes being in University is boring.

To Nahtino- Yah man I typed it all myself except last 2post where I was really buzy so I coudnt post my own analysis of games, so I just paste the sites with match analysis. But I dont like most of them since they miss lot of action, sometimes select worong 'Man of the match' etc. So I do it my way.

Thanks to Felipe about those Cup games, I'll post results, match reports next weel broe.


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South African clubs shun continental competition
Reuters in Jo'burg

South African clubs are to take up just one of their four allocated places in African continental tournaments next year.

The South African Football Association confirmed on Saturday that only champions Mamelodi Sundowns will play in the African Champions League, with Orlando Pirates deciding not to enter after reaching this year's semifinals.

For a second successive year South Africa will have no representatives in the African Confederation Cup, which is reserved for cup winners and the third placed finisher in the league.

Only 12 African countries, determined by a calculation of results over the five preceding years, are allowed to enter two clubs in each of the competitions.

The other 41 members of the Confederation of African Football are restricted to just one club per competition -- The domestic league winners for the Champions League and the national cup winners in the Confederation Cup.

South Africa now risk losing their extra allocation for the 2008 events.

Pirates general manager Floyd Mbele told Reuters their participation in the group phase and semifinals of this year's Champions League had left them with a backlog of domestic fixtures.

"We have decided against competing to concentrate on our own league campaign," he said.

South African clubs have traditionally balked at the high cost and poor return of continental competition, but it is the first time a slot in the Champions League has been left unfilled.

The draw for the 2007 African Champions League and African Confederation Cup is expected to be released by CAF later this month.


I've always wondered how clubs from Southern Africa had the financial resources to compete in these club competitions without any kind of support from CAF...well, I guess this is part of the answer.

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Damn hey .. its the whole fixture thing isnt it ...

We'r taking the European way and theyr still African time ..in some ways Im still for our old time zone shedule , atleast this way we'd be more in synce with much of the continents tournemnts ...

Look at the CAF CHamps/Afcon/Cosafa ...

we'r always at a disadvantage .. when such things happen ..

plus th weather goes a bit crisscross ...
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