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Official Signings in here

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i think this would be a good idea.

The rumor thread is very over populated, it's very hard to keep track of who is going to be signed and who is just a name that would never be or player.

So i was hoping this would clearify the transfer frenzy we are going to be involved in; the rumor thread still stands, but the official signings, which i don't think will be a lot just yet, they should come in here, just for the sake of organization and diffreciate between true and false.

If you agree to this FMs, then please make this a sticky, because it will be a whole summer's process, if you don't agree with this diea, just delect my post, ok? :)
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FIFA,I think this is a good idea!So this thread will have sticky!;)

Therefore this thread should be only for official signings for Inter next season and not for rumours.If u guys wanna post rumors please post it in the official rumors thread,thx!:)
soccer addict said:
Inter Transfer Round-Up

Harte is just one of Inter's many targets (Allsport)

05/08/2002. Inter have been linked with a number of players in the Italian press, and top of the bill is Leeds United's Ian Harte.

Nerazzurri president Massimo Moratti is known to be a big admirer of set-piece expert and the rumours sounding a possible move just don't seem to be going away.

It's no secret that Inter have a problem on the left side of defence where Vratislav Gresko has failed to convince in recent weeks.

Also said to be on the shopping list is Nantes' Sylvain Armand who has attracted interest from Juventus, long-time target Christian Chivu of Ajax, and Lazio's Guiseppe Favalli.

Coach Hector Cuper is also a big admirer of Valencia's Vicente and Ruben Baraja, with the latter a star player as the Argentine took the Ches to the Champions League final last season.
what the hell dude? Did you even read my post??:rolleyes:
Soccer adict... read the post... only official signings... can someone delete that post..

Btw, can anyone please state all the players on loan who will be present for training on the 23rd of June?
Can someone delete soccer addict, he/she/it is dominating this forum... then delete my post who has nothing to do with this topic... when I think about it, hte best would be to do this as we do in Milanmania. Have it sticked, close the topic and only open it to put in the official transfers. That way it will be easy fro everyone to see what the official transfers is and they don't have to wae trough a lot of posts.
Good idea, Mr Prisident:)

Who we have already signed until now ? who can tell me ?

maybe Mofeo ;) or Nesta :rolleyes: :D
i have already deleted soccer addict's rumor... :D

btw, good idea, fifa...i like this thread... :)
Listen Bj2008... there have been no signings yet, altough:
Pacheco (espanyol, anyone know)
Coraddi (Chievo, Im not sure wether co owned)
Peralta (Ipswich relegated, he will return)
Fresi (is he still Inter player?)
Maccelari ???
Ferrari (co owned)

So all of these will be most likely returning, and when they returned, their futures will be decided by Mr.Moratti and Co.
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The Only Official Transfer Is Domenico Morfeo (Defensive Mid) From Fiorentina...
Morfeo is a playmaker/support striker. Not a defensive midfielder. ;)
Igor-Turkov said:
The Only Official Transfer Is Domenico Morfeo (Defensive Mid) From Fiorentina...
no...he is not coming...and that's not an official signing... ;)
Morfeo's agent last said that it was either Inter or Juve, but it was almost certain that it would be Inter. A Fiorentina website said the deal was done with Juve though, but so far nothing is certain on that account.

For the life of me- I wouldn't be able to see where Morfeo would fit in at Inter though. You have other concerns, but that's only "normal" I guess, seing that Juve is hardly addressing it's concerns either...

Simply don't get this stuff.

It's a bit strange if there hasn't been any confirmed moves from Inter though. I mean- Juve has already had 5 and Roma 3 as far as I know. Mostly low-key ones, but still.
I suppose Moratti is just waiting for the world cup.... ;).

I don't think Inter will make any lowkey signings this summer. I think 1 or maybe 2 great players will be bought and 2 or 3 sold and other than that the squad will remain the same:)
Ashley Coles for left wing (defense) from ARSENAL !!

Ya !! I also think the same way !
But who are gonna be those players !
Huh !
R.Carlos !!
Nesta !!
Cafu !
C.Doni !!
i hope these 2-3 players will be Nesta, Coco, ??.... i hope also to some players back from loan like Ferrari, Adriano
i heard cuper said that we'll get 4 new players...a central defender (nesta?), a left back (coco?), a midfielder (makelele?) and a winger (eriberto? kily?)
lets forget about this Nesta saga... seems no one knows what will his decision.. juve wants him.. and lazio this lazio that.. and Inter signed him and stuff like that..

lets just wait and see what will the real deal is... i hope we get a strong defender as well as wing.. right and left..
looks like Carlos Gamarra is coming to inter... ive heard some good things about him but have never seen him play... but i will tomorrow as Sweden will play against Paraguay

From inter.it

Giovedi, 16 Maggio 2002 15:13:59
MILANO - Sono state gettate le basi per un accordo fra l'Inter e il difensore nazionale paraguaiano Carlos Alberto Gamarra. Nato il 17 febbraio 1971 il calciatore ha giocato anche nel Flamengo e nell'Atletico Madrid prima di finire all'AEK di Atene che in questa stagione ha affrontato l'Inter in Coppa Uefa. Con l'AEK é finito al primo posto pari merito nel campionato greco con l'Olimpiakos, perdendo il titolo per la classifica avulsa. Gamarra era in scadenza di contratto. Il difensore sarà impegnato contro la Svezia in amichevole e poi, con la nazionale di Cesare Maldini, volerà in Giappone per i Mondiali.
Rijkaard said:
Coco will never join Inter ;)
u never know... :D:D:D let's wait and see ;)
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