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Hey guys,

I'm quite interested in this young player from your country. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be a talented kid, and he's just 18-19 years old last time I checked. Sadly, I first discovered him on CM but i've been watching him at Man Utd and he's an amazing prospect.

How do you guys think he will become in the future, do you guys have high hopes for him? Just any info on him would be nice, thanks in advance.

Cheers :)

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Cristiano Ronaldo(Man Utd) is a very skilfull player,but manageres continue to play him in wings but in my opinion he could do great behind the striker player,he is very explosive and knows how to shoot, but he's still very young.

Ricardo Quaresma(barcelona) is another portuguese man you need to look to, this one is typical winger, he can play both wings, he's a new denilson but he's more agressive than the brazilian, he shoots very well too

Ariza Makukula(Valladolid), this portuguese striker could be one of the best in the world, in a few matches for valladolid he scored a lot of goals but then got injured:( he has 1,92 and 91kg...pray attention to him too

Tiago(SL Benfica) is a central midfielder, he has a lot of class, in my opinion he will be as good or better than paulo sousa, he deffends and attacks, pure class ;)

well these are 4 great portuguese prospects you need to look at too:)

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Ronaldo might develop into a striker, but for the time being he does better as a winger. Ronaldo can shoot, but he has an accuracy problem.

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Viana transfered to Newcastle from Sporting 2 summers ago, but because of Robson's decision to have him play on the left, he's been unimpressive, he plays a role similar to Rui Costa, which is... NOT on the left. ;) He was going to come back to Sporting for the remainder of the season on loan in December, all details were set, but Robson decided not to due to injuries, but yet let's Solano go for a joke of a fee. And so Viana is on the subs list now, and gets lucky to play more than 10 minutes a game...

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Both players show alot of promise. It's all about perspective though, I am sure a team like Man U will see more coverage and media attention then Barcelona, especially in the states where any soccer news is scarce. I saw Quaresma play at the US Champions Tour, and he was quite impressive. However I have't seen him since them. Ronaldo however, I have watched since hes been on Man U, and he never fails to amaze me. Another prodigy of the Sporting Lisbon juniors.

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yeah, i saw it at lunchtime:D

its not bad so far, not at all!

did he make any bet with Sir alex this season?:D

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He looks to be on course for 15-18 goals this season.

The youngster has a ton of pressure on him, but I have confidence in him.

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Cristiano might not have scored yesterday but he contributed in other ways and also set up Louis Saha's 2nd goal.

His assist ratio is also getting better. :)

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Scintillating Ronaldo earns standing ovation

Manchester United 1-0 West Ham United

Cristiano Ronaldo shone again for Manchester United as they continued their winning run against West Ham at Old Trafford.

Ruud van Nistelrooy got the only goal on his recall to the starting eleven in first half stoppage time to put United further ahead of rivals Liverpool in the race for 2nd place.

It looked as if United were in for a difficult evening when West Ham threatened during the opening exchanges, with Mathew Etherignton and Dean Ashton going close early on.

But United soon began to take control of the game, with Ronaldo in sparkling form yet again. The Portuguese winger’s direct and positive approach, combined with his speed of dribbling, caused the visitors problems throughout the game.

Penalty appeal

Ronaldo might have had a penalty in the 10th minute when he was seemingly bundled over by West Ham defender Danny Gabbidon, but referee Graham Poll waved play on.

Darren Fletcher dragged a shot wide, Gerard Pique’s effort was saved and Nemanja Vidic hit the post as United began to put pressure on their opponents in search for the opening goal.

The goal finally came in first half stoppage time. Some excellent wing play from Ji-Sung Park saw the Korean beat Paul Konchesky before cutting the ball back for van Nistelrooy to finish with typical precision.

West Ham struggled to create chances of their own and United enjoyed plenty of possession and further chances in the second half. Wayne Rooney could have doubled United’s advantage in the 75th minute but the striker hooked the ball onto the bar after being brilliantly set up by Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was substituted to a standing ovation, replaced by Frenchman Louis Saha with three minutes to go. Saha almost scored himself late on but one goal proved enough to stretch United’s lead over Liverpool, who are in 3rd, to 5 points with a game in hand.

Manchester United:
van Der Sar, Pique, Evra (Silvestre, 78), Ferdinand, Vidic, O’Shea, Fletcher (Giggs, 69), Park, Ronaldo (Saha, 87), Rooney, van Nistelrooy
Yellow Cards: None

West Ham:
Hislop, Scaloni (Scaloni, 67), Konchesky, Gabbidon, Collins, Mullins, Reo-Coker, Etherington (Zamora, 80), Benayoun, Harewood, Ashton (Sheringham, 80)
Yellow Cards: None

[1-0] van Nistelrooy, 45


Ronnie hitting form at the right time, can't wait for the WC.

He will own just like he owned Euro 2004. :proud:

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Ronaldo outlines ambitions

Manchester United and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo has outlined his ambitions in the game.

The 21-year-old has high aspirations and wants to add to the FA Cup and Carling Cup winners' medals in his trophy cabinet.

With the World Cup finals on the horizon, the United winger wants to win the prestigious competition after going so close when losing out with Portugal in the final of Euro 2004.

"I don't play football just because I like it," he told Sky Sports. "I play because I've got an ambition to always win and be the best - to win every trophy and competition I'm part of.

"I'll be happy when I win the Champions League, the World Cup and the European Championship. This is every footballer's ambition.

"To finish my career and be able to say I did a good job overall, and say I was handsomely rewarded for it. That's it."

The 21-year-old feels he has already achieved a lot in a short space of time and has mixed feelings about dealing with the pressures of fame.

"It was a very special feeling," he said of his international bow against Kazakhstan. "I was only 18 but had made my debut with the national squad, alongside some players I really admired and it's a moment you never forget.

"I also think it was very good to gamble on bringing in Mr [Luiz Felipe] Scolari as Portugal coach, and it's obvious I'm very happy with it.

"Having had my debut at 18 years old, for all the success I've had already, I hope to continue playing at the highest level.

"I have mixed feelings about all the attention. There was once a time when it was good to be unknown. When nobody knew who I was, I always used to say to myself and my mates when am I going to be famous?

"When are people going to start asking for my autograph? Now people do know who I am, I ask why I became so famous.

"But it's very gratifying and important. It means people like my work and admire me as a player and a person so it's obvious there are good and bad things but I'm a footballer and I'm prepared for it."

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Big Ronnie Q and A Interview!!


Cristiano Ronaldo in an exclusive interview with Gestifute Media

“Manchester is the ideal club for me”

He has been playing and fascinating crowds. Indifferent to surrounding atmospheres, revealing unusual maturity and confidence that may be surprising only to those who realy don't know him. This is Cristiano Ronaldo's first interview after the World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo has grown. You can see this in each gesture, each expression, each word proffered. You can see it in his attitude on the pitch. Concentrated, mature, personalised, authoritative. Confident. No matter how much adverse noise he hears from the stands of the English stadiums. Impassive, with his eyes only on the ball, which continues, every time, to be his best allied. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just any player. He is “the” player. For this, he is special. Because of this, the world almost stops when it finds something to talk about. It was like that after the famous England-Portugal match. It is in every one of his movements. He, “that one”, drops his shoulders, facing his enormous phenomenon of popularity with surprising freedom. The fall-out from the World Cup in Germany hasn’t stopped him doing that. His class was well demonstrated in the first games that he played in away from Old Trafford. Gestifute Media was present at one of them (the first, at Charlton) and confirmed it: Cristiano Ronaldo rose above it. He is different. The kid, who is a great player, as Ferguson said, has grown. He is an even more unpredictable, more spectacular, more determined player for his team - which is Manchester United, “the ideal club” for him. In an exclusive interview with Gestifute Media, Cristiano Ronaldo approaches all topics with a great calmness and with a lot of smiles along the way, all extremely pure, because he is still entitled to be a great kid. He guarantees that his decision to stay at Manchester “was the best one”, rejects the idea of leaving by the back door, assures us that his head is in the right place, and that not even whistles in the biggest stadium in the world would unsettle him and make him react, he covers the topic of Rooney, confirming that they continue to be great friends, expresses his confidence in taking the English title this season, reveals the new bet that he has made with Ferguson, talks about the national team and the Portuguese championship and promises to surprise the world with a new trick. This and much more. This is Cristiano Ronaldo, himself, in direct speech.

GESTIFUTE MEDIA – What made you stay at Manchester?

CRISTIANO RONALDO – The coach and the president of Manchester talked to me. They said some things to me, I also said some things to them, and that was it, nothing else happened. It is true that, before returning to Manchester, I said in an interview that anything could happen. But this was a club that gave me a lot of support, and where I have won a lot of things, and the situation needed to be analysed calmly. With the support of the president, of Jorge [Mendes] and of Alex Ferguson, I took the decision to stay very calmly, and I really think that it was the best decision.

Q – Do you think you were hasty when you said that conditions were not right for you to stay at Manchester?

A – When we are hot-headed, sometimes we say things we don’t mean to, or, at least, that are not appropriate. If that happens, we don’t want to accept that we were wrong or that some people were wrong, but that’s something which is not worth going into. What’s important is that things turned out well. I talked to the people who I needed to talk to, they talked to me, they gave me all their support and then we got back to normal, and normal is to stay at Manchester and to have a good season.

Q – Have you reached the conclusion that Manchester is the perfect club for you?
A – I think so. I have been here since I was 18 years old, the club has supported me from the first to the last minute of my career, things have gone well, I have developed a lot in all aspects, physically as well as mentally, which has all been very gratifying for me.

“I’m not thinking of leaving by the backdoor”

Q – Do you have any idea of becoming a legend like George Best or Bryan Robson, who could be immortalised in Manchester, by a statue like the ones they acquired, and that they still might acquire?
A [after a pause] – It is an important phenomenon. I understand what you want to say. To stay at the club until the end of my career… We will see what happens. It is true that I said that one day I would like to play in Spain. But if that doesn’t happen, it won’t be a problem. I am at Manchester and I feel very good. This is one of the biggest clubs in the world. My ambition was always to play for a big club: and here I am. I have been here since I was 18 years old. I have felt, and I still feel, very happy about that. I hope that things will continue to carry one in the same way for me, or even better. There’s one thing I’m sure of: Manchester is the ideal club for me.

Q – You will only leave Manchester by the front door, is that it?
A – Of course it is! I am not thinking about leaving by the back door!

Q – Which was what could have happened…
A – Exactly. But things went well. I hope to have a good season. In terms of the future, we will see later. Whether I will be here for another two, three, five, ten years, or until the end of my career, I don’t know. What I want to do is leave my mark on Manchester, leave my mark on the club as the first Portuguese who played there, to leave the door open for others, my colleagues, to go there to play one day. I want to have a good season, and I also want to show that the decision that I took when I was 18 was good, that the gamble that I took on myself was good as well, and I want to continue to demonstrate my worth.

“Defending my country is above all friendships, like the one I have with Rooney”

Q – What really happened with Rooney, in the game between Portugal and England?

A – Most people think that I had a hassle with him, but that isn’t true. In first place, I’m going to make an earlier point: throughout my career I have always defended, and in any circumstances, my country. It could be that my best friends play for other teams, but in first place I will defend my country, and my shirt. In second place, what actually happened was an absolutely normal thing, and I think any player who was in my situation would have done the same. And third, I haven’t had any problem with Rooney. He is my colleague and my friend, and we continue to get along fine. As I said, after the game he congratulated me, told me that Portugal had an excellent team, he told me to carry on; in other words, I have an excellent friendly relationship with him. Everything that was said about that was a lie.

Q – At the time it was said that you had received threats, and that your house had been vandalised. What actually happened at that time?

A – There were people who were frustrated after Portugal beat England. But this is water under the bridge, situations which were not so good happened, and it isn’t worth talking about them.

Q – But is it true that you had security on the door of your house?
A – I did have for the first few days, but only for a few days, just as a precaution. Luckily, there wasn’t any problem. In fact, I was very well received, I felt the support of the people in the street and that was very important to me. Everything else is in the past.

Q – Is it why you’re moving house?
A – It is true that I’m moving, but that’s because I have moved house every year in Manchester. I’m moving to a more peaceful place.

“I am not going to react to the whistles”

Q – What type of preparation did you make for your first away game in England?
A – I prepared well, on top of the support that everyone in the club gave me. I knew what to expect, that is, that I would be whistled. I tried to face things in a normal way, I just thought about playing my game and moving myself away from everything around me, which was whistles and insults.

Q – I understood, at Charlton, that you were the only Manchester player to be whistled from the moment you went onto the pitch to start warming up?

A [smiling] – Well… But that was what I expected. I knew that as soon as I put a foot on the pitch I would be whistled. That was what happened, but I faced the game in a calm way. I think I played well, and so did the team.

Q – Do you think that the whistles will increase when you play at direct opponents, like Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea?
A – To be honest, I am super calm. I just want to do my job, to play well, which is why I am on the pitch, and not give any importance to the whistles or the insults. I am solely and exclusively concentrating on the game, and I won’t lose my head, basically, because I can’t harm my team. I don’t want to react in other way than a normal one. I got my head in the right place, which is the most important thing, and I am only going to concentrate on the game. What happens away doesn’t affect me.

Q – Are you going to keep a cool head?
A – Of course people take these attitudes with the intention of putting me to the test, to try to destabilise me, break my concentration and, also, get me to react. But that, I guarantee, isn’t going to happen with me, because psychologically I am fine. This is because everything is going well.

Q – After your game against Charlton the English newspapers wrote in banner headlines: “For the attention of Manchester’s opponents. Advise: whistling Cristiano Ronaldo makes it worse”. Is it like that?

A [smiling] – Ultimately, that is what happened. I hope it will be like that until the end of the season: I get whistled a lot, I play well, Manchester United play well and win. So, bring on the whistles!

Q – The Manchester fans have given tireless support in the two games that you have played away from Old Trafford. After the first of them, why did you thank them in such a special way, beating your fist on the club’s emblem?

A – They sang my song five or six times during the game. These were important moments, which I am never going to forget. I thanked them for this, I told them that I am at Manchester in body and soul, and that I felt lucky to hear what they were singing. :proud: :proud:

“The English people have been kind to me”

Q – How was your first day back at work in Manchester after the World Cup? How were you received?

A – I was received normally, by all my other colleagues. I was given just a little more attention because of the different situation which might happen.

Q – And your first re-encounter with Rooney?
A – Normal, just like this meeting today. We got along just like always, because even during the World Cup we exchanged messages before and after the games, just as I exchanged them with my other team-mates, like Rio Ferdinand. All very normal.

Q – And Ferguson, what did he say?
A – He told me to stay calm; that things would turn out fine. But nothing else special. It was exactly the same as last year, when I came back from the break. What’s past is past. My colleagues talked about the World Cup for the first few days, but after that the subject naturally slipped into the past.

Q – And the English?
A – As it happens, they have treated me well. People who have come up to me have congratulated me. In most cases they gave me a lot of support, but of course as always there were some who said bad things. I’m used to that. But there haven’t been any misunderstanding, it was, as it is, all calm.

“This is going to be Manchester United’s year”

Q – Will this be the year that, finally, you become English champions?
A [smiling] – I really hope so. I have been here three years – this is now my fourth season at Manchester – I hope we can do it this year. The team is good enough, we are confident enough, and we’re playing very attractive football. I hope this can be our year.

Q – José Mourinho and Chelsea will continue to be the big thorn in Manchester’s side.…
A – We will see... Chelsea got beaten in the second Premiership round, which was good, but above all we have to be concerned about ourselves. We have to play our game, to think week by week about being consistent and, if we can do that, Manchester will have a great chance. The squad is good enough, it is confident, and that is very important.

Q – And what about Champions League? Last season Manchester, for the first time in its history, didn’t get past the group stages. And now you’re going to meet Benfica…
A – That’s true. What happened last season was bad, it was very bad. This is such a big club that is should always be among the best. For a club of this size to go out in the group phase is bad. But this is water under the bridge, the team is very good now, we have some new players, the team has a very good balance, is more mature, and we have a great chance to go much further. Our group is open, it gave us the draw that will see us meet Benfica and, as I’ve already said, it will be a pleasure to go back to Portugal, even though I would have preferred to play Sporting. This is a group in which Manchester and Benfica are the clear favourites.

Q – Let’s go back of the subject of the whistles, one more time…
A [smiling] – But I’ve been vaccinated now. I’m going to be calm. I am completely prepared for what might happen, and I am going to put up with the whistles calmly, with a cool head, which is what has happened up to now in England, and just concentrate on the game and on helping Manchester to win. Everything else will continue to pass me by.

“I bet Ferguson it went up to 15 goals and 400 pounds”

Q – Two years ago you bet Ferguson that you would score ten goals and you ended up with nine. Last year you settled on 15 and scored 12, so this season, have you made a new bet with your coach?
A – I have.

Q – Raised the stakes?
A [smiling] – Yes, they’re raised. We bet I would score 15 goals. He wanted to bet 100 pounds and I suggested 400 pounds. I raised the bar… and there you are, the bet was on.

Q – It means you have a lot of faith in your goal-scoring ability…
A – I have, I have a lot of faith. I think this year I’m going to win.

Q – You’ve scored one, after the first round, so you’re just 14 away…
A – Two years on, this time I am going to do it. With the help of my team-mates, of course, I really think I am going to do it.

“I have a new trick to show off”

Q – This season, are we going to see a new trick from your feet?
A [smiling] – As it happens I have one or two to do in games at Old Trafford, but only when we’re winning by two or three to nil.

Q – How does it go?
A – Look, if I tell you now, in advance, you won’t thank me. Later, they will see… and they can say if they like it…

Q – It’s the same trick that you were going to show in the World Cup…
A – That is true, but I ended up not doing it. It was for the next match. But I hope to still do it this year, here in England.

Q – Is it very different from the ones we already know?
A – It’s not very different, but it is good. I think you’re going to like it.

“When we returned from Germany I thought that we were champions of the world”

Q – The national team was received by Portuguese people as though they were world champions. How did you feel at that moment?
A [smiling] – To be honest, I thought that we were world champions. We weren’t expecting to be so well received – I wanted to use the chance to give my great thanks to the Portuguese, for all the support that they gave us throughout the World Cup competition. There were very special moments, which affected all the players in the squad. We saw the enthusiasm and euphoria that sprang up in Portugal, and beyond, on television and this gave us even more motivation to show in the following games that our country, in fact, is also great. That was what happened, and the Portuguese helped us a lot.

Q – Still, was it disappointing not to reach the final?
A – Yes, to be one step from the final and then lose to France was very disappointing. But football is like that. We lost against a great team, we have to give credit to France, but Portugal showed the whole world that we have a great team, we have great players and, because of that, we were very happy.

Q – How would you classify your performance in the World Cup?
A – I think my performance was reasonable. I didn’t start at 100 per cent, but generally I was good, and the team was really good. I think that it was a good championship, and because of that I felt happy with my tournament.

“Simulating? There are many things that aren’t fair”

Q – Did the award of the prize for Best Young Player in the World Cup to Podolski leave a bitter taste in your mouth?
A – Hey, that is a long story… There was a lot of talk about this…You know what happened, it’s not worth talking about the subject. The player who won also had a great tournament…

Q – Did he win because he was German?
A – No, he won because he played well. To be honest, I wasn’t bothered. I was happy with what Portugal achieved, and I don’t go after individual titles. I would rather lift the World Cup than get the award for being the best player in the World Cup. I didn’t feel upset.

Q – You didn’t win because you were Portuguese?
A – Could be, could be. There are many things that aren’t fair. This isn’t worth talking about.

Q – I’m referring to the diving and acting…
A – Yes, there was very little justification for that.

Q – Fame is not an advantage.
A – Here in England it is a bit like that: when any player has a very good game he’s going to find a critic, he doesn’t need to invent one. For me it is the same.

Q – But I imagine that you couldn’t have been very pleased when you heard some of the UEFA people justifying the loss of the prize with the accusation of simulating fouls, and diving on the pitch…
A – Yes, but I don’t know if that is what happened in the World Cup. If I can try to explain… Could be it was in the game against France. Anyone who understands football can see that it was a penalty, but they don’t want to admit it. When things are like that, it is difficult. But this is all in the past, and people understand that football isn’t just about criticising the players. They also have to give them credit.

“Scolari changed the mentality of the Portuguese and of the players”

Q – The team is going to go into a renewal phase, after the retirements of Figo and Pauleta. Do you think that the team will keep the spirit that you showed in Germany, now that a new campaign is going to start, this time for Euro 2008?
A – With Scolari, I believe that it will. He is a coach who changed the mentality of the Portuguese and of the players themselves. He is going to carry on for another two years and that’s great. He’s a coach who has given a lot to our country and to me in particular, he has helped me a lot. I am absolutely sure this group will be equally fantastic. We can be 100 per cent relaxed that the working group is going to be very good.

Q – What new talents in Portuguese football have a chance to get into the national squad?
A – Lots: João Moutinho, Quaresma, who has been named a lot, Carlos Martins himself, Manuel Fernandes, Hugo Almeida. I think Portugal is full of many talented young players, and when they get into the team, they will be well received and will all show their worth.

Q – Can the winning mentality also be kept in the qualification campaign?
A – I have faith that things are going to go well. We are going to make each game a final, and if so we will have a great chance to take the European title.

“I’m not scared to live in England”

Q – England has been one of the main targets of terrorist organisations. Are you worried about living in England?
A – No. Manchester is different from London, there’s nothing to see. Here life is much more peaceful, so I don’t even think about it.

Q – How do you pass your time?
A – It passes, I am going to re-start my English classes, that is, I’m going to try to keep myself busy, because you can’t always stay cooped up in the house.

“I saw Obikwelu’s race on the team coach and I really buzzed”

Q – You sent a text message to congratulate Obikwelu, when the Sporting athlete won the 100 and 200 metre races at the European Championship. I know that when you were still at Sporting you went whenever you could, to his training sessions. Can you confirm that?
A [smiling] – It is true. I’ve known him a long time. When I was starting, youth teams and juniors trained at four or five in the afternoon, and before that, after lunch, I used to go to watch the training, because after football the sport I like most is athletics. It was in the centre of the stage, which was on the side of the stadium, so I always went to see it. I am a fan of his. He really wanted a medal and when he got it, I sent him congratulations for this.

Q – And you buzzed when you saw the race?
A [enthusiastically] – I buzzed, I buzzed. By chance, we were on the coach for the first practice match against Oxford, in which I would score two goals. I was completely euphoric and I just said: “Obikwelu’s going to win, Obikwelu’s going to win”. There was a French guy there, and lots of different athletes of other nationalities and people’s support was divided. I continued to say: “Obikwelu’s going to win”. The race started, he won, and I celebrated inside the coach, jumped around, very amused. This, before the game. Everybody there, my colleagues, just laughed when they looked at me. It was a very special moment, I liked it a lot and I felt very pleased for him.

Q – So that was then you sent him the message…
A – Yes it was. Then I started messing about, saying that the Portuguese aren’t easy, that the Portuguese are the best and my colleagues looked at me, they said “But he isn’t Portuguese”, and I said: “That’s what it is”.

Q – And he answered?
A – No, I thought he hadn’t got my message, but he said afterwards that he had had my text message on television, so I knew that he had got it. It’s really good that he got it.

:proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud: :proud:

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Ronaldo's brace vs Belgium last night took his tally for the National team to 17 which is impressive for a 22 yr old winger.

30 goals away from Pauleta's record, if he can stay injury free I think he can catch him, anything is possible. :hopefull:

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