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Off with their heads!!!!!!

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I couldnt post because I was away for a day...

When Brazil started playing under Luxo, I thought it was my dream come true...Finally, Brazil playing under a tough coach that emphasizes defense as well as offense...And I thought the total domination of Agentina (8-2 would have been a better score) was a perfect example of that...Then all my dreams came crashing down...

It all started with ROnaldo getting injured...I know many of you disregard his importance(Ze), but BRAZIL NEEDS HIM...The Rivaldos,The Alexs, The Vampetas all need room to operate...A LIMPING RONALDO would have never led to this utter chaos in the national team...Yes, Ze, I know you think he might be overhyped, but even that can be an advantage...THere will be atleast 2 guys worrying about him...The Brazilian midfield has never faced any real tests because they have always had very good spacing because of all the attention for Ronaldo....When he got hurt, I thought that this would be the biggest test for the brazilian mid-field.....And THEY FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rivaldo, the supposed leader of Brazil cant do anything without ronaldo...All the weakness in his game is being exposed!!!...I always thought that he kept the ball too long, but he could get away with it because of the SPACING...BUt NOT ANYMORE....People have finally seen Rivaldo...Dont get me wrong, I still love that guy..I think he is an exquisite talent that comes along only once in a while...But trust me, HE IS NOT WHAT HE THINKS HE IS...he needs other players around him to succeed....he doesnt have any great ones around him and now he sucks....When I said that Rivaldo would never be able to lead Brazil, people didnt pay any attentions...Ze, you ripped ronaldo on the national team...But I KNOW THIS debacle would not have happend with Ronaldo...I am not talking about one game...this crap has been going on for a long time now....Horrible, Horrible football...I think a loss finally opened people's eyes...

I am in no way blaming Rivaldo for the loss..I think he is just not capable of doing it by himself..I dont think Ronaldo alone would have made a difference without Rivaldo...But, Rivaldo deserves a lot of criticism...He talked a load of crap about brazil not being motivated enough...IF THIS DOENST MOTIVATE YOU, SOCCER IS THE WRONG SPORT FOR YOU MR. RIVALDO!!!!

And finally, Luxo.....I am ready to fire him....I dont care about the record...He takes this team as his personal pawn game and phucks it all up...There is no excuse for not calling Romario and Marcelinho...Ze, as for Edmundo..He is a jackass and will always be one...so, I really dont care about him.....No more excuses...No more chances...

If I dont get a soccerball with the Argies bleeding all over it, Each and everyone of you can go to hell...All of you have disrespected your team and your fans enough...YOu are not worthy anymore...STart over from the beginning for all I care...Start playing the U-23 team...At least they will show some pride there....

Enough is Enough...Finally, show some pride in what you do...Show us that you really deserve to play for the national team....Because if this continues, you guys dont deserve to ever put on that shirt!!! Prove me wrong and make me proud cheering for you...Its now or never!!!
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i'll go with never :):):):)


Crisis time huh? Its all about playing with pride. If England had any technical ability they would win every tournament. They have the british bulldog mentality and play with all their might even when they are losing. that is what BRasil need to stop believing it is there divine right to win every game.
that was your best post here :)
that's why i love the english:)
tazz , do you hate me? A Brazilian that loves England?:):)
how about an english guy who loves brazil?

i'm all in favor of throwing out the whole team and playing all the wc qualifiers with the under-23 team. at least those players realize what it means to play for brazil. and if we are going to lose to teams like paraguay, we should at least play a nice game.
man we should meet one day:)
but the u-23 no...place even Palmieras :( or vasco:( but not the u-23 they are too unexperieced, a more mature team would eat them alive falcao...that's my opinion.......
but, ze, teams like paraguay eat us alive anyway, even when we have all these "great" players with european experience! :)
Ze da Fiel and falcao:

Again, slightly off target or topic, but you mentioned the English guy who loves Brasil and the Brasileiro who love England. I refer you both to author James Woodall who wrote "A Simple Brazilian Song" copyrighted 1997 (Little Brown and Company, U.K.). He was a Limey who knew nothing about the great country or Rio until assigned a subject there (Chico Buarque) and fell in love with the whole scene even with his sunburnt body on the beaches at Carnaval. I used to to explain my fascination with the Brasileira singers to my wife who is from Mexico.
Do you know Ivete Sangalo? the new singing DIVA of brazil:) She's the hottest singer EVER :) I LOVE HER :)
Ze da Fiel, I am STILL listening to that tape you sent me with Banda Eva! Ivete Sangalo is awesome. I looked for her on the Internet, but there are not too many pictures of her. But I saw her in a magazine called Manchete that a friend gave me. Ze and Doug, even better than Ivete is the actress Giovanna Antonelli. She is maravilhosa.

Ze, tell me more about Ivete Sangalo. She's my favorite Brazilian singer. She has the voice of an angel. Whenever she sings words that sound beautiful like "lindo," "lado" or "preciso," I go crazy. Simple words, but the way she sings them it's magic.
She's from Salvador.....a terrinha!!!
She's got all that mellow charm of all the "Baianas" like Gilberto Gil sings: " Toda menina baiana tem um jeito que Deus da"!!:)
She started with Banda Eva...I remeber in 93 I went to a gig of ger she was not famous....then with the live album o Banda Eva she exploded in the country, and now she is solo, making loads of money. SHe is so GORGUEOUS its unbelievable :) I LOVE her:):)
i love her, too, but wait until you see the movie "bossa nova." giovanna antonelli is the BEST!
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