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OFF TOPIC : travelling in Nordic countries

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Ok I'd like to know where everyone at this forum has visited from the Nordic countries.

I've visited :

Fínland :
Helsinki (Helsingfors) LOL
Pori (Björneborg)
Lahti (Lahtis)
Hämeenlinna (Tavastehus)
Tampere (Tammerfors)
Turku (Åbo)
Rovaniemi (Lapland, home of Santa Claus)

Sweden :
other small places.... :)

Denmark :
some other small places... :)

Norway :

I really like Copenhagen & Tivoli it's real cool ! ;)
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I have never been in Finland

Oslo, Narvik and some small places

Helsingborg and some small places

Every more or less big city...
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Was in a car that drove across Finland at the age of 1 :)

Oslo, Ålesund, Tromsø, Trondheim, Bodø, Molde, Bergen, Florø, Kristiansand, Drammen, Moss, Fredrikstad, Hamar, Lillehammer, and about a million other places. :)

Helsingborg, Gøteborg, and other cities at the west coast. Have been in Sweden with train to Denmark/the continent several times the last years. Was in a car that drove across Sweden when I was 1 year old.

København(a lot), Roskilde(several times), Odense, Hirtshals, Vejle, Billund(and surrounding cities), and Fredericia(slept at the trainstation), plus a lot of trains around Denmark :)
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Should have stoped between Odense and Middelfart(yes its a funny name in English :tongue: )
I could invite you in for a soda( :googly: )...or a bear :)relieved: )
Anders, what were you doing in Roskilde :angel:? Are you going again this year :)?

I've been most big places in Jutland and Denmark ( :tongue: ), also Roskilde several times, among those several while I was a kid because my dad was a sound producer or what it's called :).

I've been in the bigger city's of Sweden, and I used to go there every year for a week or two to do my very favourite thing; SNOWBOARDING :strong: :star:! We used to go to Sälen, and Hundfjäldet, but now I have to take care of all my brothers and sister, so I'm going with my mates this season.

I feel it's a bit :embarass:, but I actually haven't been to neither Norway nor Finland, but I'd love to go to snowboard f.ex :strong:.
How on earth do you spell Rovaniemi? :p
Turku, Helsinki and northern Finland anyways.

Well, geez.. I haven't been in Nord-Trøndelag apart from flying over it.. otherwise, I've pretty much been all over the place.

Gøteborg, Karlstad, Åmål :D, some other places in middle and eastern Sweden.. can't remember the names.

All over really, not that it's much of it, so no impressive feat :D
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- Quite a few places in Finland

- Copenhagen in Denmark

- Stockholm and Västerås in Sweden

- Never been to Norway or Iceland, but I'd like to visit both of them one day. Especially Iceland seems like a very beautyful country.
Well, what can I say? I have never visited Finland (I really dream of visiting it one day :hopefull: ), never been to Sweden.

If I've been in the Copenhagen airport, does that count as visiting Denmark? :D

I have been to a few places in Norway, 3 to be more exact :D...Oslo, Ålesund, and Volda (where I am now), and drove past some small places. I've just visited Geiranger a few days ago :sweeteye:, and Bergen is next on my priority list. :hopefull:
woohoo, Bergen rocks :)
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