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Off topic: Results forecast here!!

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Check this out!!


You never know he just might be right ;)

I am going now to put all my money on Barca to beat Real Mierda with a "great 3-2 win".
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I got: "5-0 win! Huzzah!"


:star: Psychic Ron :star:
Do I have to say which game it was for? Well for the unhuman doubters: Barça - Los Merengues :cool:

Wow DBOY ... you got exactly my bet for that game :star: ;)
That's what I thought Bier :proud:!

:strong: RON :strong:

*Daniel, who has NO doubt Ron always hits bullseye* :cool:
wish that 1993 result will repeated...;)
He looks like Charly Rexach! :)
Emperor said:
wish that 1993 result will repeated...;)
You do that. My self I`m hoping for the 5-0 result at Camp Nou which happend the last time in 1994.
"crap game, rubbish ref, two players sent off 0-0"
Sounds like Real Madrid, no? ;)

And the top tip: "float it over to the big lad and let him knock it in"
That must be Kluivert then. :)
just my prediction.. I think 0-0.. seriously (which is good for us)

no game will be able to live up to the hype of this one... this will be the biggest game of all players lives.. every player knows that a tremendous performance in this tie would guarantee them immortality with their supporters...

Just curious.. I have never been fortuante enough to witness a time when the supporters chant a player's name... can you describe the feeling...

In america, there have been several anecdotes of opposing fans 'teasing' a player by sarcastically repeating his name over and over... and sometimes when a player is playing his last game.. about to retire.. this happens. so? have you experienced this... what is it like?

do you think it would happen if saviola scored?
Now, I've never been on Camp Nou :embarass:, but we do it all the time in Parken, my team FCK's stadium and it feels great to cheer a guy who's just scored's name f.ex. I guess it's great for the player aswell :D.

Barça's fans often do it, f.ex with Lucho, or another good example is Rivaldo who was celebrated massively after the game against Valencia last year with him scoring a hattrick to secure us CL participation, or at least got us to the qualifying phase.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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