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Off Topic- Middlesbrough

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I really though they'd be in the higher mid table this season.

I though they have the best ( well not exactly the best) midfield.

ziege, Juninho, Gasco, Ince.
Come on, these are very very good players, they should have been better than last season, but this isn't so.

so what really happened?
Can someone tell me?
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Simple, they are crap.

Ziege is a defender, Juninho tried t0o hard in a team of journey men. Gazza and Ince are over the hill.

Not forgetting they have Hamilton Retard upfront, which guarantees a few penalty misses.
their team is quite old with gazza and ince..and they both lost their form..

ziege is the only one playing well in my opinion..

juninho is doing ok ..but his form is far from his 1st season..also he is too personal and his style doesn't really fit the premiership..

the defence is crap..as is the attack..
Boro - good players:

Ince (has had a very good year in my view).
Ziege (come to the pool).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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