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Forget England-Argentina/germany/Portugal, listen to this one.

It concerns a match played between Barbados and Grenada in cup
competition. Barbados needed to win the game by two clear goals
in order to progress to the next round. Now the trouble was caused by a
daft rule in the competition which stated that in the event of a game going
penalty kicks, the winner of the penalty kicks would be awarded a
2-0 victory.
With 5 minutes to go,Barbados were leading 2-1, and going out of the
tournament (because they needed to win by 2 clear goals).

Then, when they realized they were probably not going to score against
Grenada's massed defense, they turned round, and deliberately scored
an own goal to level the scores and take the game into penalties.

Grenada, themselves not being stupid, realized what was going on, and then
attempted to score an own goal themselves.

However, the Barbados players started defending their opponents goal to
prevent this.
In the last five minutes, spectators were treated to the incredible sight of
both team's defending their opponents goal against attackers desperately
trying to score an own goal and
goalkeepers trying to throw the ball into their own net.

The game went to penalties, which Barbados won and so were awarded a 2-0
victory and progressed to the next round.

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Do you know what guys??!
This reminds me of our national team's experience!!
It was when Indonesia met Thailand in South East Asia Games...
Our defender made an own score on purpose!!
What a humiliation to the sport itself!!!

hahaha...thatwas so funny..and ridiculous at the same time!;):)

oh bodat..i think i read this article about that indonesia/thailand match...if i got it right..i think fifa fined that guy....

anyway isn't fifa going to head some investigation into that grenada/barbados match!??

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I saw the Indonesia 2 Thailand 3 game. It was in the Tiger Cup in 1998, and not in the SEA games as mentioned by bodat. Their purpose is not to face hosts Vietnam, who, despite being more skilful and organised, somehow finished 2nd in another group, behind Singapore. Singapore have always underachieved so the Thai and Indonesians want to lose the game to finished 2nd, so they can meet the supposedly weaker Singapore team.

So Indonesia got their wish, but were 2-0 down in the first half-hour. They fought a goal back but was denied by staunch defensive efforts by the Singaporeans. Not a very good idea after all! As for Thailand, they were right - they were thrashed 3-0 by the Vietnamese.

In the final, clumsy defender R Sasikumar scored the only goal for Singapore, as they won their first ever international competition. Sasikumar scored as he rose to head a cross, missed it but the ball bounced off his shoulder into goal. Vietnam were devastated (by the manner the goal was scored, ten minutes from time).

Indonesia and Thailand were fined, and supposedly banned but it seems the ban never took place...

The dark side of football, and why did I know all these? Bcoz I'm Singaporean! I got through all this s#$t as our TV stations followed "our heroes" through the whole tournament.
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