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Of course we are cheated

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To me it is obvious, that we are the black sheep in the quater-finals. I saw yesterday Norway-Slovenia. Solskjaer made two times exactly the same foul like Kezman did. First time -> yellow card, second time -> nothing. In every game you have such situations. But the refs show only red to our players.

Everyone says now we are playing foul soccer. Our players are diving a.s.o. But who got the penalty - Spain, or we ? What was with Inzaghi ?

Now SFJ is fined with about 100.000 Marks for incidents with Referee Vissiere. Was England fined, when their fans raid over Charleroi ? If Savo wouldn`t have protected him it may had come even worse. They should pay him the money.

But move-on bravehearts. You were struggling in group games but it was a tough group. You play against 13 in Rotterdam. 11 Dutch + the crowd + UEFA and Referees. But we all know what you can do with less players on the pitch, than your opponent. You already proved it. Good luck with the penalties !

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Supervic, although I disagree with your arguments, I wish to your team from the bottom of my heart to go in there and WIN BIGTIME!!!


And UEFA look like that : :eek:

And the rest of us look something like : :D :D :D
All I have to say is :

So true Supervic. Maybe there are no sanctions on Yugoslavia as a country, but UEFA and the refs are briging it to the pitch. It's ironic how UEFA said "Don't mix politics and football" when Ireland wouldn't grant visas to the Yugoslav players. Now they are the ones bringing politics to football.

I seriously doubt we will win against Holland. If we do, we'll either
A) prove ourselves wrong
B) go to semi-finals with our reserve team
Like you said, it's gonna be 13 vs 11 but even that 11 is gonna go down as much as Holland needs it. If the match was fair though, we'd win it by a large margin because the Dutch prefer us over Spain because they think we are weaker, WHATEVER! That's just gonna get them a loss and our players really wanna get back at them for France '98.

Well, I'm hoping for the best...
Boskov thinks the current Dutch team is weaker than the one they played 2 years ago in France WC 98.

"I think the Dutch national team were better two years ago," said Boskov. "They had bigger names and better players.

"But I would have felt more confident if we were up against the French, we have a better record with them.

"Holland are the host nation and that still might pose us some difficulties."

"We are playing in a very attacking manner in the tournament, we are playing to provide a spectacle for the people in the stadium and those watching television, it is better to play this way than like the Germans or the English.
SUDIJE SUDIJE kuèko stara, tebi treba srpska KARA ;);)
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