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Ode to Benfica

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You have been capricious and erratic
But when it mattered you were automatic.
Porto and Sporting thought you a pushover
But your will was unbending and
Sabry was amazing
As you defeated your rivals before it was over.
Thank you for at least having a say
In this tumultuous of all campaigns.
You may be third in the standings
But you are first in our hearts.
Viva o Benfica
Tu es o Glorioso!

Viva o Benfica!
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What the hell are you doing with your free time?

Red Eagle the Poet! Interesting! I wonder if the fellas at Cafe Central know about this artistic side of yours.


Do us all a favor, stick to Poker, will ya!

BTW, I expect yer back from Vaca'. Ye gonna make it to the game tonight er what?
I expect to publish my works once Benfica wins the treble! :)

As for playing, right now I am damaged goods and will have to wait till next week.

Viva o Benfica!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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