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This team that conformed is the result of the investigation; Investigation reviewed oceanic race by oceanic race.
I refer to the continental selection.
They are also players Oceanic race.

I incorporated great players of the Moluccas Islands, which belong to the continent and the Oceanic racial group.

The result is a group of very good players, competitive, even many of them formed part of major football teams as the French or Netherlands.

Later I will do add videos with sources and a second group of substitutes players.

PD: The Republic of South Maluku Islands team has great players as Denny Landzaat, Bobby Petta, Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Simon Tahamata. They played for Netherlands NT, but belong to the Melanesian race. Also this "country" won an international title of the NF-Board called UNPO cup

Van Bronckhorst is the son of a marriage of Melanesian race.
When the CONMEBOL chose his all stars team, they elected to Argentine Di Stéfano.

In addition there are many examples in Africa (Eusebius, Desailly, Tresor, etc.)

Case different is of Karembeu and Zimako that played in great French National Team of different years. Another good player of the Kanak race was Antoine Kombouare.

* One video of Simon Tahamata, he was part of the national football team of the Netherlands on 22 occasions. Also he made 116 goals in his professional career played in teams like Ajax, Feyenoord and the Standard Liège.
Played like a great Attack playmaker midfielder.
Tahamata is leyend in Netherlands.

* This is the official page of Jacques Zimako.
He was part of French football team of Platini.
He had the right hand leg, but played mostly as a left full back.
Oceania's best Player of the Century

List of substitutes:

* Mark Schwarzer
* Tony Dorigo
* Paul Okon
* Stan Lazaridis
* Tim Cahill
* Denny Landzaat defensive midfielder of Moluccan descent that played by N.T. Netherlands.
* Johnny Warren
* Mark Viduka


Now I did a team of all stars Moluccas Island. :shades:

This is a good team, on the same level that Suriname or Georgia.


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What, no Ryan Nelson? You're 'avin a laff int ya? I think it's a bit of a stretch to include people who's mother's are from Indonesia in an Oceania team.
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