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Obilic captain suspended 5 games...

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Nikola Lazetic has been suspended for 5 games for hitting (pushing) a reserve Rad player and threatening the ref in Nis. Looks like he can't even appeal the suspension either. This news however is double-edged. What's apparent good news for my Grobari (he'll miss games against: Sutjeska, Partizan, Cukaricki, Hajduk and Proleter), meaning the Vitezi will sorely miss him against us (meaning Zvezda & Obilic now have no chance to win the league). Unfortunately for the U-21 team he will have 4 weeks of inactivity leading up to the game against england. Considering he is also our U-21 captain I really think this news is bad. We need all our players in top form for this battle. I hope nothing else happens, but like my baba (grandmother) always says, bad news comes in threes. Oh baba, please be wrong just this once.

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Cripes, this guy sounds like a lunitec...(good news for Partizan though)

still, I think we'll beat England, their team is much weaker than ours, I beleive we will win quite easly.

But then again,
Granys are never wrong are they...

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If you loof at it realisticaly Obilic only one because they cheated
they could of played with 12 year old girls and still beaten Red Star because of Arkan.
Yugo don't need "punks" to represent their team and if I was the National coach (and I'm not :) ) I would exclude him from the National team too. You pay for your stupidities,... that's life! D Stankovic should be the Captain, cos so far he is a successful example to other U21s.

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