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'O2' Sponsorship Deal and New Kit Launched!

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what could it be?

I just saw on the official sit there is a Press Conference Friday at 18.00.

This is a strange time to have one :confused:

What could it be ?

Paddy signs new ten year contract ?;)

Nimbys have given up fighting and work on the new stadium starts tomorrow ?;)

Spunky and Fred have both had new haircuts??:D :D
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Arsenal conceding defeat to United in the title chase.;):D
Or that Arsenal are buying van Bommel and Hofland?
i just hope its good news
not bad
Are you sure that it`s not about the new Sponsor O2 ?.
New kit

So how do you like the new kit guys?
I like it actully and is pretty happy with the new sponsor. I`ve never liked that Dream cast stuff and this new one O2 is more simple, The only thing I don`t like is the white stripes on the shirt, It would look much better without them if you ask me. For the away shirt I have to say I`m pretty satisfield as well, even if I would prefer yellow because it`s more classic.
I may get the whole forum against me for this opinions but I`ll take that. I DENY NOTHING as Johnny Rotten used to say.
But ofcourse, The reason to why Johnny Rotten used to say that was because he had knocked down a few journalists or been fighting in a pub, Not because he liked a shirt :D :D
I also think the new kits are nice!

But I don't agree that the O2 is better than Dreamcast, it doesn't look natural if you ask me!

On the other hand I like the stripes. It maybe doesn't look great when you only see the shirt, but on a player I think it looks very good!

I also think the away-shirt looks good, even if the choice of colour was little strange, but it's still a great looking away-shirt!
I really like the home kit, the away kit is something different but I still like it. I think I'll just buy both of them, Super Rob on the back of the home one and Freddie on the away one.:D
Man, I was just starting to warm to the new kit, than they have to screw it all up again with the crap logo!!!! What the hell is that? It is a circle and a 2. There is very little chance that I'll be purchasing the home one. Then we come to the blue, black and grey t-shirt. That is not a football kit, that is a tshirt. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Slap a collar and get rid of the lines and I might buy the home one, but the away shirt hurts my eyes looking at it. Thanks Nike, thanks a lot.
It's the worst kin kit I've ever seen.
I agree whole heartedly!
I can't wait to see what Man U's new Nike kit will look like :D
We look like walking targets with that 'O' in front. I prefer Oakley's 'O' logo instead.
I HATE THE NEW KIT.... :mad: :mad: :mad:

I really dislike it - I feel let down by Nike, and why the hell is the away top changing? We have only had it for a year...
The away gold kit is still going to be in use, it will be the 3rd kit next season.
apart from the ugly kit with the 02 symbole and the new look. but i might as well get use to it cose nothing is gonna change. so yea, hopefully 02 will give heaps of cash to arsenal;)
don't worry about the kit,our football is the most stylish in the land :D
Many of you seems to be positive, Great I tought I would be the only one. I`ve never liked Dreamcast and Sega and the reason to that is very much because it`s too many letters. I think this O2 sort and simple enough.
i actually liked the dreamcast and sega logo better then the O2 currently in use
i think the smaller 2 just seriously makes it look unco, and its so short. makes the shirt to plain and to much red in the front. jsut blinds you.

well thats my opinion
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