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Let me ask...

if WE WANT a striker who is young, energetic, explosive, has finesse, the pinpoint finishing touch... why is nuno gomez not considered as a top profile??

if WE NEED a natural-born leader (or fighter) with a full determination and desire to reach the big leagues, to become known as a big name... why is nuno gomez not mentioned by terim so far?? (hey he runs around all day! terim wanted that! he said!)

if WE KEEP rui costa, we need big guns to match and use his ammunition wisely, we can't get henry neither kluivert, or jardel, so why not replace bati with two young stars gomez and nonda up front! with the readily available chiesa, carbone, zahovic and mijatovic (lets sell him! look at him during yog vs slo) our attack force is again enormous!

(first 11)

nuno gomez - nonda

rui costa

felipe-anderson-guti- torricelli



(on the bench)

chiesa - carbone




these are my thoughts for fiorentina 2000-2001, not championship stuff, but something worth looking at for
UEFA cup and euro champ league. afterall, we can't spend all the money reserves from batigol in one season, lets build around for few years like lazio and parma did, and hope terim doesn't misjudge things on this currently dismal team... fiorentina forever!!

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Aaaaargh!! its Nuno GomeS dude..:)
I agree that we should get him, as I said in an earlier thread. You got yourself a mighty good first lineup there too, but dont u think 7 new players in the first XI would be a little much? Well, just give them a season to play as a team and that team would be awesome.

Nuno Gomes is a portuguese striker playing for Benfica. He has scored almost 20 goals a season for the last couple of years and he's only 23 years old.

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That's a wonderful team Superfio, I'd like to see that...Great!

Excuse me.....:confused:

But this line up will end all my dreams I have as a rue VIOLA. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


Mamma Mia, my amateur team in Holland has a more solid defence. Paco sucks big time (he is 30 years old and nothing more then a stupid man-marker, these type of players aree up for Grabs in Italy as well and he is nothing better the Pierini/Adani)

Repka, is the biggest JURK on the planet, he is a rascist (did u see what happened in the match against Holland with Davids and Colina???) + he always makes a stupid mistake.

Reiziger is NOT a central defender and is not considered to be better then any other defender we alreasy have.


only one Italian in this midfield and he will be sold too probably. Come on, Guti :eek: (he is INJURY PRONE!!!! and is by far no competition for Redondo or any other midfield genius) He is not an option. Bariono is up for grabs at Lazio I understood??????????

Attack is OK but no Scudetto material.

PLUS only two Italians in it (if Toldo stays). If this is the first team for next year, I'll start supporting Piacenza.........(Sempre e solo Italiani)

Nuno Gomes, Joa Pinto and Rui Costa. With an attack force like this were are sure to suceed. We know they know how to play together and we know they all have the adequate skill, so why aren't they in Fiorentina yet?

I'm not sure about that.

Rui Costa ones had a major argument in Portugal when he said that Portugal was never ever going to win something because they lack a striker. He said we have Joao Pinto, Nuno Gomes, Sa Pinto but no one is capable of bringing a major title to Portugal. If we had a striker like Batistuta we would have had a major title already and not just one...

Portugues media reacted angrily with: "Rui Costa start playing for Argentina if you don't have the spirit for Portugal"

And I agree with him, sure these players are good but three portuguese players are too many cuz it is well known that they lack a killers instinct and Italian Serie A is stronger then Portuguese League. I doubt if these two (N. Gomes and J.Pinto) will give us a good strikeforce, especially cuz I think in Italy is enough talent.

We already have Chiesa, Mijatovic, so if we sign two younger strikers we have a great strikeforce (My options Ventola & a replacement for Batistuta)

Then I think if we may sign Zahovic for indepth strenght in midfield/attack it would be great.

Then we need to reinforce our midfield with some frsh blood and our defence, I understood that de Rosa is close to comeing to Fiorentina. I thinks thats good.

Well you understand, I'm not a fan of J.Pinto.......(understatement;)) to be more precise I think he sucks big time..............

We can think we sign some good players but look at our competitors:

Lazio: C.Lopez, Figo???, Baronio, Vieri????, Peruzzi
Parma: Almeyda,
Inter: Sukur
Roma: Samuel (best defender in the world in 2 year time), Batistuta, Balbo

It is just an indication, we need the best and nothing but the best to compete again, think realistic!!!!!!!!!!!! and you'll see that it won't be enough what you picture in your post.

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scream, i think there is some points to discuss

barcelona spent millions for dutch stars: kluivert, de boer brothers, cocu, zenden, bogarde, rezeiger... along with figo, guardiola and rivaldo... who can argue that they haven't the biggest stars in the world in one solid spanish team?? yet they fall, stumble and get kicked repeatedly in and out of spain... even notoriously down 3 goals against valencia who showed their strengths against another star-filled lazio earlier in the euro-campaign. who does valencia have?? c.lopez, mendieta, and lets give them canizares who are really 'top' stars in their squad.... to make things short and clear, its not the money and stars that win champions, its a team with determination, chemistry and like it or not: luck, that win things, so don't think stars joining parma, roma, lazio, inter, juventus and milan will bring them glory, instead i fear relegation and debt alike real madrid and atletico madrid... agree?

with rumours flying around fiorentina board of directors, i doubt the team i suggested will be assembled... but i think some solid, balanced new additions of hot prospects, determined midfield fighters and a top class finisher will bring us something to cheer about... i don't think one man can act as saviour for us right now, proven so by batistuta who said himself he would have achieved medals and champions repeatedly elsewhere with a deeper calibre team.

overall, thanks for the comments raised, at least i am calmed by the amount of supporters still hanging in there with fiorentina... i think we will achieve something in the short term, and i do feel full accomplishment in the long run

fiorentina forever!!
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