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According to reports everywhere, Nuno Gomes has been sold to Fiorentina for 12 million pounds($19 million).

It was just a matter of time, but we all new that he would leave the club. Not that he wanted too, but hey, money talks. How well he will do at Fiorentina is another story though. Playing with Rui Costa will be quite exciting to watch. I only hope that he does half as well as batigol, and here is his oppertunity to prove it.

Personally I think that Fiorentina have a bargain buy, and i hope to see him succeed. For benfica it's a great loss and who's gonna partner Van Hooidonk, i have no idea. Lets see what the youngsters will be able to do.

Good luck Nuno Gomes

F_rog (benfica forever)
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