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Nuno Gomes not a chance worth so much money

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I dont think that Nuno is worth so much money. He made a good tournament but please he isnt the half of Batistuta . He is not fast and hasnt great technic. He could score maximum 7-10 goals remember me. He is worth only the half of the money.
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in the current transfer market, 19 million isn't actually that much, as gori said himself we got more than 37 million from batistuta sale and saved another 30 million from his salary.... so we have enough money to spend on another young and prolific striker, just like batistuta joining us when roberto baggio left.

time will tell if he is good enough, but do remember, even batistuta didn't achieve a marvelous first season debutting in serie a, so can't blame nuno gomes for adjusting with his first season. then if u think in a longer time span, it isn't difficult to realise that batigol will fade away, slowly but surely... while nuno gomes may evantually reach his full potential and expectations. actually i think i betrayed batistuta now after he betrayed fiorentina... so now i can only say he got his final chance to move on to a 'successful career' but then he lost his admirers by the same token, now i will surely bet on nuno gomes... who scored against tough defence of england and france!!!
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Nuno Gomes is a good striker, worth every lira. Not a Batistuta substitute(only Vieri or Shevchenko could be that) but still very good goalscorer, much better than Chiesa and Mijatovic.
Nuno is young and enthusiastic, which I think is going to carry him places, even in his debut season. I'm excited about seeing him with Rui Costa setting him up. I think he was worth every lira, so just give him a chance. He's no Batigol yet.....but legends take a while to be created....
Come on, no player is REALLY worth the millions of dollars spent on them :)
Nuno isnt like Bati, he's more of an Inzaghi type striker (besides the diving :)), although he can also head the ball and shoot from a distance so he's more complete than Pippo.. And besides as technique is concerned, Bati was no technical marvel either. He had his strenghts just as Nuno has his. In another club I think he would have a harder time adapting, but we got Rui to help him all the way. Just like he helped Bati score many many goals. If Nuno scores 10 goals in his first season, thats not bad.

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nuno gomes is banned fm the european games for 8 months
so he definitely is not worth.
Nuno Gomes worth it.Although he is not as great as Batigol..yet...but i'm sure that his carreer in serie A will not be like Kluivert:( in milan.
and yes,he will be banned from european for 8 months,but we must understand, for he is still a young man full of emotion,Totty used to be like that full of emotion,.just give him a chance,besides it's also good so that he can concerntrate in serie A only.
A couple of things:

Nuno's suspension - young and inexperienced in dealing with officals on an international level? Yes. Trouble-maker? No. Nuno will be a model citizen for Fio. He's a quiet, laid-back player who hasn't let any of his success go to his head. The entire shirt-throwing incident was blown out of proportion, and was not done in anger. UEFA was trying to send a message to anyone who would dare question their authority and they answered with an 8-month suspension for Nuno.

Also - forgive my ignorance if they did, but did Fio even qualify for the UEFA Cup? His inability to play in the competition until the end of January wouldn't matter then, would it?

Nuno's play - Nuno has all the skills to be a prolific goal scorer in time. He definitely has the "striker's touch", but he will need some time to adjust to the defenses of Serie A (but not as long as you might think). Portugal's Primeira Liga may not have the overall talent level at all positions as Italia or Espanha, but it definitely has some world-class defences - with Portugal consistently being at or near the bottom of Europe in goals per game. Despite this defensive-oriented league, let's not forget that Nuno scored 24 goals in 1998/1999 with no legitimate playmaker in the midfield to set him up at Benfica. The majority of his goals were self-made. Also of note is that although his goal total was down last season, he didn't take any of the team's penalties, and he became more adept at creating opportunities for other players.

We all saw what he could do with someone of skill to feed him the ball at Euro 2000. With Rui Costa feeding him balls at Fio, Nuno will be good for 15-20 goals this season (assuming he starts on a regular basis).

Forca Benfica!
Forza Internazionale!

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Fio did qualify for the Uefa cup. Otherwise I couldnt agree more on your analysis of Nuno...but 15-20 goals?...lets hope so :)
Thanks for the clarification, ST. I definitely understand the concern about his suspension, then.

15-20 goals is a lot, but I'm confident that Rui Costa will get him the ball.

...just don't let NG take any penalties! I still wake up in a cold sweat after another nightmare about his miss versus Porto two years ago at Estadio da Luz.
Batistuta has score more goals in Italy than any other *foreign player* ever, he has that record... Will Nuno Gomes break that record?
I doubt it - but who could?
Me :)
did the champions league draw come out, if so who does fio play in the first round
the only person who could do that would be the great ronaldo
ronaldo will be the top
continuing the last post

of the list for sheppards pie:p, or whatever is served for dinner at your local hospital.
Ronaldo was the top striker in the world from 1996 though World Cup 98 , but he has been an HMO's nightmare since.
Think about it, if his career ended today his legacy would be a wonderful 2 year stay at Barcelona, a world record signing,.....and that's about it. No Champions League or World Cup glory. That would be to bad:(
ronaldo? that's like telling me toldo would be the top goalscorer next season!

well, nobody can be comparable to bati! and i hope that all fio fans stop saying bad things about him. if he doesn't has any desire to win, he would have stay, but if so, he is not bati and we won't like him...
Bati sucks :p Nah...I still like the dude :)
Anyways, I think the sale of Bati may well be a blessing in disguise..
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