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NT "A" vs NT "B"

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lets take a look at it

Team "A"


Contra - Tamas - Goian - Rat

Codrea / Ov. Petre - Chivu

Nicolita/Fl. Petre - Dica - Mutu


Team "B"


Sapunaru - Moti/Constantin - Ghionea - Pulhac/Nesu

Radoi - Plesan/Margaritescu

Szekely/Costea - Trica/Cristea - Zicu


feel free to compare and tell me what you think of that :pp
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I think D.Niculae has taken Marica's spot for now.
I think D.Niculae will play instead of Mutu against Russia :neutral:
I think both Szekely and Costea are currently better than Florentin and Banel :|
I agree with you... and Radoi instead of Codrea :neutral:
There are positions where the B team is clearly better than A.

But well, we have to think 2 things:

-The B squad (and the A too) is not official yet

-There are players in B squad (according to GSP) that are there due to concrete reasons, like injuries. Especially Radoi and Zicu.
Nicolita should not be in the "A" team, maybe the "B" team. Although I admire his work ethic, he is not a confident player. He needs a coach that builds his confidence and Lacatus hasn't done this well, so his value is going down.

Zicu and Trica have some potential to move to the "A" team.

+ work ethic
+ helps in defense
+ never stops running and working
+ his attitude paid off many times resulting in goals
+ a fairly good crosser
+ good at setpieces

- bad ball control
- weak physically
- little dribbling skills
- horrible finisher
- loses balls very easily


+ a lethal shot
+ plays for the leader
+ good passer (with both feet i believe)

- age
- a tad slow
- a mediocre playmaker
- a troublemaker


+ amazing dribbling
+ good passing

- not consistant
- weak mentality
- injury prone
- horrible finisher
- relatively slow
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I agree with you... and Radoi instead of Codrea :neutral:
Codrea is quality.. we need him.
Yeah, but Radoi is even more quality... I miss the Radoi of 04-05 and around those times... He deserves better.
Radoi is not what he used to be anymore....Everyone still looks to him as a leader and still assumes he is the same player he was in 04-05, but he hasn't really done anything to prove he is a star for Steaua or deserves to be on the National team.
true, hes been out way to long for me to even give an opinion, we will see in the coming steaua games, if he doesnt get injured again...
He doesn't even care about the National team...
how would you know octo?
He doesn't even care about the National team...
If that's true it would be a shame. In my opinion playing on the National team is the highest honor. Only 11 players of thousands of players get selected to represent the country. It's a chance to play for pride and honor, so if you don't care to play for the National team, that means you are only playing for money.

On the other hand I admire Ogararu's desire to play for the National team. He's a true player. The goal of a player should be to play hard to get on a good club team, which in turn will lead to play for the National team. The money will follow.
he had some arguments in the past with piturca i believe and was kicked off for a while, but he was at least glad to come back when he did but then he got injured a bunch of times, i dont know his stance now but i cant understand why anyone wouldnt wanna play on the national team. anwyays this is all just from memory but i think he had some problems with the coaching and what not.
Radoi had some problems with Piturca but I don´t think he dislikes the NT.

If that was the case, he wouldn´t accept to play for the NT anymore, at least with Piturca as coach.
maybe he disliked playing for the NT under piturca:pp
Every time he is asked about the NT, he responds with this smartass tone. "oh I don't have any idea about it, but I only care about Steaua anyway". He even declared once it's more important for him to play in the UCL with Steaua then with Romania at the Euros.
On the other hand I admire Ogararu's desire to play for the National team.
how do you know that?
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