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Now our chances at euro

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After these past few weeks, it looks like spain will have a pretty good chance at euro. The way I see it, we must win against Norway. Slovenia, with all due respect, won't be as diffucult considering that it will be raul's return and alot of goals will probably be in hand. The game against Yugoslavia will be all depend on the results of the others. The rest will be desided later.
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IMO the game against NORWAY will be absolutel crucial. Why?
1) no Raul - the best player in the world is a significant loss to any team
2) remember France '98? We lost the first - moral sunk, we lost everything
3) it is crucial as, we cannot hope for other teams to lose later. Spain must leave destiny in their own hands!

That's why I feel Spain HAve to beat Norway. If we do, they are already in the QF. If we don't I rate our chances as 30%. Sad, but true. A draw, would give us 75% I say.
I think Norway will be the toughest opponent. Norway play well againsy Italy in the friendly and the fact is that Norway rarely lose. Even when they fall a goal behind, or two, Norway has that ability to force it level, usually with that those damn long balls, which will probably used against Spain to the best of tehir ability since not that many players on the Spanish team are very tall.
You could think it will be similar to WC 98, Spain loses the first match to Norway, draws with Yugoslavia, and then thrashed Slovenia, but I think this Spain's year, at least in the group stage, they'll comfortably go through.

Without Raul in attack, it is time or Munitis, Urziaz to shine, especially Munitis has to still has to prove himself further with the national team.
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