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I think we might have something to do with this, or the ref? :undecide:
Nope. A normal manager would have shut his mouth considering that despite the loss, which was really set up by a bad situation due to an undeserved red card in leg 1, he was receiving full support of the team and owner. Then suddenly he said "I think this will be my last season". Then he retracts a day later.

Causing doubt in the owner's eyes. You cannot let your coach disappear without contingency plans. Not when your coach says he hates Italian football and wants England. He hunts out Mourinho.

Then Inter collapse and almost let Roma win the Scudetto. Suddenly mafia connections come out of nowhere and Mancini is linked to it at the center. And Mancini mysteriously, does not talk to the press at all. Is he refusing to answer questions on his future? Why does he not just come out and say I am staying at Inter? Why does he keep quiet? Is he using the Inter job as a safety and hunting for potential openings at Chelsea and Man City?

Too many uncertainties, but there are a few certains. You have the best coach in the world lined up to take over, your current coach is not committing, and he already acted unprofessional by saying he was leaving, although the club was behind him.

The choice is clear.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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