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MILAN, May 11 (Reuters) - A top Juventus official said he would prefer the Serie A title race to be decided by a play-off in the light of the controversy surrounding Juventus's 1-0 win over Parma on Sunday.

Club secretary Antonio Giraudo said that in view of the controversy a play-off would be a preferable way of ending the season.

"Our fans have nothing to be ashamed of, whatever some dull-heads may think. They are proud of their team. As far as the championship is concerned...I would prefer a play-off. This way all the insinuations would go away and we can find out who is the better team."

The only way that the title race could be decided by a play-off would be if Lazio, as expected, defeat Reggina at home, while Juventus only draw at Perugia. The teams would then finish level on points and go into a two-legged play-off.

Giraudo, in an interview with the daily La Repubblica, dismissed allegations that Juventus had influenced the referee.

"These accusations, which have no proof attached to them and which continue to be hurled at the club, are intolerable. Some of the statements and remarks have been defamatory and have merited legal action. An episode favouring Juventus is always seen as suspect in some form, while when it concerns other teams it is simply put down to an error."
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