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I just read something interesting and quite funny on inter.it

It´s from an interview with Zanetti:

"We looked at the tape, like we always do. It helps us to correct our bad habits."

Now I wonder if all the 30 players or something when watching the tapes during this whole season has screamed what I have screamed: GULY!!!!!!

I guess it goes something like this:

Cuper: Here we can see the sequence of how you do a very bad cross.

Vieri: I guess it was to me,since I never get any good crosses during a match.

Cuper: Just check the tape,okay Vieri?

Vieri: What´s the use anyway? I didn´t score!

Everyone: GULY!!!!!!!

Guly newly awake: What???

Cuper: Can´t you try to stay awake during these sessions? We didn´t made love that much tonight you know.

Conceiçao: What? You didn´t tell me and my hair that you two had sex tonight

Cuper: Well excuse me Conceiçao,but you can take your Lazio heart and Vafanculo!

Captain Zanetti: I´m sorry,but can we go back to this session anytime soon?

Cuper: Stop it Guly,not now!!! I have a headache

Guly: Okay,just bench me the next match then and we can enjoy ourself then.

Cuper: Fine! But the point was that this is not how you make crosses. First of all,the ball isn´t supposed to end up on Curva Nord!

Recoba: I need a shave.

Georgatos: You mean like me?

Captain Zanetti: *clap clap* I still think that cross wasn´t THAT bad.

Materazzi: Even I could do better for crying out loud,as I proved against Atalanta.

Farinos: Does size matters?

Everyone: YES!!!!!

Farinos: I guess that´s why none of the Valencia players scored with me.

Cuper: Stop goofing around now and let´s watch these tapes. Guly,I know that you weren´t so lucky this match,but it will improve to the better next one,right?

Guly: Yes,I had atleast two good crosses with Milan. Hahaha...I just remembered something. I crossed to Bierhoff once...Tihihihi...He missed it. :embarass:

Kallon: Yeah yeah funny story Guly. Even the players in Sweden could do better crosses than you.

Guly: That´s it! Now I will play crappy again because you guys are mean to me again!


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Bwahahahah..:howler:...good one Jimmy...:dielaugh:
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