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Now I know how he feels?

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Basically I was playing football at college with a bunch of friends, 4-aside indoors. There werent many of us so it was proper Serie A style marking, quite hard. I was in the oppositions half and was being marked tightly with my back towards goal. My friend played the ball towards me I turned the defender amazingly then passed the ball with the outside of my boot(right) to my friend who was open, and he scored. I felt so amazingly satisfied. I mean its DP style, slill out his marker for fun then skillfully find his open teammate to score the goal. I know what Del Piero means when he says its still amazingly satisfying when creating a goal like that. DP is the man, I look up to him big time. Scoring isn't everything but hopefully hell find his scoring touch again. I think people should give credit to DP for his ability to create chances for others with the amazing skills he has. He's simply the BEST.
P.S Do any of u lot have the same love in playing football?
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