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I was angry with my CM game, coz i didnt get a club job in my Italian NT game, that made me in bad mode for long time.. to get better i start new game with Pisa but i didnt get better.. i ask you for help, and you give me graet choices, but finally i choose to Play Novi Sad..Why?? i dont know!

------------------------------ Game Info-------------------------------

Game: CM4 + EP5 (v4.0.8)
Leagues: Italian (Serie A+B)+Yugoslav (2nd Division and above)+Swedish (1st Division only)
Database: Medium.
Club: Novi Sad (2nd Division North), Professional.
Reputation: National
Stadium: SC na Detelinari, Novi Sad- Capacity 6000.
training ground: Adequate facilities.
Finance: OK
Starting date: July the Yugoslav league starting date.
Tactic: Various.

anyone had a tool that make me print reports?

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As i do every time, i search for new good coaches, sadly no one accept to join my team! i've only 2 coaches, and they are not that good. then i search for old players with good coaching abitlty to get them as player/coach, i find two, one join, and one reject.
Second step ws to filter my players, who stay in first team, and who go in U19! every unwantd player go to U19 team even he id 30 years old. when i do this, i see that i need good players!
you know, i love loans! i offer many players.. they all reject! so i send my scouts to find me good cheap yugoslav players, i've only £72K..

Players In

- Danijel Radisavlj.. 18 years old AMC, i get him from Kosanica (£7K), this kid have 20 creativity.. thats why i get him.
- Iva Raicevic.. 28 years old MLC, from Majdonpek (£22K)
- Djordje Stojanovic.. 22 years old D/DML, (£28) from Car Konstantin (i think Car pronounced tsar, but i'm not sure about this), i need him coz i almost have no DL in my team!
- Radisav Jevtovic, 34 years old GK/coach, i signed him for free, just to his coaching ability.

i want Slavisa Jokanovic as player coach or assistant manager, but he keep rejection my offers! he had no club, i'm the only one intrested in him, and he born in Novi Sad.. so why he reject?!!

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There is many friendlies in my schedual, i decide not to cancel any game, coz i need to know my players.

here is my first games:

First one was with Jedinstvo Stevic (No division)
4.7.2002 - Jedinstvo Stevic 0-2 Novi Sad
Dusko Culjak score both goals, it was easy game, i play 4-4-2, i thought i've unbeatable team!! :strong:
Attendance: 90! :eek: (never see a huge number like this before :D )

7.7.2002 - Novi Sad 1-4 Partizan (1st division)
i play with the same tac. 4-4-2, 5883 person come to whatch this game (or to see Partizan players :rolleyes: ), my only goal was apenalty, Vladimir Muratovic score it in '80. It was hard game, we couldnt do anything.

13.7.2002 - Bane (2nd Division West) 1-0 Novi Sad
shoking!! my team is not good!! i must get new players!
Attendance 79!!

i search for good players to get them on loan, no one accept! players who play in yugoslavia is my only chance!

17.7.2002 - BASK (no Division) 4-1 Novi Sad :mad:
After last defeat i play 3-4-1-2, Darko Drinic score my lonely goal at '17, i tought every think will be good! but they turn the game and i couldnt do anything!
Attendance 95

21.7.2002 - 2nd D. S. team Mladost (P) 2-2 Novi Sad
i play this game with 3-4-1-2, i was 2-0 behind but Uros Jovicic make it 2-1 when he score in his own team net. then my player Dusko Culjak made it level infront of 105 fans.

i get some players on loan, in order to get my team out of this nightmare

Loan In
- Sanibal Orahovac, 23 years old AM/FL, from Red Star.
- Dejan Zivkovic, 23, SC, from Partizan.
- Dusan Cetic, 23, SC, from Mladost LUX (2nd division North).
- Nedeljko Perovic, 23, FC, from Radnicki JP (2nd D. N).
- Dejan Rusmir, 22, DMC, Partizan.
- Dalibor Mitrovic, 19, DL, Vojvodina.
- Aleksandar Nedovic, 23, AMC, Partizan.

27.7.2002 - No division team Sloga (Pe) 0-1 Novi Sad
finally i won again! the new player Zivkovic score our goal.
i play this game with 4-1-2-1-2 tac.
this was the last friendly game..
Attendance 90.

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League matches started!

the 2nd division North league contains 12 teams, one promoted directly.
there is no foriegners limit, but the team must have at least 3 U21 players in the selection!!

10.8.2002 - Radnicki JP 0-1 Novi Sad
i back to 4-4-2.. avarege game, not a lot chances.. Drinic score my goal at '14.
attendance 1758

14.8.2002 - Novi Sad 3-1 Veternik
that is what i call "good game" :)
we rule the match even i play with 10 players as Culjak sent off at '3.. Zivkovic score 2, Perovic score the third.
the board are happy, we won the Derby.
attendance 2687

after 2 games in th leage, i'm 3rd after Srem (J) and Budocnost (BD), we all got 6 points.

Now what do you think.. keep writing this way, or as i used to write before (half season summary, and end of the season sammary, if you dont remember see this )??


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some of those attendances remind me of the games I watch over here in the NZ league sometimes:) anyway, well done on two first up wins in the league.....:cool:

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Tolga said:
You guys can get 2000 to a game?!

Would you mind giving Australia's "biggest club" Parramatta Power a few pointers? :howler:
no I was referring to the 95, 105 etc figures....one game I went to, me, my dad and my mate were the only ones there until 10 minutes in.

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20.8.2002 - Big Bull 1-1 Novi Sad
We scored first, but they make it level :( actualy we had only one shoot on goal! they put us in our part, we couldnt move! i must do something next match!
Zivkovicx score for me, he's very good.
this draw put me third in the league.
Attendance 1712

Novi Sad will play no division club CSK Pivara in the yugoslav cup, qualfying round.
it looks easy game, but we most not forget 4-1 defeat to no division club in friendlies!

Yugoslav Cup
Qualifying Round, Vojvodina Semi final

21.8.2002 - Novi Sad 3-0 CSK Pivara

good game, i love games that i won :) i play 5-3-2A, Zivkovic scored 2 goals, Perovic scored the third, that put my team in the final against Mladost (something)!
Attendance 1520

Slavisa Jokanovic reject all my offers, but i keep offering, coz i want him, he must join me or retired :fero:

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2nd Division North
24.8.2002 - Novi Sad 3-0 Mladost (A)

this game we played attaking style with 3-4-3 tactic. we won over 10 men team, their player, i forget his name, sent off in the 8th minute.. that give my players more space, so we won easly, Sanibal Orahovac, Nedeljko Perovic and Dejan Zivkovic score for me.
Attendance 1805

Yugoslav Cup Qualifying Round, Vojvodina, Final
28.8.2002 - Novi Sad 4-1 Mladost LUX (2DN)

Mladost score first, but my star Zivkovic didnt accept to lose the final! he score 4 goals to teach them how to play with Novi Sad! :cool:
Attendance 3163

2nd Division North
31.8.2002 - Becej 3-3 Novi Sad

this game is what football fan want to see, lot of goals + advanture..
Becej - 6th in the league - Score an early goal at 2, but we could score the equalizer at 17 by Zivkovic.. Hosts keep pressing on my team, they do what they want, they score 2 goals at 25 and 68!!
losing is hard!! :depress:
Darko Drinic refuse to lose with big result, he plays good and score my 2nd goal at 83!! :eek:
3-2 is more acceptable!! the game almost finnished when Aleksandar Nedovic score for me :happy: its the injury time!! one point is great, after being behind all the time!
Attendance 1772

Now i believe in my players, they can win :)

i'm still searching for new good players, i found great players in Egypt but i dont have enough money :( i have only 20K to spend!

2nd Division North so far
1- Buducnost (BD), 13 points
2- Srem (J), 12
3- Novi Sad, 11,
4- Vrbar, 10.

We will play 1st division team, Zeleznik, in the yugoslav Cup 1st Round.. hope we do well :hopefull:

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Division North
4.9.2002 - Novi Sad 5-0 Srem (J)

WOW, they are 2nd in 2DN, i thought this match will be so hard!! but it isnt!
we gain 3 valueble points, and pushed Srem to the 3rd place :)
man of the match, Zivkovic, score 3, Raicevic and Nedovic score too.

Yugoslav Cup 1st Round
11.9.2002 - Zeleznik 2-0 Novi Sad

Zeleznik, the 4th in 1st Division, beat us! we are out of the cup :( hope we do bettre next season!
My players feel sad, their morals drop to poor :(

2nd Division North
14.9.2002 - Dinamo (P) 1-0 Novi Sad

3 days wan not enough to forget our defeat in the cup, the players still sad and they couldnt score a singal goal!
we lose again to 8th place team Dinamo! :(

i'm still looking for players.. i found young egyptian forward, Wael Reyad, he's 19, in al ahly, good cheap one, suit my money, but he refuse to join me :( he says the basic wage is laghable!! but i cant offer more!

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2nd Division North
21.9.2002 - Buducnost (BD) 1-1 Novi Sad

they help us to get one point coz they always shoot too high! Buducnost rule the game and score early at 2!! they realy want to keep their place at the top of the league.. but we didnt play bad, we fight, and finaly, just before the end, Zivkovic saved us!

2nd Division North
28.9.2002 - Novi Sad 5-1 Mladost Lux

i encourage my players before this game, i told them that they can win, they fight last game and gain a point, so they can win this game, coz ther are brave! heroes! .. blah blah :rolleyes: they didnt disapointme :cool:
this game make my boss happy :)
Nedovic scores 2, my top goal scorer Zivkovic scores 2, Drinic score the last one.
this win put us in the top, with Buducnost (they lose :devil: )

2DN so far
1- Novi Sad, 18
2- Buducnost (BD), 18
3- Srem (J), 16

the finance is bad, so i try to sell some players, i offer them to clubs, but all say NO!
my scout Nenad Nedeljkovic, leave me and join Loznica for £5K! :mad: so i sign new one, Bojan Djoric from 3rd Division club (i dont remember its name) for £4K, bettre scouting ability with the same wage.

At least Slavisa Jokanovic back to his homeland! he finally join me as player/assistant manager :) we need such experience player in our team.

here is mt team

Fourth Place Winner, February 2013 XT Photo Conte
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Fred Elliot said:
no I was referring to the 95, 105 etc figures....one game I went to, me, my dad and my mate were the only ones there until 10 minutes in.
football kingz? there from new zealand and play in the NSL?

what are there attendences like?

also about low attendences in the game...lowest ive seen is 2....
coldstream vs albion rovers in the challenge cup, which is a cup for teams from scottish 1st, 2nd, 3rd div, but you dont get anything for winning it jus an honour against a worthless cup

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5.10.2002 - Novi Sad 4-1 Elan
love this easy games :D, Zivkovic score a goal, it seems he'll be top goal scorer this season, Nedovic scores 2, and one by Perovic.

14.10.2002 - Vrbas 1-3 Novi Sad
Slavisa Jokanovic had his first ever goal with me.
after 30 minutes we find our team a head, we score 2 goals by Jokanovic and Perovic, but they didnt let us celebrate! they shoked us with their goal 2 minutes after our 2nd! :eek: we cant lose points easly! Perovic scored our 3rd at the start of the second half :) then all Vrbas players back to defence and the game became boring, the ball with my players moving from right to left to right again! nothing happen coz they all back! their fans through dirts in the field :D 1760 person in the stadium, no one of them want to see nothing!

1st stage ends, with my team on the top :)
my scout, Nikola Manojlovic leave me to join Mladost A! (5th in 2DN) :confused: with the same wage!! why?! i dont know!

26.10.2002 - Novi Sad 3-0 Radnicki JP
Last meeting: 1-0 for me.

my goals by: Zivkovic, Nedovic and Perovic who i loan from them :)

2.11.2002 - Veternik 0-0 Novi Sad
Last meeting: 3-1 for me

boring! this match ens with my midfielder Ivan Raicevic (MoM) injured for a week :mad:

6.11.2002 - Novi Sad 20- Big Bull
Last meeting: 1-1

Our 2 goals come after 63 minutes by Nedovic and Zivkovic, i think pushing winger Dushan Muskinja instead of Galic makes the defference.
Zivkovic injured for 6 days (damaged shoulder)

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2nd Division North
After 14 Games,

1- Novi Sad, 31
2- Buducnost (BD), 30
3- Srem (J), 28
4- Radnicki JP, 24

My Avarege Attendance is 1910, its the highst in the 2DN.

we score 34 goals 14 by Zivkovic, and 10 assisted by him. we conceeded 10.

Zivkovic has the highest avarege (7.92) equal with Buducnost player Mitranovic, my player Raicevic come third (7.90)

Dejan Zivkovic is the Top goal scorer with 14 goals.

Because i must have 3 U21 in my selection, i most take care of young players, so i arrange friendlies for my U19 team, now they play a game every tuesday.

Novi Sad U19 Results
Obilic U19, H, draw 0-0
Radnicki JP U19, H, lose 0-3
Red Star U19, H, won 3-1
Inter U20, H, won 2-1 (lucky kids! my first team didnt play Italian team)
Atalanta Reserve, H, 1-0

they will play Partizan U19, Milan U20 in Milan (lucky kids again, they will visit italy and see Stadio Giuseppe Meazza), Roma U20 in Novi Sad.
didnt arrange more yeat :)

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the green one is Novi Sad! my team wear yellow :D
actualy mine just Novi Sad not Vojvodina Novi Sad!!!!

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The season ends!!!
i know i didnt write any thing these days, but i was playing!

Novi Sad Win the Second Division North "Druga Liga Sever" (sever look like south more than north!!)

here is my game list

9.11.2002, Away, Mladost (A) 2-0
16.11, Home, Becej 3-1.
23.11, A, Srem (J) 0-2
30.11, H, Dinamo (P) 6-1
7.12, A, Mladost Lux 2-0

After December 7, we had a long vacation, till february, maybe coz of the cold weather.. during that holiday i get:

Players In
-Djordje Tomic, AMC, 29 or 30 years old - Free (player/Assistant manager).
-Ajezdin Nuhi, D/DMC, 23, loan from Partizan.
-Bosko Karanovic, SW/D/DMC, 24, loaned from Becej.

i arrange some friendlies too :) not only U19 visit Italy, so i invite Milan and Roma U20 to friendly match in their field..

5.1.2003, A, Milan U20 1-1 (my players were very happy to play in Giuseppe meazza, they get milan (1st team) players signatures :cool: )
12.1.2003, A, Roma U20 3-0 (we didnt play in Olimpico!!:mad: but they get Signatures of Roma stars)

we back to Novi Sad, and play Juventus U20, we won 6-0 in front of 89 fan!!!!

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the league start again in February 22..

22.2.2003, H, Buducnost (BD) 2-0 :)
buducnost lose the title, and lose their top position, they lose 7 games in a row!!!

1.3.2003, A, Elan 3-1

I write too much today!! so see the pic for the rest of results!

Awards will be in the next post, maybe tomorrow :)

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Second division North
1- Novi Sad, 73
2- Big Bull, 59

Manager of the Year me :proud:
player of the year my Dejan Zivkovic is the runner up, Buducnost (BD) player, Slobodan Mitrovic is the 1st winner, Zivkovic also awarded for being Top Goal scorer with 27 goals, and chosen to the team of the year.
The Fans choose Ivan Raicevic to be their fave player of the year.

First Division
Red Star win..
the 1st division had 18 team, 6 relegated : Cukanicki, Rudar (P), Javor, Vojvodina, Zeta, and Radnicki.

4 teams promoted : Novi Sad (2D North), Beograd (2D East), Buducnost (2D South), and Borac (2D West). all starts with B but me!
now the 1st division contain 16 teams.

yugoslav Cup
Partizan win

Milan win (hope this be IRL)
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