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Not-So Classic Derbies

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Okay, everyone knows about the big derbies: the Old Firm, Manchester, the North London derby, Roma and Milan: So, my question is what is the best derby that doesn't get much recognition?

I would vote for the Edinburgh derby in Scotland between Hibernian and Hearts, for obvious reasons. There is nothing better than rubbing those smug Jambos' noses in that 7-0 victory!!!!

Anyone else have a favorite?
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OK, so im a bit biased but i'd have to say Blackburn Rovers vs. Burnley. Believe it or not Rovers and Burnley are two of the most sucessful English clubs and are both founder members of the football league, this derby goes back a long way.

English football is full of such rivalies, WBA - Wolves, Bristol Rovers - Bristol City, Preston - Blackpool etc, etc.

Ive also heard a few of the Dutch derby can be interesting, Groningen - Twente perhaps.

If its bloodshed you're looking for you cant beat South America try Independiente - Racing club or some other Argentinian derby.
Brøndby - Hvidovre!
Sevilla - Betis

Barca - Español

Real - Atleti !

Torino - Juve

Antwerp - GBA


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adriaan said:

Antwerp - GBA

Absolutely :stuckup:
gOD said:

Absolutely :stuckup:
I couldn't agree more! :D :cool:
Arsenal-Tottenham Hotspur


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Any of the Top Clubs in Chile playing Vs Cobreloa

Any Mexican League Team playing Guadalajara (Xcept Atlas)

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