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Disclaimer: Ok so I was gonna open this thread when I remembered all the other threads I started here in the past, so there was a worry that noone would take it seriously (cry wolf and all). Just wanted to clarify that for once I'm not making fun of you and I'm actually posting quite seriously. :)

With that out of the way.. I was fortunate to find some tapes of old CL matches, think it was called "Uefa Champions League, the best matches" or something like that (Japanese production). Essentially just highlights of the most eventful moments. And since I hadn't seen much of that material before, it was great to be able to see it now. The early stuff (92-96) was from a time when I didn't even follow the game. I was very impressed with most of the games they showed but among them of course Milan. First of all, Massaro, I never thought of him to be much more than a Luca Toni but he was quite spectacular, wasn't he? And that goal of Savicevic is my favorite all time CL goal, since many years ago. It was funny also to see Capello in his coaching youth, completely emotionless everytime Milan scored. Oddly enough, Van Basten didn't make much of an appearance in terms of goalscoring in the finals.

Well I know that this will be followed by giant posts of Payman and Haroon (even Huffman can't handle them) so I'll leave it at that for now.
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